Hong Kong bans Worldcoin’s data collection over alleged privacy violations Cryptoslate
55 minutes ago
BlackRock’s IBIT ETF rakes in $290 million in one day, lifting total net inflows to $16 billion Cryptoslate
1 hour and 38 minutes ago
30 days of Runes: Interest fizzles after spectacular launch Cryptoslate
10 hours ago
Cboe submits 5 amended ETH ETF filings amid renewed chance of approval Cryptoslate
11 hours ago
StanChart reaffirms Ethereum’s potential to hit $8000 following ETF approval Cryptoslate
12 hours ago
Trump campaign leans in on crypto with new donation page amid shifting political landscape Cryptoslate
13 hours ago
Uniswap Labs slams SEC’s misguided attempts to regulate DeFi Cryptoslate
14 hours ago
Gala Games says it resolved exploit within 45 minutes, identified culprit Cryptoslate
16 hours ago
Ethereum ETFs may capture only 15% of Bitcoin ETF assets, says Bloomberg analyst Cryptoslate
17 hours ago
Tether mints $1 billion USDT on Ethereum amid ETF anticipation Cryptoslate
18 hours ago
Decentralized Web3 cloud gaming platform coming this summer in partnership with Aethir Cryptoslate
19 hours ago
Potential ETF approval fuels 18% Ethereum surge, highest since 2021 Cryptoslate
20 hours ago
OP3N to trial first Twitch style Web3 creator house in Lisbon powered by Avalanche Cryptoslate
20 hours ago
Vitalik Buterin says Sam Altman should not get $7 trillion funding for AI semiconductor super farm Cryptoslate
21 hours ago
Inferno Drainer resumes operations, claims $250 million stolen from crypto users Cryptoslate
22 hours ago
SEC: Ripple’s bid to hide financial data in remedies briefing ‘unlawful’ Cryptoslate
23 hours ago
Grayscale ETH ETF may not mirror huge outflows like Bitcoin launch Cryptoslate
23 hours ago
Spot Ethereum ETF approval possible tomorrow keeping BlackRock 10 year approval streak alive Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Bitcoin ETFs see $237 million inflow on May 20, led by Ark and BlackRock Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Gala Games exploited for $200 million Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Bloomberg analysts revise ETH ETF approval odds to 75% amid rumors of SEC flip Cryptoslate
1 day ago
BTC surges 6% to touch $70k as Ethereum ETF rumors cause market frenzy Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Kraken denies plans to delist USDT in EU Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Bankruptcy court approves NYAG, Genesis $2 billion settlement Cryptoslate
1 day ago
First decentralized Web3 funding parachain Polimec goes live on Polkadot Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Derivatives data tracking Bitcoin’s response to global crises shows market cycle far from over Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Potential US TikTok buyer plans to decentralize TikTok, could relay on Polkadot parachain Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Metaplanet’s Bitcoin investment propels shares up 17% Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Crypto investment inflows soar to $932 million after favorable CPI report Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Grayscale switches CEO following $144 million reduction in fees as Bitcoin outflows finally subsiding Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Gemini to return 97% of frozen assets in-kind to Earn users by month’s end Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Bitcoin’s deposit-to-withdrawal gap reaches smallest margin since Q4 2023 Cryptoslate
1 day ago
How the SEC’s SAB 121 repeal paves the way for balanced crypto regulation Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Former Solana-based Pump.fun employee arrested after $1.9 million crypto exploit Cryptoslate
1 day ago
Is Bitcoin the next asset to catch up with the rally? Cryptoslate
2 days ago
‘Dr Wright’s explanations are absurd. He plainly forged this email’ Judge states in written judgment Cryptoslate
2 days ago
U.S. Bitcoin ETFs notch $948.3 million in accumulation over five days Cryptoslate
2 days ago
The dilemma of global web3 integration: Will the complexity of web3 win over web2? Cryptoslate
2 days ago
IBC to Ethereum: Building the interconnected Internet of Blockchains Cryptoslate
2 days ago
Using Power Laws to predict when the Bitcoin price will hit $1 million Cryptoslate
3 days ago
Analyzing the US Government’s Bitcoin holdings: What you need to know Cryptoslate
3 days ago
Coinbase expects 30% to 40% chance of spot ETH ETF approval by month-end Cryptoslate
2024-05-18 00:50
Kraken considers delisting USDT in Europe due to MiCA rules Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 23:17
Scaramucci says institutional adoption of Bitcoin set to accelerate Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 22:01
Tether holds more US Treasuries than Germany, ranks 19th globally Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 21:16
Warren expresses support for SEC’s controversial SAB 121 bulletin Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 20:56
Notcoin donates $7 million in tokens to Telegram and its founder Pavel Durov Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 20:10
Oklahoma enacts landmark legislation establishing rights to self-custody crypto Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 18:36
Bitcoin breaks through $67,000 Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 16:45
Token Terminal and Messari Release Research Reports on TRON Network For Q1 of 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 16:02
Nigerian court denies bail to Binance executive, intensifying crypto industry tensions Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 15:39
Chainlink surges 30% as DTCC explores blockchain for mutual fund data delivery Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 13:32
Short-term Bitcoin holders increase by 20,000 BTC this week, with just over 50% from US ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 13:12
Hong Kong pilots first-ever digital yuan payment system for cross-border transactions Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 12:47
CME futures dominance aligns with rising institutional investment in Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 11:07
Infamous crypto scam service Pink Drainer shuts down after netting $85 million Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 10:25
Farmsent to enhance smart farming with Nuklai AI tools as peaq raises $35M amid token launch Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 09:17
US Bitcoin ETFs see fourth consecutive day of inflows, adding $257.3 million Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 09:06
India’s securities watchdog calls for crypto regulation; Turkey moves toward licensing model Cryptoslate
2024-05-17 00:11
Jaffe Tilchin and 4 other firms disclose spot Bitcoin ETF investments during Q1 Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 23:02
Pump.fun halts trading after suffering flash loan exploit Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 22:33
US lawmakers vote in favor of repealing controversial SEC accounting rules for crypto Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 20:08
Bybit faces potential legal action in France for regulatory non-compliance Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 19:32
US Treasury to increase focus on combatting illicit financial activity via crypto, emerging tech Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 18:45
Understanding Bitcoin UTXO management and its impact on transaction efficiency and privacy Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 17:32
Bitcoin power-law model projects $100K value before January 2025 Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 16:47
Derivatives saw spike in Open Interest and volume as Bitcoin broke $66k Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 16:17
HackaTRON Season 6 Submission Period Concludes with Notable Achievements Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 16:02
Tornado Cash developer challenges conviction in Dutch court Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 15:37
Insights from Q1 2024 13f filings for Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 14:47
Vanguard’s new CEO upholds firm’s stance against Bitcoin ETFs despite crypto enthusiasm Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 14:32
Boosting female leadership in crypto through quotas and proactive networking discussed in London Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 13:32
MakerDAO’s dual stablecoin solution promises to resolve longstanding trilemma Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 12:29
Bitcoin shrimps outpace monthly issuance, accumulating 25,000 BTC in 30 days Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 11:27
CME gears up to launch spot Bitcoin trading, challenging Binance’s dominance Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 09:59
Grayscale GBTC registers rare inflow amid $303 million Bitcoin ETF surge Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 08:48
Two major hedge funds reveal $2.4 billion exposure to spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-16 00:25
DOJ charges 2 people over $25 million ETH theft via MEV exploit Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 23:16
Subsquid teams up with Google BigQuery to redefine blockchain data handling Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 19:32
Worldcoin open-sources revamped biometric data system Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 19:16
Morgan Stanley reveals $270 million investment in Bitcoin ETFs, making it top GBTC holder Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 18:36
US lawmaker calls on SEC to repeal crypto custody rule ahead of Senate vote Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 17:21
Bitcoin rallies to $65,000, triggering over $120 million in liquidations in 24 hours Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 16:09
TRON DAO at Cornell Blockchain Conference Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 16:02
Bitcoin’s realized profit/loss ratio shows market satisfaction with current price levels Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 15:17
Stablecoin issuer Circle eyes US move, setting stage for rumored IPO Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 14:17
Hash Ribbon metric signals miner capitulation, possibly marking Bitcoin’s price bottom at roughly $56,500 Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 13:22
