JPMorgan Chase Accused of Leaking Customers’ Personal Information and Social Security Numbers in Secret Facebook Transmissions: Class-Action Lawsuit Dailyhodl
1 day ago
Move Over Facebook: Phantom Wallet Now Tops Google Play Charts Bitcoinist
2024-05-27 12:32
Movement Labs Raises $38M For Rollup Based on Facebook's Move Language Coindesk
2024-04-25 14:48
Bitcoin (BTC) Flips Meta (Facebook) In Market Cap as Price Breaks $67k Coinfomania
2024-03-04 21:42
Ripple (XRP) IPO Update: Comparison to Meta (Facebook) and Other Major IPOs Cryptopotato
2024-02-04 11:27
Deepfake Alert: Fraudulent Crypto Platform Promoted in Doctored Clip of Andrew Forrest on Facebook Cryptopotato
2024-02-03 05:12
Meta Apologizes to Qatari Billionaire Over Scam Crypto Ads on Facebook: Report Cryptopotato
2023-12-17 17:53
Coinbase Wallet Unveils Global USDC Transfers via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Other Social Media Apps Dailyhodl
2023-12-07 17:57
Bitcoin Lightning Network A Failure? Ex-Facebook Exec Marcus Speaks Out Bitcoinist
2023-11-20 12:02
Bianco Research President Foresees Spot Bitcoin ETF Launch Mirroring Facebook’s 2012 IPO Trajectory Cryptoglobe
2023-11-13 09:32
Bitcoin Could Follow Facebook’s 2012 IPO, According to Macro Strategist Jim Bianco – Here’s What He Means Dailyhodl
2023-11-12 12:47
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ‘Appreciates Bitcoin’: Former Top Exec NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2023-10-12 11:02
Former Facebook Executive and Diem Co-Creator Identifies New AI Opportunities Within Bitcoin Ecosystem Dailyhodl
2023-09-27 07:06
Sui’s zkLogin to Provide Easy Access to Ecosystem via Google, Facebook, Twitch Cryptopotato
2023-09-14 16:18
Sui Network launches Google, Twitch and Facebook logins for DApps Cointelegraph
2023-09-14 06:01
Ex-PayPal, Facebook exec David Marcus says Lightning can turn Bitcoin into a ‘real global payment network’ Cryptoslate
2023-09-11 21:02
Bitcoin Will Lead The World Out Of The “Fax Era Of Payments,” Ex-Facebook Executive Says Bitcoinist
2023-09-11 20:02
Co-creator of Facebook’s Diem Details Plans for Making Bitcoin (BTC) a Global Payment Network Dailyhodl
2023-09-11 19:57
Facebook’s Former Head of Crypto on Bitcoin’s Role in Global Payments Cryptoglobe
2023-09-11 14:31
Thailand Could Shut Down Facebook (Meta) Over Crypto Scam Allegations Cryptopotato
2023-08-22 22:54
Facebook Thailand Operations In Jeopardy Due To Claims Of Crypto Scams, Deceptive Ads Bitcoinist
2023-08-22 17:02
Thailand looks to ban Facebook next week over crypto ad scams Cryptoslate
2023-08-22 10:32
Thailand threatens Facebook over crypto scams and other fraudulent ads Cointelegraph
2023-08-22 01:27
Facebook’s Answer to Twitter: A Complete Guide on Threads Cryptopotato
2023-07-26 11:00
Twitter says Threads stole its IP, sends legal threat to Facebook parent Meta Cryptoslate
2023-07-07 01:54
Meta scraps NFTs on Instagram and Facebook: Nifty Newsletter, March 8–14 Cointelegraph
2023-03-15 20:02
Why Meta Is Calling It Quits On Support For NFTs In Both Facebook, Instagram NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2023-03-14 09:40
Meta Moves to End Support for NFTs on Facebook and Instagram  Coinfomania
2023-03-14 07:35
Facebook parent Meta to abandon NFT pursuits Cryptoslate
2023-03-14 01:22
Meta pulling the plug on NFTs across Instagram and Facebook Cointelegraph
2023-03-13 22:43
Here’s Why US Senators Don’t Want Teens to Access Facebook’s Metaverse Cryptopotato
2023-03-06 05:36
Meta (formerly Facebook) sees stock value rise despite $13B in VR losses Cryptoslate
2023-02-02 01:18
A Supreme Court case could kill Facebook and other socials — allowing blockchain to replace them Cointelegraph
2022-12-10 23:25
Meta fined €265M for allowing scrapers to steal Facebook's centralized user data Cointelegraph
2022-11-28 21:59
Twitter Not the Only One: Meta (Facebook) Sacks 11,000 Employees Cryptopotato
2022-11-09 23:57
Facebook Parent Meta Gears for Mass Layoffs Amidst Revenue Drop: WSJ Cryptopotato
2022-11-07 11:27
Facebook is on a quest to destroy Web3 Cointelegraph
2022-10-17 23:57
Terra could leave a similar regulatory legacy to that of Facebook’s Libra Cointelegraph
2022-10-02 13:05
NFT Sharing Feature Now Available to All US-Based Facebook and Instagram Users Cryptopotato
2022-09-30 05:25
Facebook And Instagram Will Allow Users To Connect Their Crypto Wallets NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2022-09-29 17:09
Facebook, Instagram open NFT feature to all US-based users Cryptoslate
2022-09-29 15:29
US lawmakers warn that Facebook, Instagram are ‘becoming breeding ground’ for crypto scams Cryptoslate
2022-09-09 19:32
Social Media Giant Meta Announces Expansion of NFT Integration to Instagram and Facebook Dailyhodl
2022-08-30 18:43
Meta Unveils NFT Posting Feature on Facebook and Instagram Coinfomania
2022-08-30 10:31
Meta Allows Users to Post NFTs Across Facebook and Instagram Cryptopotato
2022-08-30 05:55
Meta announces Facebook and Instagram users can post NFTs from digital wallets Cointelegraph
2022-08-29 18:59
Facebook and Twitter will soon be obsolete thanks to blockchain technology Cointelegraph
2022-08-22 19:05
Facebook Lets Its Algorithm To Decide – The Result? 60 Employees Are Fired! NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2022-08-19 12:44
Facebook’s Former Head of Crypto Manages To Bash Ethereum Without Meaning To Do So Cryptoglobe
2022-08-19 07:12
Facebook2.0 – Blockify gets Social Cryptoglobe
2022-08-04 10:32
Facebook’s Former Head of Crypto Is Now Co-Founder and CEO of a Bitcoin Startup Cryptoglobe
2022-07-19 11:22
Meta’s Metaverse Under Fire From Facebook Whistleblower Cryptopotato
2022-04-13 07:43
Facebook whistleblower warns Metaverse will repeat 'all the harms' Cointelegraph
2022-04-13 05:00
Meta (Facebook) plans to launch its own crypto exchange Cryptoslate
2022-03-31 12:32
The Crypto Scam Bystander: A Glimpse At Facebook’s Metaverse NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2022-03-31 00:01
Facebook sued in Australia for fake crypto ads Cryptoslate
2022-03-19 00:32
Former Facebook Employees Get $200 Million To Create Blockchain System For Aptos NewsBTC.com
2022-03-17 10:05
The inside story of how Meta’s (Facebook) crypto hopes unraveled Cryptoslate
2022-03-11 11:12
Why this top CTO ditched Uber, Facebook for NFTs on Solana Cryptoslate
2022-03-08 06:02
Reminder: #Litecoin Has Zero Downtime in over 10 Years #facebookdown – Newest Tweet by Litecoin Currencyjournals
2022-03-01 05:00
Aussie Billionaire Files Criminal Case Against Facebook (Meta) for Running Illegal Crypto Ads Cryptopotato
2022-02-04 23:32