Babylon partners with pSTAKE to launch Bitcoin liquid staking Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 13:02
US CPI inflation data meets expectations, Bitcoin hits $64,000 in response Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 12:42
Degen Chain restarts after two-day outage, still stabilizing infrastructure Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 12:17
Ark ARKB’s $133.1 million surge leads Bitcoin ETFs to inflows Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 11:17
Avara to launch Lens Network on zkSync to expand on success of Lens Protocol Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 10:57
DeFi protocols Sonne Finance and ALEX Lab lose over $24 million in separate hacks Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 09:59
Coinbase records third-largest Bitcoin outflow of 2024, totaling nearly $1 billion Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 08:30
Oklahoma signs bill into law protecting crypto spending, mining, and self-custody Cryptoslate
2024-05-15 01:33
CoinShares brought in $55 million in Q1 2024 in ‘strongest quarter ever’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 23:52
Polkadot funds $600k project to introduce smart contracts, boosting blockchain capabilities Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 22:02
State of Wisconsin Investment Board, Titan Global invest in spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 20:45
TRON DAO Adds Google Cloud as a Super Representative Candidate on the TRON Blockchain Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 16:02
Crypto community outraged as court jails Tornado Cash developer for over five years Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 15:47
Bitcoin’s tight correlation with US equities highlights market anticipation of CPI data release Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 14:27
Breaking down Ethereum rollups – What makes a rollup optimistic vs zero knowledge? Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 13:57
Roaring Kitty’s return triggers meme coin surge and GameStop stock spike Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 12:53
ETH/BTC ratio falls 30% year-over-year amidst rising Bitcoin market dominance Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 12:02
Deutsche Bank selects Axelar developer as partner in joining Project Guardian Singapore Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 11:32
Long-term Bitcoin holders resume accumulation, adding almost 70,000 BTC post-downturn Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 10:42
AI-powered social engineering not technical exploits now dominating 90% of cyber attacks Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 10:22
Coinbase users report withdrawal issues despite official ‘resolved’ status Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 09:23
US Bitcoin ETFs see largest inflows since May 6 as GBTC outflow stops again Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 07:57
Bitcoin sees correlation with equities as Brazil’s 4-month trading volume hits $6 billion Cryptoslate
2024-05-14 00:30
OpenAI introduces GPT-4o model, promising real-time conversation Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 23:06
Uniswap founder says Biden’s indifference toward crypto could cost him elections Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 22:03
Vanguard, BlackRock up MSTR holdings, while TradFi firms continue disclosing Bitcoin ETF investments Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 20:25
Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs face record single-day outflows Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 19:38
US senators challenge DOJ’s broad definition of crypto money transmitters Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 19:02
Crypto investment products see first inflow in weeks despite subdued trading volumes Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 18:15
Layer 1, 2, 3, parachain, sidechain – What’s the difference? Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 17:27
New Hampshire representative proposes Bitcoin ETF investment to address state financial liabilities Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 16:47
DeFi landscape shifts as Solana dethrones Ethereum in trading volume Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 16:02
DeFi platforms Lido and Aave surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum in fee generation Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 15:12
Mining for the future: Bitcoin industry trends in the aftermath of the halving Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 14:12
El Salvador reveals Bitcoin treasury holdings, totaling over 5,700 BTC worth roughly $360 million Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 13:36
Major institutions reveal significant stakes in BlackRock IBIT ahead of 13F filing deadline Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 12:53
Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino defends USDt compliance record in wake of Ripple CEO’s comments Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 12:03
Ethereum has been increasingly inflationary for over a month as fees hit all-time low Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 10:45
Tokyo-listed Metaplanet outlines Bitcoin plan amid rising economic pressure in Japan Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 10:07
Bitcoin fees quadruple since October 2023 Cryptoslate
2024-05-13 08:46
Even if this weekend’s solar storm destroyed civilization, Bitcoin would survive Cryptoslate
2024-05-11 14:25
Ark Invest, 21Shares drop staking from spot Ethereum ETF proposal Cryptoslate
2024-05-11 00:11
US Congress to potentially vote on new legislation for crypto industry by end of May Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 23:44
IMF backs crypto to solve Nigeria’s forex issues despite local crackdown Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 22:47
JP Morgan, Wells Fargo latest major banks to disclose Bitcoin exposure via ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 22:06
Ethereum transaction fees hit record low as Layer-2 networks siphon activity Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 19:02
Coinbase non-profit launches PAC to endorse pro-crypto politicians Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 18:15
86% of Bitcoin supply still in profit despite recent price drops – Glassnode Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 13:59
Crypto scammer returns $34.7 million in stolen assets after victim offers bounty Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 13:27
Over 46% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply hasn’t moved in 3+ years Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 12:47
Kraken spotlights SEC inability to identify ‘investments contract’ in digital assets Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 12:00
Metaplanet boosts its Bitcoin reserves, positions itself as Asia’s MicroStrategy Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 10:32
Hong Kong and US ETFs see modest outflows on mixed day Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 10:17
Ordinals sales elevate Magic Eden to top NFT marketplace surpassing Blur by $108 million Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 08:23
Luxor Q1 report predicts recovery in Bitcoin hashprice over next five months Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 07:22
What the current price stability means for the Bitcoin futures market Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 02:02
BlockFi to shut down web platform, turn to Coinbase as distribution partner Cryptoslate
2024-05-10 01:02
Marathon reports record $337.2 million net income in Q1 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 23:56
Hoskinson accuses Biden administration of ‘coordinated effort to kill crypto’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 22:58
US Bancorp, Rothschild firm disclose spot Bitcoin ETF purchases of roughly $20 million in Q1 Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 21:47
Record-breaking user engagement on Polkadot despite price slump Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 21:02
EU securities watchdog to review crypto eligibility for UCITS investments Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 20:24
Robinhood CEO says SEC unwilling to facilitate crypto industry despite ‘good faith’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 17:46
Former President Donald Trump-related memecoin lead market following new crypto promises Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 15:05
Optimism invites Layer-3 networks to join its Superchain, promising advanced features Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 14:14
Surge in Bitcoin to OTC desks potentially marks a local peak Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 13:40
Taiwan revises money laundering act to include digital assets Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 13:09
Rate hikes linked to 11 out of 14 past U.S. recessions, historical analysis shows Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 12:32
Binance accused of firing whistleblower for internal market manipulation report Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 11:51
Bitcoin’s 200-day moving average breaks $50,000 for the first time Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 10:58
Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong diverge Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 09:48
SEC delays crypto wallet provider Exodus’ NYSE American listing amid ongoing scrutiny Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 08:49
Core Scientific reports $210.7 million in Q1 net income, 2,825 BTC production Cryptoslate
2024-05-09 00:43
Robinhood crypto trading volume up 224% YoY to $36 billion in Q1 Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 22:50
Nigeria claims Binance’s bribery allegations are ‘blackmail’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 21:26
Biden administration to veto overturning of controversial SEC crypto rules Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 20:04
Trump’s potential return could catalyze major uptick in alt investments like Bitcoin – StanChart Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 18:51
US lawmakers introduce bill to suspend crypto mixer transactions Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 18:33
Polkadot rolls out asynchronous backing to boost network efficiency and transaction speed Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 16:56
Bitcoin accumulation fails to keep pace with issuance Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 14:26
Susquehanna has more Bitcoin exposure than just ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 13:32
Japanese exchange Coincheck set for Nasdaq listing through SPAC merger Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 12:42
Tether partners with Swan to expand Bitcoin mining operations Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 11:52
Bitcoin’s 280% surge from cycle lows mirrors previous bull cycles Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 11:02
SEC calls Ripple’s proposed stablecoin an ‘unregistered crypto asset’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 10:17
Bitcoin ETFs in the US see $15.7 million in outflows Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 09:32
FTX’s bankruptcy plan offers over 100% recovery for creditors, faces mixed reactions Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 08:41
NYSE Arca withdraws Grayscale’s futures ETH ETF 19-b4 filing Cryptoslate
2024-05-08 00:35
Emmer slams Gensler for ‘inconsistency, incompetence’ over SAB 121 Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 23:06
Susquehanna discloses $1.3 billion in spot Bitcoin ETF investments Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 21:57
Vitalk Buterin drafts EIP-7702 to enhance externally owned accounts Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 21:14
US voters in swing states more likely to vote for crypto-friendly politicians – survey Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 19:15
Coinbase legal chief challenges SEC chair Gensler’s claim that most crypto tokens are securities Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 18:15
Polkadot developer proposes inflation upgrade to enhance transparency Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 16:35
Bitcoin’s April plunge leads to $2.92 billion in spot outflows Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 15:05
US Bitcoin ETFs see record outflows as Hong Kong counterparts thrive Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 13:34
As Marathon Digital joins S&P SmallCap 600, shares surge 18% Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 12:17
Binance CEO says Nigeria is detaining US exec as a control tactic, reveals bribe demands Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 11:32
Bitcoin mining difficulty set for sharpest drop since FTX collapse Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 10:17
Crypto Super PACs raise $102M to support crypto-friendly US candidates Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 09:32
Fidelity leads with inflows as Bitcoin ETFs capture $217M in one day Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 08:52
Hightower Advisors, SouthState Bank disclose investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 01:34
CoinStats launches Degen Plan to enhance trading tools for serious crypto investors Cryptoslate
2024-05-07 01:02
The Digital Chamber slams SEC for issuing Wells Notice against Robinhood Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 23:31
German central bank president calls for swift adoption of CBDCs to stay competitive. Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 23:00
GBTC breaks 16-week outflow streak with $63 million inflow on May 3 Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 21:33
Nigeria to remove Naira from P2P trading platforms to curb currency manipulation Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 20:32
Custodia recruits distinguished solicitors in Federal Reserve case Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 19:40
Bitwise CIO says regulatory hurdles are a boon for Coinbase amid SEC crackdown on crypto firms Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 18:55
SEC issues Wells Notice against Robinhood, crypto community calls it ‘scare tactics’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 17:43
WEEX Exchange Marks 3 Years of Sustained Growth and Innovation, Unveils Highly-Anticipated Platform Coin WEEX WXT Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 17:02
Crypto phishing attacks plummet in April, reaching a yearly low of $38 million Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 13:58
Bitfinex CTO dismisses rumors of major database breach, suggests misinformation by hackers Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 11:51
Bitcoin network celebrates 1 billion transactions as a Satoshi-era wallet awakens Cryptoslate
2024-05-06 09:43
Osmosis co-founder Sunny Aggarwal on costumes, Cosmos, and the ‘Bitcoin renaissance’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-05 21:45
Six Coinbase customers claim the exchange is violating securities laws in new lawsuit Cryptoslate
2024-05-05 15:23
BTC-e crypto exchange operator pleads guilty to money laundering in the U.S. Cryptoslate
2024-05-04 15:14
The rise of Bitcoin ETFs and future market implications Cryptoslate
2024-05-04 10:56
DOJ charges three Cred execs over $783 million in customer fund losses Cryptoslate
2024-05-04 01:02
Nigeria poised to outlaw P2P crypto trading over national security concerns Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 23:54
SEC under Trump would ‘vigorously pursue’ crypto regulation – former regulator says Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 23:09
Crypto firms raised $2.5 billion in Q1, representing 29% quarterly increase Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 21:11
Bitfinex whales bolster Bitcoin holdings by 6% amid recent price surge Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 20:37
Dutch authorities arrest suspect in ZKasino gambling scam, seize $12.2 million in assets Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 19:42
Arthur Hayes predicts Bitcoin is poised for a steady rise in value Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 19:07
Challenging the notion of ‘Stag’ or ‘Flation’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 18:19
Marathon Digital boosts Bitcoin production by 21% YoY in April, defies halving challenges Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 16:32
Crypto trader loses $70.5 million in address poisoning scam, highest recorded yet Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 15:47
Hong Kong firm invests $38 million in BlackRock’s IBIT, highlighting appeal of US ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 14:47
Polkadot ecosystem thrives with significant growth in Q1, reaching $12.7 billion market cap: Messari Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 14:17
Exploring Bonsai’s impact on Web3 communities with MadFi’s founders Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 13:02
Bitcoin surges above $60,000 following jobs report Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 12:47
Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino teases potential Pear Phone powered by P2P apps Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 12:02
Bitcoin miner CleanSpark records highest single mining day in April in post-halving report Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 11:02
Crypto market unsure as Maxine Waters nominates Kristin Johnson for key Treasury position Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 09:47
Saylor predicts SEC will designate Ethereum as a security and deny spot ETF applications this summer Cryptoslate
2024-05-03 00:02
Mining firm Stronghold considering sale of company in latest financial report Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 23:01
Coinbase surpasses expectations with Q1 revenue surge amid Bitcoin boom Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 22:00
BNP Paribas purchases IBIT as BlackRock anticipates sovereign, pension funds to start buying Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 20:41
Short-term Bitcoin holders show restraint in recent price drop Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 20:01
Elizabeth Warren raises concerns over Iran’s crypto mining operations Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 19:10
From gold to Bitcoin: ETFs excel while miners falter post-launch Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 17:50
Moralis adds support for Moonbeam Network to boost Polkadot development tools Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 17:03
Bioniq CEO envisages a programmable future for Bitcoin with Ordinals and new protocols Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 16:05
Bitcoin wrestles with key moving averages and short term holder prices Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 15:32
Polkadot’s canary network Kusama achieves milestone with first Agile Coretime sales Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 15:01
Fidelity Bitcoin ETF’s $191 million outflow surpasses Grayscale as BlackRock records first redemptions Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 14:01
Arkansas governor to reportedly sign two bills regulating crypto mining activities Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 12:34
Babylon Chain aims to enhance Bitcoin’s utility through staking, reveals CEO Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 11:12
MicroStrategy decentralized identity solution leveraging Ordinals attracts criticism from core Bitcoin proponents Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 09:36
Pike Finance admits to error following $1.7 million exploit, denies fault of USDC Cryptoslate
2024-05-02 00:17
DOJ launches probe into Block’s compliance history following allegations of lapses Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 22:52
Aave proposes upgrade to v4 in strategic 2030 roadmap Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 22:10
UK sharpens focus on crypto regulation in latest anti-money laundering report Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 20:34
Senator Lummis ‘deeply concerned’ by Biden administration’s actions against DeFi, non-custodial wallets Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 19:28
Bitcoin fights to get above $58,000 as Fed maintains unchanged rates Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 18:28
Tether reports record $4.52 billion profit in Q1 despite shrinking market share Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 17:31
Bitcoin’s recent decline mirrors past cycle trends Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 16:53