Meta Shares Plunge 20% as Facebook Reports Losing Daily Users for the First Time Cryptopotato
2022-02-03 08:30
Aussie billionaire sues Facebook over crypto scams with AG's consent Cointelegraph
2022-02-03 03:03
Thank Facebook for metaverse bonanza, real estate may sell for $1 billion in 2022 Cryptoslate
2022-02-02 19:02
Vale Diem: How Facebook’s ambitious stablecoin project came to an end Cointelegraph
2022-02-02 16:14
Facebook’s Crypto Project Diem Collapses, Sold After Political, Regulatory Firestorm Bitcoinist
2022-02-01 17:13
BREAKING: FACEBOOK (META) & COINBASE TEAM UP. | Oakland Information Now Currencyjournals
2022-02-01 08:13
Facebook parent Meta joins crypto group promoting open patents Theblockcrypto
2022-01-31 14:02
Facebook and Instagram Reportedly Working on Adding Support for NFTs Cryptoglobe
2022-01-29 08:37
Is this the end of Facebook’s Diem? Cryptoslate
2022-01-26 20:02
Facebook and Instagram Plan on Integrating NFT Marketplace Into Social Media Platforms: Report Dailyhodl
2022-01-24 23:03
Facebook’s Meta plans to allow users to create and sell NFTs Cryptoslate
2022-01-20 19:02
Meta reportedly plans to integrate NFTs on Facebook and Instagram profiles Cointelegraph
2022-01-20 14:33
Facebook’s parent company Meta is looking to launch NFT marketplace: Report Theblockcrypto
2022-01-20 14:02
Facebook and Instagram to Allow Users to Create and Sell NFTs: Report Cryptopotato
2022-01-20 13:12
Facebook’s Meta is hiring staffs of its rivals to build the metaverse Cryptoslate
2022-01-13 04:02
Facebook’s Meta plans on exploring NFTs and DAOs in 2022 Cryptoslate
2021-12-24 03:02
Ethereum developer sounds off on NFTs, metaverse and 'dystopian' Facebook – Yahoo Finance Currencyjournals
2021-12-10 02:06
What Facebook’s rebranding tells us about Big Tech’s ‘Game of Platforms’ Cointelegraph
2021-12-08 14:19
Former Facebook engineers at Mysten Labs raise $36M for Web3 infrastructure Cointelegraph
2021-12-06 20:02
Axie Infinity ($AXS) Co-Founder Explains Why Facebook Will ‘Try To Squash’ the Metaverse Cryptoglobe
2021-12-06 08:40
Facebook to allow crypto ads after Meta rebrand Cryptoslate
2021-12-03 11:02
Okcoin hires former Facebook spokesperson Randi Zuckerberg to grow female user base Cointelegraph
2021-12-02 22:32
David Marcus, The Latest Top Executive To Leave Meta/ Facebook’s Crypto Project NewsBTC.com
2021-12-02 03:37
Facebook (Meta) Removes It’s Ban Of Crypto Ads NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2021-12-02 00:17
Meta Expands Avenues For Running Crypto Ads On Facebook Cryptopotato
2021-12-01 21:34
BREAKING: Meta expands crypto advertisement eligibility on Facebook Cointelegraph
2021-12-01 19:13
Novi lead David Marcus to depart Meta, formerly known as Facebook, at the end of the year Theblockcrypto
2021-11-30 18:06
Facebook’s centralized metaverse a threat to the decentralized ecosystem? Cointelegraph
2021-11-27 14:16
Meta Cryptos Surge off the Back of Facebook’s Name Change to “Meta” NewsBTC.com
2021-11-19 18:55
Facebook’s Novi Wallet Fails to Breach the Crypto-Fiat Divide – How Close Are We to a Solution? NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2021-11-15 07:02
Crypto kids fight Facebook for the soul of the Metaverse Cointelegraph
2021-11-11 14:28
Bitcoin flippens Tesla and Facebook — will Amazon be next? Cointelegraph
2021-11-08 20:02
Event recap Web Summit 2021: crypto, climate change and Facebook Cointelegraph
2021-11-05 15:32
How The Facebook Name Change Kickstarted Meta Token Mania NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2021-11-03 17:02
Axie Infinity, Decentraland and ‘metaverse’ cryptos rally after Facebook rebrands to Meta Cointelegraph
2021-10-29 13:07
Axies and Other Play2Earn Coins Surge as Facebook Changes Name to Meta Cryptopotato
2021-10-29 11:40
Facebook teases NFT support in keynote on its ambitious plans for a digital Metaverse Theblockcrypto
2021-10-28 17:55
Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Says She Bought Crypto at the Right Time Cryptopotato
2021-10-25 19:49
Crypto investments a financial back up for Facebook whistleblower Cointelegraph
2021-10-25 10:06
Stablecoin crypto Diem shuns its Facebook connection Cryptoslate
2021-10-25 07:02
Facebook’s ‘Novi’ Crypto Wallet Lets Users Move Money With Help of Stablecoin $USDP Cryptoglobe
2021-10-22 12:02
Facebook Evolves Into The Metaverse, A Centralized and Dystopian Virtual Reality Bitcoinist
2021-10-21 19:02
Diem tells Senators on the warpath over Novi: We're not actually Facebook Cointelegraph
2021-10-21 00:49
U.S. Senators Urge Facebook To Discontinue Novi And Diem Crypto Projects Bitcoinist
2021-10-20 11:02
Senators pressure Facebook to 'immediately discontinue' Novi wallet pilot Cointelegraph
2021-10-20 03:50
Facebook Partners With Coinbase to Launch Its Cryptocurrency Wallet Novi, US Regulators Fight Back Cryptopotato
2021-10-20 03:33
Coinbase To Power Social Giant Facebook’s New Novi Crypto Wallet NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2021-10-19 20:02
Facebook Chooses Coinbase As Custody Partner for New Digital Wallet Rollout Dailyhodl
2021-10-19 19:57
Senate Banking Committee Democrats call on Facebook to stop launch of Diem and Novi Theblockcrypto
2021-10-19 19:24
Facebook pilots Novi crypto wallet with Coinbase, Paxos Cointelegraph
2021-10-19 15:17
Top engineers working on Facebook’s wallet jump ship to A16z’s crypto fund Cointelegraph
2021-10-12 04:49
One currency to rule them all: Facebook’s Diem has global ambitions Cointelegraph
2021-10-10 16:20
Likes out: Facebook blackout sparks ideas for Web 3.0. Cointelegraph
2021-10-05 12:40
Bitcoin moves past $48K as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp go down Cointelegraph
2021-10-04 18:02
Facebook Announces a $50M Fund to Research the Development of a Metaverse Cryptopotato
2021-09-28 10:46
Facebook announces $50M investment fund tasked with developing its virtual metaverse Cointelegraph
2021-09-28 03:55
Macro Guru Raoul Pal Compares Bitcoin to Facebook, Calls BTC a Network of Money Dailyhodl
2021-09-27 16:57
The Head of Diem wants you to trust Facebook, but is he fighting a losing battle? NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2021-09-18 00:03
Celo picks up key hires from a16z, Facebook’s Novi and Google Theblockcrypto
2021-09-16 13:32
Novi-FT? Facebook’s NFT support may not drive crypto adoption Cointelegraph
2021-09-11 12:16
Interview With Ran Goldi, One of The Architects Behind the Facebook-led Diem, On The “Stablecoin Revolution” Bitcoinist
2021-08-27 10:26
Coinbase appoints Facebook vet as chief marketing officer Theblockcrypto
2021-08-26 20:33
Coinbase hires former Facebook exec as chief marketing officer Cointelegraph