Liquidation heatmap shows volatility ahead as Bitcoin drops to $57k Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 15:52
Changpeng Zhao says crypto has entered new phase where ‘compliance is super important’ Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 15:22
Bitcoin ETFs endure outflows, totaling $635 million over five trading days Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 14:30
Bitcoin faces potential miner capitulation as hash rate continues to drop Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 13:21
Restrictive OTC regulations for institutions amid Hong Kong ETF launch – BitGo APAC director Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 12:40
Bitcoin begins May with plunge to two-month low as crypto market sees widespread losses Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 11:32
Google US market share drops below 80%, lowest since 2009 as Bing AI usage spikes Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 10:22
Crypto scams hit historic low in April, plummeting 141% Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 09:32
Crypto scams hit historic low in April, plummeting 68% Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 09:32
Bitcoin falls below $57k as $13 billion in leveraged shorts placed on major exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 08:44
Aevo and Pyth lead May’s $3 billion crypto token unlock wave Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 08:08
Alts signal hits new low, hinting at a potential altcoin rally Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 02:02
Matera raises $3.6 million to boost creator economy by fusing DeFi with social media Cryptoslate
2024-05-01 00:32
Celsius Network burns entirety of its CEL holdings, eliminating 94% of total supply Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 23:32
Bitcoin reclaims key support above $60,000 after attempt to sweep March lows Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 22:46
Despite initial volume concerns, Hong Kong’s crypto ETFs launch with strong assets Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 22:07
Roger Ver arrested in Spain after DOJ files tax fraud charges in the US Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 20:35
Newconomics Podcast launches with insightful discussions on the future of blockchain and Web3 Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 20:02
Binance founder Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao sentenced to 4 months in prison Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 19:54
Bitcoin market absorbs 1 million BTC in 5 months Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 19:17
McHenry slams Gensler for misleading Congress about Ethereum’s classification Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 18:41
Expert fears resurgence of ‘environmental narrative’ as US coal miner generates $30 million by mining Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 17:52
Bitcoin retraces back to critical monthly all-time high support level from 2021 Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 16:48
15% decline in MSTR share price amid non-adoption of new FASB Bitcoin standards Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 15:57
US Bitcoin ETFs record fourth consecutive trading day of outflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 15:02
Monero hits eight-year low against Bitcoin as regulatory pressures mount Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 14:25
Ripple teams up with HashKey DX on blockchain-based supply chain finance in Japan Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 13:07
Cross-chain universal app states could reduce EVM development by 90% – Skate CEO Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 12:02
Hong Kong’s Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs launch with lower than expected trading volumes Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 11:06
Amboss CEO highlights Lightning Network’s role in enabling efficient Bitcoin transactions Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 09:54
Bitcoin’s 2024 cohort sees over 10% profit, indicating a strong market support level Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 08:34
MicroStrategy continues stacking Bitcoin with $1.65 billion purchase during Q1 Cryptoslate
2024-04-30 00:06
Samourai Wallet developer Keonne Rodriguez under home incarceration after securing $1 million bail Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 23:46
Hong Kong Bitcoin, Ethereum ETFs expected to outperform US counterparts’ volume on day 1 Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 22:54
From Asia expansion to AI innovation, IQ.wiki charts its future in crypto Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 22:32
Lawmakers urge Biden administration to address ‘rogue nations’ evading sanctions via crypto Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 20:50
Analysts clash over future of Bitcoin ETFs as institutional interest lags Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 19:02
Small Bitcoin holders are accumulating even as prices fall Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 18:17
Osmosis founder envisions Cosmos as Bitcoin’s application layer in DeFi future Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 17:32
SEC suspected Ethereum was a security since 2018, new Consensys documents reveal Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 16:47
Ethereum transaction fees overtake Bitcoin as Runes speculation subsides Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 16:12
Tether invests $200 million to reach ‘ultimate’ goal of putting computers in people’s brain Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 15:47
Polkadot parachain Peaq receives major migrations from decentralized mapping projects Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 14:45
Yen’s freefall prompts Japanese intervention as USD/JPY hits 34-year high Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 14:12
Grayscale’s outflows slow as investor interest in altcoins like Solana, Polkadot rises Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 13:19
VanEck lead charge as Australia prepares for Bitcoin ETF launch Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 12:12
Bitcoin market poised for potential bull trend resumption amid ongoing redistribution phases Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 11:09
Justin Sun predicts SEC rejection of Ethereum ETF in May, citing need for crypto education Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 08:58
SEC vs DeFi: The Battle Royale — what lies ahead amid regulatory clash and hack mayhem? Cryptoslate
2024-04-29 01:02
Navigating the Web3 startup landscape with limited funds Cryptoslate
2024-04-28 20:13
How decentralized payments are a gateway to economic development Cryptoslate
2024-04-27 13:58
Binance’s defense against SEC could be aided by Mango Markets case Cryptoslate
2024-04-27 00:05
UK law enforcement given new powers to seize, destroy digital assets linked to criminals Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 23:18
Custodia Bank files notice of appeal in Federal Reserve case Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 21:55
Arthur Hayes believes Treasury’s next policy decision will lead to renewed surge for crypto, stocks Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 20:48
US government appoints Sam Altman, other tech execs to newly established AI safety board Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 20:16
URPD analysis: 7% of Bitcoin’s supply locked in $60,000 to $65,000 price range Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 18:59
Warren calls on DOJ, NHS to crackdown on crypto payments for child sexual abuse material Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 18:22
Bitcoin weathers turbulent April, down 11% amid tax sell-offs, gold surge, and geopolitical tensions Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 17:54
Polkadot community backs SnowBridge for seamless Ethereum integration Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 17:28
Metaplanet Inc. purchases 1 billion yen worth of Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 16:02
Pantera bought more Solana tokens from FTX’s bankruptcy auction Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 15:17
Surge in Bitcoin fees short-lived as Runes transactions dip Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 14:17
How Neon EVM blends Ethereum and Solana to boost blockchain app development: Interview Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 13:17
Bitcoin core developer says Runes ‘exploit design flaws’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 12:20
Investor exodus from Bitcoin ETFs as BlackRock and Fidelity see significant outflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 10:22
Marathon Digital doubles hash rate target to 50 EH/s Cryptoslate
2024-04-26 09:07
FBI warns US citizens against using ‘unregistered crypto money transmitting services’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 23:27
Terraform Labs to restrict US access, withdraw $23 million of liquidity following SEC ruling Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 22:26
Franklin Templeton tokenizes $380 million US government money fund on Polygon, Stellar Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 21:38
Consensys sues SEC, seeks court declaration that Ethereum is not a security Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 20:30
Top Ethereum Layer-2 networks adopt Avail DA to boost rollup efficiency and security Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 19:47
Despite market volatility, MicroStrategy’s “BTC per Share” reaches near record levels Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 19:02
SEC cold-shoulders Ethereum ETF applicants in meetings, dashing hopes of May approval Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 18:38
Bitcoin ETFs in the US drive higher crypto allocations among institutional investors Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 16:57
IBIT vs GLD: A compelling tale of Bitcoin’s growing dominance over traditional gold investments Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 16:27
Polygon leads in EVM efficiency as DeFi users favor low transaction costs Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 16:00
Bitcoin stabilizes near $63,000 as U.S. economic growth decelerates. Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 15:02
Polkadot’s new StorageHub parachain targets improved data storage efficiency Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 14:35
Bitcoin options signal cooling bullish sentiment as key support level emerges at $61,000 Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 13:38
Europe tightens crypto regulations with new anti-money laundering laws Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 11:11
Morgan Stanley considers allowing brokers to recommend Bitcoin ETFs to clients Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 09:10
BlackRock’s historic 71-day streak ends as IBIT Bitcoin ETF sees zero inflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 07:53
High Bitcoin fees push active addresses down to 3-year low Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 01:02
Ex-Binance CEO CZ seeks forgiveness and a fresh start in pre-sentencing apology letter Cryptoslate
2024-04-25 00:05
Authorities shut down Samourai Wallet, arrest founders over money laundering charges in $2 billion DOJ case Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 22:07
KPMG survey reveals significant uptick in institutional adoption of crypto in Canada Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 21:23
Amazon, Microsoft AI partnerships face potential UK antitrust probe Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 20:15
Bitwise CIO predicts Bitcoin volatility will fall 50% as institutional adoption rises Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 18:42
Vitalik Buterin addresses ZKasino’s misuse of ‘zero-knowledge’ in $33M scam Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 17:27
Are Inscriptions following the path of the Dodo? Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 15:57
Renzo’s ezETH token depeg triggers liquidations across DeFi platforms Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 14:49
April 30 set for historic launch of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 12:46
Bitcoin US ETFs inflows exceed new daily mining output on April 23 Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 12:16
Nigeria freezes over 300 P2P accounts on more crypto exchanges amid forex concerns Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 10:32
US DOJ seeks 36-month sentence and $50 million fine for ex-Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 09:01
Bitcoin Runes made up 57.7% of transactions on halving day Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 01:32
Grayscale, BlackRock Ethereum ETF applications updated amid SEC delays Cryptoslate
2024-04-24 00:22
Jane Street Capital now holds over 5% of Coinbase stock Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 23:32
Jack Dorsey’s Block completes Bitcoin mining chip, announces development of full system Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 22:16
SEC seeking $5.3 billion in fines from Terraform Labs, Do Kwon Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 21:22
Top five stablecoins near all-time high with $150 billion market cap Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 20:48
Crypto donations in the US hit $2 billion after top charities accept digital contributions Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 19:25
Tether commits to freezing addresses linked to sanctions as scrutiny over USDT misuse grows Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 18:02
Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF attracted major institutional investors in Q1 Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 17:24
Bitcoin’s hash rate shows resilience, set to propel difficulty to new heights Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 16:32
Crypto groups sue SEC, claiming overreach in new dealer rule definition Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 16:17
Mining pool ViaBTC auctions rare Bitcoin ‘epic sat’ from recent halving event on CoinEx Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 15:17
AI-based human gene editing breakthrough opens path to open-source cures to disease, slow aging Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 14:32
BlackRock Bitcoin ETF enters elite top 10 continuing a 70-day positive run of inflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 13:47
Binance faces app removal in the Philippines over regulatory issues Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 13:12
Could Esienberg commodities conviction be smoking gun for Coinbase against SEC? Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 12:12
Ripple challenges SEC’s $2 billion fine, proposes $10 million settlement instead Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 10:57
Over 50% of pre-sold Solana memecoins abandoned within 1 month after $25 million raise Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 08:51
Decoding the Black Box: How AI is unveiling the secrets of crypto money laundering Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 05:02
In a bull market, everyone thinks they’re a VC Cryptoslate
2024-04-23 02:02
Hoskinson says PRAGMA adds ‘second set of eyes’ to Cardano but won’t speed development Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 23:46
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wants to put US budget on blockchain for 24/7 transparency Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 22:20
Lisbon Blockchain Conference to feature elite pitching event for crypto startups Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 21:49
SEC lawyers resign following controversial DEBT Box case Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 21:02
Shibarium sees brief outage amid Shiba Inu’s Layer-3 blockchain ambitions Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 20:32
Bitcoin sales by miners begin to fall, suggesting a potential reduction in sell pressure Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 20:00
Hong Kong trade body advocates for crypto self-regulation amid global scrutiny Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 19:11
Bitcoin’s halving fails to stem $206 million outflows as investors shift to altcoins like Polkadot Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 18:02
New Grayscale mini-trust plans to offer lowest fees in Bitcoin ETF market at 0.15% Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 17:17
FTX creditors invited to bid on Solana tokens in new auction format Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 15:02
BlackRock’s IBIT only 1 day away from top 10 status with unbroken inflow streak Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 14:43
Polkadot parachains sees temporary halt in block production after major network upgrade Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 13:47
ViaBTC hits jackpot with $2.4 million fee in historic Bitcoin halving block Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 13:17
Aethir and Io net to combine 640,000 GPUs to democratize and decentralize AI infrastructure Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 13:02
Bitwise Head of Alpha Strategies explains how US Bitcoin ETFs outperformed expectations Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 12:02
100k signatures can trigger Swiss national referendum on adding Bitcoin to country reserves Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 11:02
Kenya to extradite Binance executive involved in tax evasion and escape drama to Nigeria Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 10:12
Halving sees transaction fees hit new record momentarily as Bitcoin climbs back above $66k Cryptoslate
2024-04-22 08:29
Crypto regulation redefined: How MiCA affects your company Cryptoslate
2024-04-21 15:09
AI and blockchain: A match made in heaven or hell Cryptoslate
2024-04-20 12:20
FTX investors agree to drop civil lawsuit against SBF if he snitches on celebrity promoters Cryptoslate
2024-04-20 01:25
IRS draft tax form for crypto defines unhosted wallets as brokers Cryptoslate
2024-04-20 00:59
Human Rights Foundation launches Finney Freedom Prize to reward contributions to Bitcoin for 110 years Cryptoslate
2024-04-20 00:24
Chainalysis proposes $10 million Polkadot partnership to provide analytics solutions Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 23:19
Hong Kong-based HashKey to cease Binance-related transactions amid policy change Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 21:31
From 2012 to 2024: Analyzing market conditions before each Bitcoin halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 21:06
Bitwise CIO believes market has not priced in future demand for Bitcoin post-halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 19:26
Bitcoin resilient above $64,000 as halving nears, defies broader market downturn Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 18:27
Bitcoin’s resilience tested: Price up 577% amid pandemics, war and corporate embrace Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 18:19
WorkML.ai: Real World Data Annotation Hub Empowers AI with Crypto Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 18:02
Hedgey Finance hit by $44.5 million crypto theft across Arbitrum and Binance networks Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 15:32
Single Bitcoin transaction just cost $17,468 as halving nears Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 15:08
Bitcoin halving interest higher than ever with under 12 hours left to go Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 14:28
Tether coming to Telegram through TON blockchain amid $11 billion wider minting spree Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 13:25
Bitcoin ETFs experience fifth consecutive trading day of outflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 13:02
FTX empties FTT treasury wallet, transferring assets worth over $250 million Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 12:20
Stablecoin distribution reveals liquidity patterns in DeFi Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 11:22
Bitcoin soars past $65,000 as Israel-Iran sparring looks to conclude Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 09:59
SEC claims Justin Sun’s alleged visits to US grant it personal jurisdiction to pursue legal action Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 01:41
IMF says Bitcoin has become necessary financial tool for preserving wealth amid financial instability Cryptoslate
2024-04-19 00:56
Meta announces Llama 3, launches dedicated AI web portal Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 23:35