2021-08-26 19:32
David Marcus Of Facebook Indicates Plans To Support NFTs NewsBTC.com
2021-08-26 16:07
Facebook Executive Says Social Media Giant ‘Definitely Thinking’ About NFTs Dailyhodl
2021-08-25 18:22
David Marcus: Facebook and Novi are ‘definitely looking’ to integrate NFTs Theblockcrypto
2021-08-25 15:42
Facebook ‘definitely looking’ at NFTs, says exec Cointelegraph
2021-08-25 12:03
Facebook to Build NFT-Related Features for Long-Awaited Crypto Wallet Coinfomania
2021-08-25 11:08
Facebook Officials Claim Novi Received Approval From Major U.S. States NewsBTC.com
2021-08-25 02:14
Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Censures Facebook And Twitter’s Crypto Plans NewsBTC.com
2021-08-23 15:02
Facebook’s David Marcus calls for “fair shot” at crypto payments Cointelegraph
2021-08-18 18:25
Beware verification scams on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: ‘Red flags going off’ Currencyjournals
2021-07-15 21:48
How Pontem Network Aims To Unlock Facebook’s Diem Full Potential NewsBTC.com
2021-07-15 10:11
Billionaire CEO Reveals Surprise Link Between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Facebook And Tesla Currencyjournals
2021-07-05 10:38
Common Facebook scams and how to avoid them Currencyjournals
2021-06-30 19:59
Google, Facebook, and Tesla crypto tokens are launching on crypto exchange FTX Currencyjournals
2021-06-27 06:59
Facebook Coin Diem Offering Pre-Sale Discount For Early Investors Bitcoinist
2021-06-17 00:02
Druckenmiller: Ethereum is 'MySpace before Facebook' while Bitcoin won as 'Google' Cointelegraph
2021-05-31 14:31
Seven Straight Days of Bitcoin Tumbling, Plus EOS, eBay and Facebook Updates – eToro Market Analysis Dailyhodl
2021-05-19 20:47
Facebook’s Diem Unveils Its Latest Stablecoin Plans and Strategic Move to the United States NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2021-05-17 00:01
Lobbying firm linked to Ripple, Facebook hires former CFTC chief innovation officer Theblockcrypto
2021-05-12 17:22
First Spot: Coinbase’s App Surpassed TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook on iOS in the US Cryptopotato
2021-05-12 11:04
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Goat Named Bitcoin. Does He Have Real Bitcoins? Coinfomania
2021-05-11 12:20
Mark Zuckberg Posts a Photo of ‘Bitcoin’ on Facebook Cryptoglobe
2021-05-11 05:00
Massive BTC Price Volatility As Facebook Apparently Didn’t Invest In Bitcoin Cryptopotato
2021-04-28 21:04
Facebook’s blockchain lobbying in DC continues while Diem efforts appear to have stalled Theblockcrypto
2021-04-22 14:33
Facebook’s Diem Stablecoin Could be Launched by the End of 2021: Report Cryptopotato
2021-04-20 10:26
Facebook-backed Diem Association reportedly to launch stablecoin pilot in 2021 Cointelegraph
2021-04-20 09:12
Crypto at risk after Facebook leak: Here’s how hackers can exploit data Cointelegraph
2021-04-07 15:26
How South Africans lost money in a bitcoin scam on Facebook – The Citizen Currencyjournals
2021-04-06 13:30
Half a billion people just had their Facebook data leaked Cointelegraph
2021-04-03 19:42
Visa Picks Ethereum Over Facebook Libra to Settle Payments; ETH/USD Up NewsBTC.com
2021-03-29 13:00
Diem co-creator leaving Facebook for Planet Labs Cointelegraph
2021-03-18 20:17
Bitcoin Has Stronger Network Effects Than Facebook Because It Rewards New Users in Money, Says Macro Guru Raoul Pal Dailyhodl
2021-02-10 20:14
Myanmar Military Blocks Facebook as Global Internet Disruptions Intensify Coindesk
2021-02-04 00:07
A Telegram Bot Is Selling Stolen Facebook User Info for $20 a Pop Currencyjournals
2021-01-26 00:55
Why Everyone From Square to Facebook Is Now Hosting the Bitcoin White Paper Currencyjournals
2021-01-21 18:45
Why Everyone From Square to Facebook Is Now Hosting the Bitcoin White Paper Coindesk
2021-01-21 17:32
First Mover: Forget Facebook’s Stablecoin. Now It’s $700B Bitcoin in the Crosshairs Coindesk
2021-01-14 14:07
Parabolic Bitcoin market cap sees BTC briefly top Facebook valuation Cryptoslate
2021-01-10 08:02
Bitcoin’s Market Value Now Exceeds That of Facebook Coindesk
2021-01-08 16:36
Bitcoin Breaks $41,000 to Set New All-Time High, Surpassing Facebook’s Market Cap Cryptoglobe
2021-01-08 12:01
Zuckerberg blocks Trump from Facebook until at least end of term Cointelegraph
2021-01-07 18:04
Bank of England governor on Facebook-backed Diem: ‘Where’s the business model?’ Theblockcrypto
2021-01-07 16:28
Regulators and police say Covid lockdowns have driven up online pension scams and demand regulation of Google, Facebook and others Currencyjournals
2021-01-07 11:16
Bitcoin Just Broke $600 Billion—Will It Soon Eclipse Tesla, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon And Apple? Currencyjournals
2021-01-03 12:25
Coinbase nabs Facebook investor relations director ahead of IPO – The Block Crypto Currencyjournals
2020-12-31 16:24
Coinbase nabs Facebook investor relations director ahead of IPO Theblockcrypto
2020-12-29 18:48
Facebook's Libra currency to launch next year in limited format – Financial Times Currencyjournals
2020-12-14 11:05
BTC drops, XRP is ‘toxic waste,’ Facebook’s Diem in trouble: Hodler’s Digest, Dec. 6–12 Cointelegraph
2020-12-12 21:08
FTC sues Facebook in antitrust lawsuit as regulators mount offensive Cointelegraph
2020-12-10 11:51
Facebook’s Marcus hopes Diem will launch next year Theblockcrypto
2020-12-08 12:54
Facebook hopes the cryptocurrency it backs will launch in 2021 Currencyjournals
2020-12-08 11:34
Facebook hopes to launch its crypto and wallet in 2021, top exec says Cointelegraph
2020-12-08 09:48
Facebook Hopes the Cryptocurrency It Backs Will Launch in 2021, Top Exec Says – NBC10 Boston Currencyjournals
2020-12-08 09:02
Facebook’s Newly Renamed Diem Cryptocurrency Threatened With A Lawsuit Over Branding Cryptopotato
2020-12-08 07:36
Carpe 'Diem': Lawsuit threatened over Facebook’s Libra rebrand plan Cointelegraph
2020-12-08 04:41
German Finance Minister Blasts Facebook’s Crypto as G7 Call for Cryptocurrency Regulation Cryptopotato
2020-12-07 22:08
German government unimpressed by Facebook stablecoin's rebrand Cointelegraph
2020-12-07 17:02
Facebook’s Diem stablecoin is an existential threat to traditional banking Cointelegraph
2020-12-05 17:19
Spotify Technology S.A. (NYSE:SPOT), Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) – Spotify Is Exploring Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Including Facebook’s Diem, Job Post Suggests Currencyjournals
2020-12-05 17:01
Bitcoin Billionaires Author Expects Asset To Be As World Changing As Facebook Bitcoinist
2020-12-03 16:02
The Changes Continue: Facebook’s Libra Has Been Rebranded To Diem Cryptopotato