Scaramucci says Bitcoin is ‘still very young,’ predicts $200k long-term price after halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 21:38
US lawmakers’ proposed ban on algorithmic stablecoins draws industry backlash Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 21:02
URPD metric indicates a lack of liquidity for Bitcoin below $60,000 Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 18:45
JP Morgan CEO calls Bitcoin ‘Ponzi Scheme’ despite serving as Authorized Participant for BlackRock ETF Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 18:12
Polkadot introduces JAM upgrade and 10 million DOT prize to enhance network capabilities Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 15:58
Holding Bitcoin has been unprofitable only on these days Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 15:07
Tether champions decentralized systems expanding tech, AI, education and financial reach Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 14:31
Glassnode and Coinbase report: Bitcoin maintains unique market path with low correlation to S&P 500 Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 14:02
Senator Warren wants to extend anti-money laundering rules to crypto miners and validators Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 13:32
Nym Technologies joins Liquid Federation to boost Bitcoin layer-2 privacy and security Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 13:02
BITB, Bitwise’s BTC ETF, experiences first outflow since launch Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 11:48
Bitcoin Ordinals Game Boy inspired gaming handheld and hardware wallet sells out instantly Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 10:04
Binance enhances SAFU fund stability through USDC amid regulatory progress in Dubai and India Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 09:03
New Zealand’s CBDC roadmap enters design consultation stage Cryptoslate
2024-04-18 00:15
Worldcoin unveils World Chain, a Layer-2 network ‘built for humans’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 22:19
Top 4 accounting firm turns to Ethereum for blockchain-based business contracts Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 21:41
Ord.io prepares for new Bitcoin standard with $2 million funding boost Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 19:21
Bitcoin barely holds on to $60k as bears retest March lows Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 17:57
Polkadot parachain Polimec aims to transform Web3 fundraising via decentralized platform Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 17:14
Hong Kong’s Bitcoin, Ethereum ETFs projected to hit $1 billion in assets within two years Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 16:32
US senators propose bipartisan stablecoin bill opening door to FDIC insurance in US Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 14:52
Grayscale witnessing a double halving as Bitcoin holdings fall to 310k Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 13:37
FLock to train decentralized AI models with IO Net to reduce centralized privacy risk Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 13:13
EigenLayer removes caps, sees record $157 million inflow as Lido dominance dips Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 11:38
OG Bitcoin holders or ‘King’ Fish retain $15k cost basis after buying the dip Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 09:26
TRON DAO at Harvard Blockchain Conference and New TRON Builder Tour Stop Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 06:32
Israeli central bank official says digital payment methods have ‘eroded’ the role of cash Cryptoslate
2024-04-17 00:02
Funding rate turns negative as Bitcoin drops below $64k Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 22:32
Solana-based PoW project Ore halts mining, announces version 2 Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 21:48
PayPal ends protection for NFT transactions due to industry volatility Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 20:39
Exchanges expected to run out of Bitcoin 9 months after halving – Bybit report Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 18:53
Binance.US appoints ex-New York Fed chief as board director to boost compliance efforts Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 18:17
Fetch.ai, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol’s planned $7.5 billion ASI token to launch in May Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 17:25
New legislation in Arkansas singles out Bitcoin miners introducing targeted state fee Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 15:01
Polkadot eyes $8.8 million sponsorship deal with Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 13:47
Bitcoin’s April plunge: On track for worst month since August down 11% Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 13:02
Ethereum falls to lowest level against Bitcoin in 3 years amid panic selling Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 12:40
OKX launches ETH layer-2 network X Layer following Coinbase’s Base success Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 10:50
Short-term holders spark Bitcoin sell-off: Over $2 billion shed at loss to exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 10:04
BlackRock continued inflows narrow gap: just 37,781 BTC separate IBIT from GBTC Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 08:29
Bitcoin’s weekend dip shakes out short-term holders Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 01:32
Buenos Aires charges Worldcoin with consumer law violations, warns of $1.2 million fine Cryptoslate
2024-04-16 00:03
On-chain sleuth ZachXBT says X’s controversial ‘not a bot’ fee unlikely to eliminate scams Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 22:32
Senators demand detailed accounting of CFTC’s interactions with SBF Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 21:51
UK to legislate ‘whole host’ of crypto activities starting in the summer Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 21:04
Stablecoin regulation more likely this year following key discussions among lawmakers Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 19:43
USDe maintains full collateralization amid first market ‘stress test’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 19:11
Global ETP investors shift $126 million away from major cryptocurrencies, favor altcoins like Polkadot Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 18:00
Analyst predicts low inflows for Hong Kong’s newly approved Bitcoin, Ethereum ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 17:27
Bitcoin’s long-term holders shift to accumulation Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 16:42
Vitalik Buterin’s RailGun advocacy triggers sharp rise in privacy tokens Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 16:09
Bitcoin sees record fees in 2024 as halving approaches Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 14:55
Bitcoin NFTs outperform ETH and SOL combined in trading volume ahead of halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 13:47
Dial H for Halving: Unpacking the technicalities of Bitcoin’s halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 12:18
Short-term holder realized price holds steady despite weekend Bitcoin drop, uptrend persists Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 11:54
Solana rallies 9% as developers launches update to tackle network congestion Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 11:23
Hong Kong approves Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs as US lingers on ETH approval Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 09:32
Bitcoin back above $66k after weekend of panic selling Cryptoslate
2024-04-15 09:14
Bitcoin is the only way out of feudalism Cryptoslate
2024-04-14 16:31
“Smart Bouncers” and selective transparency: A preventative compromise to brash FinCEN proposal Cryptoslate
2024-04-14 13:02
How BlastUP is changing the game for blockchain startups Cryptoslate
2024-04-14 11:01
Mining through the halving: Survival strategies for 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-04-13 09:02
How Asia’s next crypto investment wave will be ignited from Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-04-13 02:02
Bitfarms expands Bitcoin mining hashrate to 7 EH/s with Quebec upgrades Cryptoslate
2024-04-13 00:12
Top IRS official says ‘pure crypto tax crimes’ on the rise alongside scams Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 23:12
Bitwise reveals spot Bitcoin ETFs outperformed pre-release predictions by a significant margin Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 22:27
Lisbon Blockchain Conference to focus on education and connectivity in its fourth edition Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 21:32
Bitcoin’s crash to $65k causes meltdown for alts Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 21:00
US court hands down historic sentence for smart contract hacker Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 19:04
Solana deploys congestion fix on devnet Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 18:17
Ethereum Pectra upgrade promises major wallet improvements with EIP 3074 integration Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 16:02
Bitcoin’s looming halving event prompts massive accumulation Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 15:20
Phaver disrupts web3 social scene with unique take on memecoins and creator collaboration Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 14:48
CleanSpark to add 23EH/s new BTC miners amid potential hash rate drop post-halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 13:45
Bitcoin holds steady against economic headwinds, outshining Ethereum Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 12:17
Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs could launch in Hong Kong before halving – reports Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 11:34
Gold’s recent performance draws parallels with major historical economic events Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 10:17
Blast-based Pac Finance unexpectedly liquidates users for $26 million Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 09:35
BlackRock’s IBIT surpasses $15 billion in inflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 08:41
Worldcoin App hits 10 million users in less than 12 months Cryptoslate
2024-04-12 00:02