2020-12-01 16:10
Long-Awaited Launch of Facebook’s Libra Incoming After Major Revisions Dailyhodl
2020-11-28 18:02
Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin Will Be Bigger Than Apple, Amazon and Facebook – And Only 1% of Investors Understand Why Dailyhodl
2020-11-27 22:17
Facebook Libra Could Launch As Soon As January, Amidst Bitcoin Resurgence Bitcoinist
2020-11-27 15:02
Facebook’s Libra Plans to Launch Dollar-Pegged Stablecoin Next Year Coinfomania
2020-11-27 13:42
Facebook’s Libra could launch its first stablecoin in January: Report Theblockcrypto
2020-11-27 08:52
Facebook’s Libra Could Reportedly Arrive in January 2021 in a Scaled-Down Version Cryptopotato
2020-11-27 08:32
Facebook’s Libra to reportedly launch in January 2021 as USD stablecoin Cointelegraph
2020-11-27 07:53
Facebook-Led Libra Plans Dollar-Pegged Stablecoin Launch in January 2021: Report Coindesk
2020-11-27 06:22
Facebook’s Libra hires former OCC prosecutor and central bank expert Cointelegraph
2020-11-25 18:24
Hackers use fake Bitcoin platform to scam Facebook users – The Hindu Currencyjournals
2020-11-17 12:43
Scammers Expose Facebook Data Haul of 13 Million Records – Infosecurity Magazine Currencyjournals
2020-11-16 10:06
Facebook security warning: Thousands of passwords stolen Currencyjournals
2020-11-15 11:45
Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin Like Buying Apple, Facebook, Google or Amazon Ten Years Ago Dailyhodl
2020-11-07 22:02
Facebook & Libra’s David Marcus Is Asking About Ethereum DeFi NewsBTC.com
2020-11-03 03:02
Facebook Censors Bitcoin-related Content Once Again Cryptopotato
2020-11-01 03:27
Blockchain may solve Twitter and Facebook’s moderation issues says Aragon exec Cointelegraph
2020-10-09 20:36
Facebook’s Libra Co-Founder Morgan Beller Departs to Return to VC Coindesk
2020-09-22 14:42
Unstoppable Domain’s co-founder had this to say about Facebook and the future of free speech Cointelegraph
2020-09-19 13:07
Facebook-backed Libra welcomes Blockchain Capital as new member Cointelegraph
2020-09-18 13:13
Game Show Winner Loses $39K in Bitcoin Facebook Scam Coindesk
2020-08-18 09:03
Enter Facebook Financial: All Bases Covered From Crypto to Stablecoins Cointelegraph
2020-08-14 16:53
Facebook Taps David Marcus to Lead Payments Initiatives Coindesk
2020-08-10 20:04
Facebook launches group to oversee “all things payments” with David Marcus at the helm Theblockcrypto
2020-08-10 18:24
Facebook Goes All-In On FinTech With Launch of New Subsidiary Cointelegraph
2020-08-10 16:29
Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Telegram’s Durov Posture as Defenders Against Foreign Tech Invasions Cointelegraph
2020-07-28 21:45
Google, Twitter and Facebook Face $600M Lawsuit Over Crypto Ad Bans Coindesk
2020-07-22 10:12
Former Facebook Counsel Joins Coinbase as Chief Legal Officer Cointelegraph
2020-07-09 03:15
Coinbase Taps Former Facebook Lawyer to Head Legal Team Coindesk
2020-07-08 19:32
Coinbase to bring on Facebook’s deputy general counsel as Chief Legal Officer Theblockcrypto
2020-07-08 19:17
Facebook, IoTeX, R3 Among New Members of Confidential Computing Consortium Coindesk
2020-06-29 13:29
Crypto Prediction Markets Face Competition From Facebook ‘Forecasts’ Cointelegraph
2020-06-26 04:43
Mainstream: Bloomberg Is Promoting Bitcoin-Related Content Via Facebook Sponsored Ads Cryptopotato
2020-06-22 18:28
Telegram Founder Chastises Facebook & Instagram For Allowing Scams to Thrive Cointelegraph
2020-06-17 16:50
Irony or Crushing The Competition? Facebook Continues To Block Crypto Ads, Despite Libra Effort Bitcoinist
2020-06-10 15:02
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg explains how digital currency Libra could increase the firm’s profits Cryptoslate
2020-05-29 17:37
Zuckerberg Says Libra Can Boost Facebook's Ad Revenue, China Sees It as a Much Bigger Deal Cryptoglobe
2020-05-29 10:02
Now we know how Facebook plans to make money off of Libra Theblockcrypto
2020-05-28 21:36
Libra Payments Can Boost Facebook’s Ads Business, Zuckerberg Says Coindesk
2020-05-28 16:25
Libra Will Allow Facebook to Spike Ad Prices, Zuckerberg Reportedly Says Cointelegraph
2020-05-28 15:17
Mark Zuckerberg says Libra could help boost Facebook’s ad revenue Theblockcrypto
2020-05-28 14:20
Beware: Scam Facebook Ads Use Fake Forbes Cryptocurrency Articles Cryptopotato
2020-05-28 12:07
Facebook Libra Wallet Rebrands as Novi; Bitcoin.com to Launch Email Wallets; BTC Hashrate Falling Coinspice
2020-05-27 19:11
Facebook’s digital currency project rebrands to Novi; WhatsApp and fiat-pegged token capabilities remain Cryptoslate
2020-05-27 17:09
Facebook’s Calibra Wallet Rebrands to Novi NewsBTC.com
2020-05-27 12:25
Facebook’s Digital Wallet Subsidiary Calibra Rebrands to Novi Cryptoglobe
2020-05-27 10:31
Facebook’s Crypto Project Libra Makes Another Big Change, Rebrands Digital Wallet Dailyhodl
2020-05-26 19:47
Blockchain Bites: Facebook’s Calibra Facelift and Tencent’s ‘New Infrastructure’ Investments Coindesk
2020-05-26 17:35
Facebook’s Calibra Wallet is Now Born Again: The New Name is Novi Coinfomania
2020-05-26 16:02
Facebook Rebrands Its Calibra Wallet: It’s Now Known as Novi Cryptopotato
2020-05-26 15:26
Calibra, Facebook’s digital wallet subsidiary, has rebranded as Novi Theblockcrypto
2020-05-26 15:00
Facebook’s Calibra Rebrands to Novi, Details Wallet Tie-Up With WhatsApp Coindesk
2020-05-26 14:02
Facebook and Amazon Stock Hit New Highs as Stock Market Outperforms Economy Cryptoglobe
2020-05-26 12:24
Facebook Stock Surges 12% to All-Time High After Introduction of 'Facebook Shops' Cryptoglobe
2020-05-20 18:37
Shopify Integrates Crypto Gateway CoinPayments, Announces New Partnership for Facebook Shops Dailyhodl
2020-05-20 17:03
Facebook’s Toothless Oversight Board Has Lessons for Blockchain Coindesk
2020-05-20 14:18
Former FinCEN Director Joins Libra As Facebook’s Crypto Project Pushes to Silence Critics Dailyhodl
2020-05-19 19:47
ConsenSys fintech executive dissects Facebook’s Libra project, the growth of the stablecoin market, and how fintech and crypto can coexist Theblockcrypto
2020-05-12 23:34
Michael Novogratz: We should be valuing Ethereum like Wall Street values Facebook: Cryptoslate
2020-05-10 10:02
Rand Corp: Bitcoin is Dark Web King; New Facebook Libra CEO; Square Cash App BTC Revenues Soar Coinspice
2020-05-07 21:33
Former Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Under Secretary Takes the Helm at Facebook’s Libra Dailyhodl
2020-05-07 16:02
Facebook's Calibra Team Introduces A Novel Distributed Audit Protocol Cointelegraph
2020-05-02 00:02
Facebook Stock Surges Over 8% In After Hours After Beating Top Line Estimates Cryptoglobe
2020-04-29 20:43
Facebook (FB) Stock Could Jump After Earnings Report Cryptoglobe
2020-04-28 17:52
Blockchain, Not Crypto, Is at Core of Facebook’s Libra, Vice Chair Says Cointelegraph
2020-04-28 16:37
Zoom (ZM) Shares Down as Facebook Steps Up Video Service Cryptoglobe
2020-04-27 14:33
Facebook’s Calibra Team Outlines New Byzantine Fault Tolerance Testing Methods Cointelegraph
2020-04-24 20:49
Facebook (FB) Stock a Sell Despite $6 Billion Investment in India, Says Jim Cramer Cryptoglobe
2020-04-24 15:33
India's Crypto Industry Is Bullish on Largest-Ever FDI in Tech Sector From Facebook Cointelegraph
2020-04-23 10:30
Libra’s Long Road From a Facebook Lab to the Global Stage: A Timeline Coindesk
2020-04-22 19:32
Facebook (FB) Stock Drops 4.5%, But Analysts Still See Upside Potential Cryptoglobe
2020-04-21 17:13
Facebook’s ‘Scaled Back’ Libra Proposal Is More Dangerous Than You Think Coindesk
2020-04-21 04:07
Facebook Affirms Libra Commitment With 50 New Job Openings in Ireland Coindesk
2020-04-20 14:22
Facebook’s Calibra Has 50 New Jobs in the Pipeline for Its Dublin-Based Team Cointelegraph
2020-04-20 10:45
Facebook plans to hire 50 people in Ireland for its Libra project Theblockcrypto
2020-04-20 09:52
TV Reporter Warns of Facebook Ads That Claim They Made Millions From BTC Cointelegraph
2020-04-19 22:59
The Road To Mass Adoption: Facebook’s Libra Change Of Plans As China’s Cryptocurrency Begins Its Trial Program Cryptopotato
2020-04-19 20:12
Facebook’s Libra Shifts to Stablecoins After Months of Regulatory Scrutiny and Fear of Global Impact Dailyhodl
2020-04-19 08:31
US Lawmakers Propose $2,000/mo; Facebook Libra Shifts Strategy; Grayscale’s Record Numbers Coinspice
2020-04-18 23:12
Facebook Revamps Crypto Plans in Embattled Bid to Launch Global Currency Dailyhodl
2020-04-17 03:42
US Congresswoman Vows to Brand Facebook’s Libra a Security Despite Today’s Updates Cointelegraph
2020-04-16 22:01
Facebook-Backed Libra Association Revamps Project to Only Support Fiat-Pegged Tokens Cryptoglobe
2020-04-16 17:35
Facebook Finally Revamps its Libra Crypto Project to Gain Regulatory Approval Coinfomania
2020-04-16 17:12
G20 Sets 10 Recommendations for Facebook’s Libra and Other Stablecoins  Coinfomania
2020-04-14 10:47
Former Facebook Exec Turned Bitcoiner Shocks CNBC: Let Hedge Fund Billionaires Get Wiped Out Coinspice
2020-04-10 20:35
Facebook sues developer for making software that helped advertisers promote COVID-19, crypto scams Theblockcrypto
2020-04-09 22:47
Facebook Sues User for Cloaking Ads for Fake COVID-19 News and Crypto Scams Cointelegraph
2020-04-09 19:47
Former Facebook Exec: BTC's Price is Either Going to Zero or Seven Figures Cointelegraph
2020-04-07 19:52
Bitcoin Scam Bust: Billionaire Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson’s Ex, Sues Facebook Dailyhodl
2020-03-26 16:02
Billionaire Demands Facebook Reveal Who Placed Scam Bitcoin Ads About Him Cointelegraph
2020-03-25 23:17
Facebook Changes Libra; Matrixport Looks for $300 Valuation; Microsoft & ConsenSys Team Up Coinspice
2020-03-05 21:40
Libra Plus? A New Global Digital Currency Strategy for Facebook Coindesk
2020-03-04 20:02
Facebook’s Libra Network Could Support Tokens Pegged to Fiat Currencies Cryptoglobe
2020-03-04 14:52
Change Of Plans? Facebook’s Libra To Host Multiple Central Banks’ Digital Currencies Cryptopotato
2020-03-04 11:20
What’s Next for Facebook’s Crypto? NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2020-03-04 10:32
Facebook Plans to Redesign Libra to Fix Global Regulatory Concerns Coinfomania
2020-03-04 10:27
Facebook Changing Course on Libra, Offering More Inclusive Wallet Cointelegraph
2020-03-04 05:15
Facebook’s digital wallet will not support Libra for the time being – report Theblockcrypto
2020-03-03 22:37
How Elizabeth Warren’s Beef With Facebook Could Benefit Bitcoin Coindesk
2020-03-03 12:02
Qatari Billionaire Al Mana Sues Facebook Over Fraudulent Crypto Ads Cryptoglobe
2020-02-29 10:23
Crypto Prime Broker Tagomi to Join Facebook-led Libra Association Cryptoglobe
2020-02-27 16:22
Prime Broker Tagomi Becomes 22nd Member of Facebook’s Libra Association Coindesk
2020-02-26 19:43
Janet Jackson’s Billionaire Ex Sues Facebook Over Crypto Scam Bitcoinist
2020-02-24 13:02
Janet Jackson's Billionaire Ex Sues Facebook Over Bogus Crypto Ads Cointelegraph
2020-02-24 09:34
Calibra Technical Lead Tells Why Facebook Built New Language for Libra Cointelegraph
2020-02-22 03:02
Top VC goes “super long” on Facebook’s Libra crypto after this partner joined the network Cryptoslate
2020-02-22 02:25
Canadian E-Commerce Giant Shopify Joins Facebook’s Libra Association Cryptopotato
2020-02-21 23:05
Mainstream Shoppers on Shopify Could Ignite Facebook’s ‘Crypto’ Project Libra As E-Commerce Giant Joins Mission Dailyhodl
2020-02-21 18:37
E-commerce Giant Shopify Joins Facebook’s Libra Association Coinfomania
2020-02-21 17:32
Warning: OneCoin Scam Promotes Upcoming Event on Facebook NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2020-02-18 18:02
What Exactly Is Facebook’s ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency? What Are Its Challenges? Cryptoglobe
2020-02-16 17:23
Reuters to Provide Fact-Checking for Facebook Amid 2020 US Presidential Elections Cointelegraph
2020-02-12 19:08
Libra Minus Facebook: Why Celo Is 2020’s Buzzy Token Project Coindesk
2020-02-12 18:32
Fed chair Powell says Facebook’s Libra ‘really lit a fire’ on the question of a digital dollar Theblockcrypto
2020-02-11 17:20
Facebook-led Libra Association Not Discouraged by Early Setbacks Cryptoglobe
2020-02-05 15:57
Libre Not Libra – Thinking Critically About Facebook’s Blockchain Project Coindesk
2020-02-02 16:22
Crypto Tidbits: Elon Musk Talks Bitcoin, Ripple IPO Coming, Facebook’s Blockchain Loses Another Member NewsBTC.com
2020-01-25 23:32
Japan Explores Digital Yen As Facebook and China Lead Push for Virtual Currencies Dailyhodl
2020-01-25 15:17
Facebook: The Rise of a Giant and the Libra Cryptocurrency Bitcoinist
2020-01-23 21:02
Facebook’s Libra Pushed World to Reconsider USD as Global Reserve Currency: WEF Cointelegraph
2020-01-23 18:50
Facebook and Calibra’s David Marcus: The Problem of Global Unbanked Is “Unacceptable” Cointelegraph
2020-01-23 17:47
Facebook Crypto Association Loses Another Vital Member Bitcoinist
2020-01-22 12:32
Telecom Giant Vodafone Says Goodbye to Facebook-Led Libra Project Cryptoglobe
2020-01-22 08:27
Vodafone Is the Latest Big Company to Quit Facebook-Founded Libra Association Coindesk
2020-01-21 20:02
Australia could regulate Facebook-led Libra project Theblockcrypto
2020-01-21 11:54