Shifting DeFi narratives: Memes soar as wallets position for dominance Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 22:32
Chainlink launches groundbreaking features for enhanced cross-chain transactions Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 21:17
FinCEN commends Coinbase for its contributions in major criminal case Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 20:10
New LONDON token could pay for your tube ride, if this mayoral candidate wins Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 18:32
Montenegro court clears Do Kwon’s extradition, fate in justice minister’s hands Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 17:49
BlackRock tokenized BUIDL fund now convertible to USDC 24/7 via Circle integration Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 14:47
IBIT reaches over $300 million in trading volume within first 30 Minutes, entering top 10 ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 14:16
Uniswap trading dips 10% following SEC Wells notice, UNI token hits multi-week low Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 13:35
Whale profit-taking reached $8 billion at Bitcoin’s record high Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 13:32
Polkadot considers $160,000 bike branding proposal for Paris Olympics sponsorship Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 12:47
Bitfinex issues tokenized debt for El Salvador’s first hotel funded via blockchain Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 11:32
Bitcoin supply analysis exposes a calm before the speculative storm Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 11:02
Bitcoin mining difficulty rises 4% just days before halving event Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 10:42
Solana drama continues as leading DeFi founder quits amid $150 million outflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 09:17
GBTC ETF records lowest outflow since launch: $17.5 Million Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 08:30
Enough altcoins: Let’s integrate blockchain into the real economy Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 03:02
Bitcoin’s dual nature: shifting between risk-on and risk-off amid market turbulence Cryptoslate
2024-04-11 01:02
Microsoft, AWS pledge $17.9 billion to develop AI technology in Japan as part of US deal Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 23:38
Solana congestion issue caused by ‘too much demand’ – devs working on fix without ‘sleeping much’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 22:48
EU watchdog warns of high concentration in crypto markets, notes minimal euro usage Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 21:26
CV Pad to Open Doors to the ‘Real’ World of Crypto, Says Co-Founder Florian Kohler Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 21:17
Independent financial advisors start disclosing Bitcoin exposure via ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 20:25
SEC issues Wells notice against Uniswap over securities laws issues Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 19:27
Theta partners with Aethir to launch largest hybrid GPU marketplace for AI and DePIN Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 16:19
Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong could mark a regional first with April listings Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 15:10
Bearish tilt in Bitcoin futures as open interest contracts Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 14:20
Permissionless Capital partners with Solana, Immutable, Chainlink for web3 startup competition Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 13:02
Bitcoin falls below $68,000 amid higher-than-expected inflation Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 12:43
Historical patterns in Bitcoin fees surface amid the halving countdown Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 12:05
EigenLayer mainnet launch allows restakers to delegate stake, aims to extend Ethereum security Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 10:29
BlackRock closing the gap with Grayscale with just 50,100 BTC difference Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 08:31
Seeds of change: How emerging tech cultivates a sustainable revolution in agriculture Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 03:02
One-fifth of young Americans invest in crypto, with Gen Z shunning traditional assets Cryptoslate
2024-04-10 00:46
Circle expands support for Solana as it becomes top network for cross-border payments Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 23:32
US senator claims Biden administration uses crypto as ‘scapegoat’ to mask failures in halting illicit finance Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 22:02
Bitcoin’s MVRV ratio shows LTHs move the market while STHs react Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 20:32
Solana community approves Timely Vote Credits mechanism to speed up transaction confirmations Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 19:21
Telegram debunks reported vulnerability in desktop app, confirms mobile security Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 17:32
Polkadot community selects Conor Daly as brand ambassador for Indy 500 Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 16:39
From days to months: How Bitcoin holder behavior predicts price peaks Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 15:38
Zeta Markets launches governance token to steer Solana-based DEX toward community rule Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 15:02
Solana developers eye fix for network congestion by mid-April as projects delay launch Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 14:17
dRPC pioneers a hybrid approach to tackle blockchain API centralization and censorship in the web3 infrastructure Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 13:02
FTSE 100’s illusion of growth unmasked by currency and inflation adjustments Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 12:17
US Treasury official targets Tether USDT stablecoin in Russian sanction evasion Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 11:27
United States holds the largest slice of the global bond market pie Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 10:42
Telegram-related Toncoin catapults into top 10 digital assets following hand scanning tech Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 10:19
Grayscale Bitcoin trust sheds roughly 300,000 BTC since ETF launch Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 09:25
Only 1% of consumers still think Bitcoin is a passing ‘fad’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-09 01:07
Swiss central bank believes retail CBDCs could destabilize financial system Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 23:18
Bitcoin’s latest rally driven by ‘huge accumulation’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 21:59
Exploring Bitget: The world’s up-and-coming crypto exchange Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 21:32
BlackRock and Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETFs make history with record streak of inflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 21:02
Sora Ventures, Metaplanet bet $6.5 million on Bitcoin to create ‘Asia’s first MicroStrategy’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 19:32
Top Chinese mutual funds exploring Bitcoin ETFs via Hong Kong units Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 18:32
Investor fervor for Bitcoin ETFs cools despite $646 million weekly surge in crypto funds Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 16:47
Nigerian court orders Binance executive to remain in prison despite not guilty plea Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 16:47
Ethena’s USDe Bitcoin collateral exceeds $500 million in a week Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 16:40
Solana’s growing pains: Why 75% of non-vote transactions failed Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 16:17
Marathon CEO hints at sovereign contributions to Bitcoin’s burgeoning hash rate Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 15:27
Lens memecoins are built different – Bonsai becomes first genuine community token Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 14:47
Runes Liquid Fund launches with $3 million investment as halving nears Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 14:02
Rivalries among Ethereum layer-2s threaten the ecosystem’s future, says Polygon CEO Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 12:55
Coinbase Bitcoin holdings plummet by 85,000 BTC in 30 days, second biggest on record Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 11:32
Bitget launches crypto Apprentice program to train next generation of web3 talent Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 10:24
BlackRock IBIT ETF nears $15 billion net milestone amid $308 million inflow Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 09:47
From DEXs to NFTs: Charting Solana’s trailblazing year in DeFi Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 08:44
Bitcoin opens week soaring past $70,000 igniting $115 million in market liquidations Cryptoslate
2024-04-08 08:00
The 3 tourist cities in Brazil using Bitcoin as money Cryptoslate
2024-04-06 15:41
Policymakers must think outside of currently accepted norms to understand crypto Cryptoslate
2024-04-06 12:21
Tornado Cash developer gets help in court from blockchain advocacy groups Cryptoslate
2024-04-06 00:53
Jury finds Do Kwon, Terraform Labs liable for multi-billion dollar fraud Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 23:02
FTX discount sale of $1.9 billion in Solana faces creditor fury Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 22:17
Lens Protocol-based memecoin BONSAI hits $100 million valuation after latest funding round Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 21:35
Top 5 Projects Leading the AI-Crypto Narrative in 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 21:32
Coinbase stands strong in consumer lawsuit as case is revived post-appeal Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 20:46
Montenegro Supreme court once again blocks Do Kwon’s extradition Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 19:16
Bitcoin Cash hits new peak since 2021, sparking debate over Bitcoin’s next move Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 18:39