Australian Financial Regulator Could Oversee Facebook’s Calibra Wallet Cointelegraph
2020-01-21 10:25
Australian’s Bank Regulator APRA Considers Overseeing Facebook’s Calibra Cryptopotato
2020-01-21 09:49
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Calls for Digital Community Self-Governance Cointelegraph
2020-01-10 22:33
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Highlights Digital Commerce, But Not Libra, in 2030 Vision Coindesk
2020-01-09 20:47
RBA to Block Facebook’s Libra in Australia NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2020-01-09 15:02
Facebook’s Calibra Looks for Two Marketing Professionals Cointelegraph
2020-01-08 15:42
Facebook’s Calibra seeking two marketing veterans to reach ‘billions of people’ Theblockcrypto
2020-01-07 13:48
ECB official urges European banks to counter Facebook’s Libra with a cheaper payment solution Theblockcrypto
2020-01-03 09:49
Swiss president: The current form of Facebook’s Libra has ‘failed’ Theblockcrypto
2019-12-27 18:57
Facebook Will Launch Libra Next Year; But No Solid Plan Yet Coinfomania
2019-12-20 18:58
Facebook’s Social Media Platforms May Give Libra Unfair Advantage, Says ECB’s Lagarde Coindesk
2019-12-20 16:06
Facebook’s Controversial 2020 Crypto Roll-out Plan Remains Unclear: Report Dailyhodl
2019-12-20 15:02
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin 'Fine' With Launch of Facebook’s Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-12-06 16:22
PayPal CEO claims he wasn’t “spooked” by regulatory scrutiny when he withdrew from Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-11-21 00:56
Facebook's Libra Testnet Registered Over 50,000 Transactions Since September Cryptoglobe
2019-11-18 11:22
Facebook Touts Crypto Project Libra: 51,000 Transactions and Counting Dailyhodl
2019-11-17 22:47
Facebook’s Libra testnet has logged over 51,000 transactions, deployed 34 projects Theblockcrypto
2019-11-16 17:26
Has Facebook Thrown in the Towel On Libra? Launches Facebook Pay Coinfomania
2019-11-13 17:41
No Libra Launch in Sight, but ‘Facebook Pay’ Goes Live in the U.S. Cryptoglobe
2019-11-13 09:37
Libra Crypto Crumbles as Facebook Launches Alternative Payments Platform NewsBTC.com
2019-11-13 05:32
Doesn’t Wait For Libra: Facebook Introduces Facebook Pay Cryptopotato
2019-11-12 23:13
Dutch Court Orders Facebook to Remove Fraudulent Crypto Advertisements Cryptoglobe
2019-11-12 22:57
Dutch Court Orders Facebook To Get Rid Of Fake Bitcoin Ads Coinfomania
2019-11-11 22:07
Peter Schiff Fires Back After Facebook Crypto Head Calls Bitcoin “Digital Gold” NewsBTC.com
2019-11-11 17:54
Ex-PBoC Boss: Facebook’s Libra Will Work Better if it’s in IMF Custody Bitcoinist
2019-11-08 11:12
Bitcoin Not a Currency According to Facebook’s Libra Lead NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-11-07 10:32
EU Continues to Hold Strong Against Facebook’s Libra Coinfomania
2019-11-06 16:18
Rivaling Facebook’s Libra: EU Draft Suggests Creation Of A New Coin Cryptopotato
2019-11-05 21:36
Facebook’s Crypto Effort Will Take Decades to Spread but Libra Will Be Worth It, Says Exec NewsBTC.com
2019-11-05 20:02
Libra Won’t Spread as Quickly as Facebook, Says Calibra Exec Coindesk
2019-11-05 18:17
Joseph Lubin: Libra Would Be Better if Facebook Wasn’t Driving It Coinfomania
2019-11-05 15:16
Stablecoins, including Facebook-led Libra, could come under securities rules, says global watchdog Theblockcrypto
2019-11-05 09:28
Twitter will Never be a Part of Facebook’s Libra “Crypto”, Says CEO NewsBTC.com
2019-10-25 20:02
Facebook’s Libra May Not Be Approved, but a Precedent May Have Been Set Says Expert Cryptoglobe
2019-10-25 12:23
Facebook-led Libra may not be approved, says European think tank official Theblockcrypto
2019-10-25 06:49
Billionaire Michael Novogratz weighs in on Facebook’s Libra and Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2019-10-24 22:08
Facebook's Cryptocurrency Libra Could Threaten Alipay and WeChat Pay, Tencent Says Cryptoglobe
2019-10-24 09:52
U.S. Treasury Committed to Monitoring Facebook's Cryptocurrency Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-10-24 07:32
Congress grills Zuckerberg on everything from Libra to hate speech on Facebook Cryptoslate
2019-10-24 04:11
Facebook’s Libra Project is Yet to Receive Financial Support from its Partners Coinfomania
2019-10-23 18:29
Zuckerberg: Facebook would leave Libra if US regulators don’t approve the project Theblockcrypto
2019-10-23 17:15
Zuckerberg: Facebook would leave Libra if US regulators don’t approve the project Theblockcrypto
2019-10-23 16:41
Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Quit Libra if the Association Launched Prematurely Coindesk
2019-10-23 16:17
Zuckerberg: Facebook Won’t Be Launching Libra Without Regulatory Approval Cryptoglobe
2019-10-23 15:52
WATCH LIVE Mark Zuckerberg Tries to Salvage Facebook Coin Libra in Testimony to Congress Coinspice
2019-10-23 13:46
5 Reasons Why Facebook’s Libra May Never Launch Cryptopotato
2019-10-23 10:59
What to Expect When Facebook’s Zuckerberg Defends Libra on Capitol Hill Coindesk
2019-10-23 09:32
ING CEO: Banks May Have to Cut Ties With Facebook After Libra’s Launch Coinfomania
2019-10-22 19:47
Zuckerberg: Facebook will not ‘be a part of launching Libra’ unless US regulators approve Theblockcrypto
2019-10-22 18:25
Zuckerberg: Facebook will not ‘be a part of launching Libra’ unless US regulators approve Theblockcrypto
2019-10-22 18:25
ING Head Warns Banks Could Drop Facebook Over Its Libra Cryptocurrency Cryptoglobe
2019-10-22 17:23
Facebook Risks Banking Ties Over Libra Concerns, Says ING Exec Coindesk
2019-10-22 15:32
Big Pivot? David Marcus Says Facebook’s Crypto Project Could Change Course Dailyhodl
2019-10-22 14:17
Facebook’s Marcus Says China Wins with Digital Renminbi if U.S. Nixes Libra Coindesk
2019-10-22 14:02
Facebook's Libra Will 'Never Happen' Says JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Cryptoglobe
2019-10-22 12:23
Russia to Ban Facebook if US Blocks Libra Cryptocurrency NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-10-22 12:02
Money 2.0 Stuff: The Facebook Start Up methodology Theblockcrypto
2019-10-22 00:00
Money 2.0 Stuff: The Facebook Start Up methodology Theblockcrypto
2019-10-22 00:00
Mr. Zuckerberg Heads to Washington: Facebook CEO to Testify Solo Before Congress Over Libra Coinspice
2019-10-21 21:30
Facebook Now Wants a Series of Stablecoins For Libra Crypto Project NewsBTC.com
2019-10-21 06:32
Bitcoin Critic Jamie Dimon Expects Facebook’s Crypto Project to Vanish, Says JP Morgan Coin Is ‘Really Stable’ Dailyhodl
2019-10-19 18:22
JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Reportedly Rejected Involvement in Facebook's Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-10-18 10:32
Facebook’s Libra Just Got Its First Major Supporter in Congress Coindesk
2019-10-17 21:57
What Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Said in His Defense of ‘Free Expression’ Coindesk
2019-10-17 19:44
France’s Le Maire Attacks Facebook’s ‘Political’ Ambitions With Libra Coindesk
2019-10-17 14:02
Facebook's Libra Is 'Absolutely Not' in Jeopardy for Losing Members, Says David Marcus Cryptoglobe
2019-10-16 19:52
David Marcus Still Optimistic About Facebook’s Libra Despite Losing Key Partners  Coinfomania
2019-10-16 15:16
Now the G7 Dunks on Facebook Coin Libra, China’s Trading Ban Feeds Tether, NextHash Goes SLP Coinspice
2019-10-15 13:35
Bitcoin Bull Anthony Pompliano Proposes Facebook Drop Libra and Focus on Calibra Crypto Wallet Dailyhodl
2019-10-15 13:03
Swedish Central Bank Chief Says Facebook’s Libra Is An Important Catalytic Event Cryptopotato
2019-10-15 12:35
Facebook’s Libra ‘incredibly important catalytic event’ for reform, says Swedish central bank chief Theblockcrypto
2019-10-15 11:17
Facebook Seeking Central Bank Boss to Manage Libra? NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-10-15 09:32
Bitcoin has a long road to mass adoption, Facebook data suggests Cryptoslate
2019-10-15 06:04
Facebook-led Libra Association secures 21 signatures at inaugural charter meeting Theblockcrypto
2019-10-14 22:43
Facebook-Led Libra Forms Governing Council After Big-Name Departures Coindesk
2019-10-14 22:02
Another Big Name Pulls Out of Libra, Will Facebook’s “Crypto” Even Launch? NewsBTC.com
2019-10-14 20:02
Facebook's Troubles Continue as a Seventh Member of Libra Association Drops Out Cryptoglobe
2019-10-14 16:39
Booking Holdings drop out of Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-10-14 15:52
New G7 Report Spells More Woe for Facebook’s Libra. Will it Ever Launch? Coinfomania
2019-10-14 12:02
Facebook’s Libra Under New Fire From G7 Taskforce NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-10-14 11:02
G7: Facebook's Libra Shouldn't Be Launched Until Its Risks Are 'Adequately Addressed' Cryptoglobe
2019-10-14 10:52
G7: Libra must not go ahead until Facebook proves it safe and secure Theblockcrypto
2019-10-14 06:42
US Senators Issue Threatening Letters to Stripe, Mastercard, Visa Over Facebook Coin Libra Coinspice
2019-10-13 03:02
Facebook’s David Marcus Cites ‘Intense Pressure’ As eBay, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, PayPal Abandon Crypto Project Dailyhodl
2019-10-12 20:32
Mercado Pago, Visa, eBay, Stripe, and Mastercard drop out of Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-10-11 22:10
eBay, Stripe Follow PayPal in Quitting Facebook’s Libra Project Coindesk
2019-10-11 20:00
eBay and Stripe drop out of Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-10-11 19:48
Facebook’s Calibra Sued By Mobile Banking App Over Similar Logos Coindesk
2019-10-11 17:37
Facebook and Calibra sued in NY federal court in trademark case involving logo design Theblockcrypto
2019-10-11 13:37
US Senators Send Ominous Letters Signaling Potential Liabilities Over Facebook’s Crypto Project Libra Dailyhodl
2019-10-10 20:27
Robinhood Banking App Returns, Ripple Throws Shade at Facebook Coin Libra, Siacoin on Kraken Coinspice
2019-10-09 20:42
Bank of England lays out ‘terms of engagement’ for Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-10-09 19:39
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Testify Before Congress Over Libra Cryptocurrency Coindesk
2019-10-09 15:55
Facebook’s Libra Forked into Permissionless OpenLibra Cryptoglobe
2019-10-09 15:21
For Non-Profits Working With Facebook, Libra Isn’t Such a Crazy Idea Coindesk
2019-10-09 07:02
EU Official Pledges to Bring in Regulations for Cryptocurrencies Such as Facebook’s Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-10-08 13:52
European Commission official plans to bring in new regulations for crypto, including Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-10-08 09:17
Now Traders Can Make Bets on When Facebook’s Libra Will Launch Coindesk
2019-10-07 11:32
Facebook Doubles Down on Crypto Mission Libra As PayPal Drops Out Dailyhodl
2019-10-05 13:47
PayPal Abandons Facebook Coin, ICO Era Pronounced Dead, Liechtenstein Passes Blockchain Act Coinspice
2019-10-05 12:57
EU Finance Ministers To Push G20 Response On Facebook’s Libra Cryptopotato
2019-10-05 06:38
PayPal Withdraws From Facebook-Led Libra Crypto Project Coindesk
2019-10-04 20:22
PayPal officially drops out of Facebook’s Libra project Theblockcrypto
2019-10-04 20:05
Petition to Ban Facebook’s Libra “Crypto” Asset Reaches 55,000 NewsBTC.com
2019-10-04 20:02
PayPal Is Reportedly About to Leave Facebook's Libra Project Cryptoglobe
2019-10-04 09:53
US lawmakers want Facebook’s Zuckerberg to testify on Libra by January Theblockcrypto
2019-10-04 07:52
PayPal on the brink of leaving Facebook’s Libra project – Report Theblockcrypto
2019-10-04 06:37
Leaked Recordings Reveal What Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Really Thinks About Libra Dailyhodl
2019-10-02 16:02
Visa And Mastercard Start To Get Cold Feet Over Facebook’s Libra NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-10-02 09:24
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Stripe hesitate to officially sign on to Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-10-01 23:07
Mark Zuckerberg talks Libra in leaked Facebook meeting audio Theblockcrypto
2019-10-01 21:45
Ripple Exec Calls Facebook’s Libra a 'Walled Garden' Cryptoglobe
2019-09-30 02:22
Facebook-Led Libra Could Be Boon to UN, Says Crypto Project’s Chief Coindesk
2019-09-27 09:55
Ripple executive says Facebook’s Libra project is a ‘walled garden’ Theblockcrypto
2019-09-27 08:57
No, a Facebook Libra Delay Would Not Cause a Crypto Crash NewsBTC.com
2019-09-27 08:32
Ripple Exec Bashes Libra – Calls Facebook’s Crypto a “Walled Garden” NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-09-27 08:32
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said to meet US Congress to discuss Libra stablecoin Theblockcrypto
2019-09-27 06:22
Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg 'Really Focused' on Ensuring Libra's Launch Goes Well Cryptoglobe
2019-09-26 11:22
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Appears to Put Libra Launch Date in Doubt Coindesk
2019-09-26 09:34
Facebook’s Libra ‘undoubtedly’ a wakeup call for central banks, says ECB executive Theblockcrypto
2019-09-26 07:19
Facebook Calls for 2020 Reboot of Old-Fashioned Money – Crypto Style Dailyhodl
2019-09-26 03:53
Facebook’s David Marcus justifies building a payments network on blockchain instead of traditional banking system Theblockcrypto
2019-09-25 15:02
KIK Drops Messenger, Bakkt Launches to Mixed Results, IBM & Facebook Coin Libra Might Team Coinspice
2019-09-24 22:33
IBM Open to Partner With Facebook on Blockchain and Digital Projects Cryptoglobe
2019-09-23 17:22
IBM Says It’s Ready to Work with Facebook on Blockchain Coindesk
2019-09-23 16:32
Facebook Libra Backed 50% by USD, Wash Trading Reduced, EtherDelta Hackers Arrested Coinspice
2019-09-23 16:07
Facebook Announces the Currencies Included in the Libra Basket Cryptoglobe
2019-09-23 14:22
IBM Open to Collaboration with Facebook on Libra Project NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-09-23 13:02
Facebook Acquires Chatbot Maker as It Prepares Calibra's Customer Service Cryptoglobe
2019-09-23 10:52
Trust Facebook? They Can’t Even Stop Fake Libra Ads on Their Platform Coinfomania
2019-09-23 08:51
Facebook Reveals Libra Crypto’s Currency Basket Breakdown: Report Coindesk
2019-09-23 04:17
Facebook acquires chatbot maker for Calibra wallet Theblockcrypto
2019-09-22 21:20
Fake Telegram TON Ads Appearing On Russian Facebook Cryptoglobe
2019-09-22 09:52
Facebook Will Launch Libra Next Year Despite Regulatory Pressure, Says David Marcus Cryptoglobe
2019-09-21 08:23
Facebook Libra will be made up of U.S. dollar, euro, yen, pound, and Singapore dollar Theblockcrypto
2019-09-20 20:59
Regulatory What? Facebook Still Targets 2020 Launch for Libra Coinfomania
2019-09-20 19:59
Chinese Crypto Czar: Facebook-Led Libra ‘Might Be Unstoppable’ Coindesk
2019-09-19 18:32
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Washington to discuss ‘internet regulation’ with senators Theblockcrypto
2019-09-19 08:34
Germany Passes Blockchain Strategy That'll Block Facebook's Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-09-18 13:27
Germany passes a strategy to block parallel currencies, including Facebook’s Libra Theblockcrypto
2019-09-18 10:57
Why Are France & Germany Blocking Facebook’s Crypto? The Euro, Apparently NewsBTC.com
2019-09-17 12:02
Facebook Insists Libra Poses No Threat to Central Banks NEWS.BITCOIN.COM
2019-09-17 11:32
Facebook’s David Marcus says Libra Doesn't Threat Monetary Sovereignty of Nations Cryptoglobe
2019-09-16 18:22
Facebook’s Head of Blockchain: Libra Won’t Create New Money Cryptopotato
2019-09-16 14:30
Facebook’s David Marcus Responds to Critics Over Libra ‘Threat’ Coindesk
2019-09-16 13:06
Global Central Banks to Question Facebook-Led Libra Over Financial Risks Coindesk
2019-09-16 09:12
26 central banks to quiz Facebook over Libra stablecoin today, including US Fed Theblockcrypto
2019-09-16 05:52
Ethereum Co-Founders Welcome Collaboration with Facebook’s Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-09-15 10:52
Dutch Billionaire Calls Agreement With Facebook 'Impossible' in Bitcoin Ad Lawsuit Cryptoglobe
2019-09-14 09:22
PayPal Sees Resemblance in Facebook’s Libra Cryptopotato
2019-09-14 05:12
Germany Opposes Launch of Facebook's Libra in Europe: Report Cryptoglobe
2019-09-13 16:21
France Blocks Facebook Coin Libra, Bitcoin Cash Derivative Proposed, Bitcoin Logo for WatfordFC Coinspice
2019-09-13 16:14
Germany takes aim at Facebook Libra; plans to block private stablecoins Theblockcrypto
2019-09-13 14:58
Bakkt Warehouse Opens, $1 Billion BTC Moved, China-Backed Crypto Similar to Facebook Coin Coinspice
2019-09-07 21:14
JPMorgan says Facebook’s Libra has ‘potential to grow substantially,’ but not without risks Theblockcrypto
2019-09-06 14:02
New Head of China’s Digital Currency Says It Beats Facebook Libra on Tech Features Coindesk
2019-09-06 09:32
China’s digital currency will be like Facebook’s Libra, says central bank official Theblockcrypto
2019-09-06 08:33
Tether Exploring Two New Stablecoins to Compete With China and Facebook’s Libra Dailyhodl
2019-09-06 08:20
Facebook hires two more lobbyists for Libra cryptocurrency initiative Theblockcrypto
2019-09-06 06:11
Facebook’s WhatsApp Seeks Policy Expert to Champion Blockchain in Africa Coindesk
2019-09-05 17:12
ECB Board Member Claims Facebook’s Libra is Not a Real Crypto NewsBTC.com
2019-09-02 21:02
ECB's Mersch Warns of the 'Siren Call' of Facebook's Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-09-02 18:52
ECB’s Mersch Warns Over ‘Treacherous Promises’ of Facebook Libra Coindesk
2019-09-02 10:02
Facebook Hires Lobbying Firm to Support Its Cryptocurrency Libra Cryptoglobe
2019-08-27 16:52
Facebook’s Libra documents are ‘very vague’, says Switzerland central bank official Theblockcrypto
2019-08-27 15:00
Facebook’s Libra Project Launches Bug Bounty With $10,000 Max Reward Coindesk
2019-08-27 13:04
Facebook’s Calibra Is Building a Compliance Team, Searching for Sanctions Lead Coindesk
2019-08-27 12:12
Facebook Hires Another Lobbying Firm Amid Increased Tensions on Libra Coinfomania
2019-08-27 11:40
Coinbase’s Ex-Policy Head Will Lobby for Facebook Amid Libra Crypto Pushback Coindesk
2019-08-27 09:32
Loom Launches ‘CryptoZombies’ Tutorial to Get Coders on Facebook’s Libra Coindesk
2019-08-27 08:02
Facebook hires yet another lobbyist for Libra crypto – this time a former Coinbase executive to lead the efforts Theblockcrypto
2019-08-27 06:47
New Zealand TV Host Complains About Fraudulent Bitcoin Ads Using His Name on Facebook Cryptoglobe
2019-08-26 21:24
U.S. Lawmaker Still Concerned About Facebook’s Libra After Meetings in Switzerland Cryptoglobe
2019-08-26 10:52
Switzerland Meetings Didn’t Clear US Lawmaker’s Doubts on Facebook’s Libra Coindesk
2019-08-26 06:07
US lawmaker remains concerned about Facebook’s Libra crypto, after meeting Swiss officials Theblockcrypto
2019-08-26 05:20
Brazilian Investor Buys 28 BTC With 30% Discount on Facebook Cryptoglobe
2019-08-25 16:27
Rep. Waters Says Congress Will Continue Review of Facebook’s Libra Coindesk
2019-08-23 21:02
CNBC Analyst Slams Facebook Libra, Champions Bitcoin NewsBTC.com
2019-08-23 19:02
Facebook’s Libra May Be Losing Key Supporters Amid Growing Regulatory Uncertainties Cryptopotato
2019-08-23 10:10
At least 3 members considering cutting ties with Facebook’s Libra project – Report Theblockcrypto
2019-08-23 09:51
Tensions Rising at Facebook Libra as Backers Consider Quitting: Report Coindesk
2019-08-23 09:44
China May Release Libra Competitor Before Facebook Launches It, Report Bitcoinist
2019-08-22 15:02
Israeli Startup Beats Facebook in Launching First Incubator for Libra Developers Cryptoglobe
2019-08-21 18:22
Crypto Asset NYM to Fuel Test of Tokenized Facebook Login Alternative Coindesk
2019-08-21 16:02
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