SushiSwap proposes shift to ‘Labs model’ in DAO shake up amid social drama Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 17:32
Bitcoin’s growing status as ‘digital gold’ set to attract new investors Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 17:25
Even crypto friendly UK banks freeze accounts in fear of crypto transactions Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 16:17
Grayscale drops Cardano and Cosmos from its crypto funds in quarterly rebalancing Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 15:37
MicroStrategy thrives on Bitcoin strategy while Tesla left over $1 billion on table as stock slips Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 14:40
Experts worry Ethena’s Bitcoin-backing strategy for USDe could bring ‘contagion risks’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 13:32
BlackRock adds 5 new APs to spot Bitcoin ETF including Goldman Sachs, Citadel Citigroup Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 12:04
Gold outperforms S&P 500 YTD as economic uncertainty looms Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 11:15
Solana scrambles to tackle failed transaction surge and user complaints Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 10:01
Grayscale GBTC ETF records third consecutive double-digit low outflow Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 08:47
Crypto VC investments increased 38% in first quarter breaking 2 year trend Cryptoslate
2024-04-05 01:34
Morgan Stanley, UBS on the verge of approving Bitcoin ETF exposure Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 23:02
ChatGPT enterprise users grow 4x to 600k in less than a year Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 21:56
Bitcoin maintains gains despite bloodbath across crypto, equities after Minneapolis Fed comments Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 20:25
Bitcoin mining market cap eclipses $20 billion as industry continues growing amid challenges Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 19:21
Discover Unicapital, a Premier AI Trading Destination Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 19:21
Google cracks down on scammers behind counterfeit crypto apps Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 18:50
Binance executive remains detained as Nigerian court postpones case Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 17:01
Ripple exec slams SEC’s ‘misguided war on crypto,’ demands accountability Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 16:47
Base sees explosive growth with $1.3B bridged and 6M users Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 16:27
Circle CEO praises Ripple for launching own stablecoin on XRP Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 15:31
How Grayscale GBTC sell-off has impacted Bitcoin long-term holder metrics Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 14:48
Binance to end Bitcoin NFT support in marketplace within a week Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 14:02
How Wormhole hacker almost profited from W token airdrop mishap Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 13:04
Bitcoin faces 2024 volatility reminiscent of 2017’s rollercoaster ride Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 12:40
Bringing Bitcoin to real world infrastructure through new Layer-2 DePIN partnership Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 10:56
Bitcoin Cash successfully completes halving, price leaps to its highest since 2021 Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 10:16
Grayscale GBTC records lowest outflows since February at $75 million Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 08:36
Google considering major shift in business model via paid ‘premium’ AI features Cryptoslate
2024-04-04 00:22
VanEck predicts Ethereum Layer-2’s collective market cap will climb to $1 trillion by 2030 Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 22:24
SEC opens request for comments on 3 spot Ethereum ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 22:06
Lithuania to establish strict licensing regime for crypto firms by 2025 Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 21:02
SEC director refutes narrative that regulator lacks regulatory framework for crypto Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 20:07
Coinbase embraces Bitcoin Lightning network to speed up transactions Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 18:47
Cyprus’ 2013 banking crisis was Bitcoin’s origin as a safe haven asset Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 18:06
UK regulators launch sandbox to integrate DLT with financial system Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 17:27
Nigeria and Interpol collaborate to extradite Binance executive amid money laundering charges Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 14:57
Solana’s stablecoin supply surges past $3 billion, USDC leads the charge Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 14:09
Despite Grayscale and ARK’s outflows, Bitcoin ETF market records net inflow Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 13:40
IoTeX secures $50M investment expanding dePIN narrative for next cycle Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 12:27
Emotional trading patterns hit short-term Bitcoin holders’ wallets Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 11:31
KuCoin’s assets and market share slide amid legal woes and user withdrawals Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 10:38
Data shows US government often sells at the local lows in the market Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 09:34
Grayscale falls behind in ETF outflows first time since launch as ARKB loses $87.5 million Cryptoslate
2024-04-03 00:21
US, UK enter agreement to develop AI safety standards Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 22:09
Hut8 Mining CEO says Bitcoin’s coming halving will be on a ‘different scale’ Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 21:11
Coinbase raises concerns about risks stemming from Ethereum restaking Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 19:38
VanEck to manage reserve fund for new Agora Dollar stablecoin venture after $12 million raise Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 18:11
Historical patterns repeat as Bitcoin declines before halving Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 17:27
US government moves 30,175 Bitcoin confiscated from Silk Road to Coinbase Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 16:53
Bitcoin surpasses tipping point – Hyper-Bitcoinization and the future of financial sovereignty Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 16:32
Aave considers dropping DAI as collateral over contagion concerns from MakerDAO’s USDe move Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 15:45
CoinList’s spring 2024 batch shines a spotlight on next-gen crypto projects Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 15:02
Polygon spin-off Avail partners with dWallet to bring programmable Bitcoin to Web3 rollups Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 13:32
FixedFloat reportedly suffers $2.8 million theft, Tether freezes $400,000 from attackers Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 12:56
Bitcoin ETFs experience first outflow since March 22 at $85.8 million Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 11:57
Singapore revises Payments Service Act to include cross-border transfers Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 11:27
Bitcoin realized gains soar to $3.3 billion amid profit taking Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 10:43
Vitalik Buterin’s ‘Degen Communism’ and his vision for reducing Ethereum technical debt Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 09:54
Bitcoin tumbles to $66,000 triggering over $240 million in market liquidations Cryptoslate
2024-04-02 07:53
Burkett Financial Services buys Bitcoin via ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 22:32
Coinbase CFO believe Ethereum is unlikely to be classified as a security Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 20:49
Solana DEX trading volume hits monthly ATH of $60 billion Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 20:00
Bitcoin falls over 4% to retest $68k support as Q2 starts Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 18:09
Over 5% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply now held in ETPs Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 17:02
Crypto thefts fall 48% month over month to $79 million in March Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 15:49
Bitcoin leads over $800 million global crypto ETP market rebound, overshadowing Ethereum outflows Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 14:06
Bitcoin’s bullish swing backed by record high short-term holder realized price Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 13:16
Polygon Labs CEO sees layer-3s like new Degen Chain as a risk to Ethereum Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 12:58
Tether becomes seventh largest Bitcoin holder with recent $618 million purchase Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 11:20
As Bitcoin approaches halving, diminishing returns theory faces critical test Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 11:00
Historical data reveals April’s first week as Bitcoin’s Achilles’ heel Cryptoslate
2024-04-01 09:35
How Bitcoin options impact the crypto market Cryptoslate
2024-03-31 23:19
Riding the crypto surge: Can investors face euphoric market conditions safely? Cryptoslate
2024-03-31 07:02
AI’s Brave New World: Whatever happened to security? Privacy? Cryptoslate
2024-03-31 00:50
Court rules Custodia Bank not entitled to Federal Reserve master account Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 22:51
Vitalik believes memecoins should be used for philanthropy and social impact Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 21:30
CFTC’s Caroline Pham says KuCoin charges may infringe on SEC authority Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 20:08
European trading hours lead global Bitcoin surge in 2024’s first quarter Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 19:47
Court freezes Craig Wright’s assets to ensure payment of legal fees Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 18:32
Elon Musk teases next-gen AI chatbot Grok-1.5 with superior coding and math skills Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 17:44
Base network TVL exceeds $3 billion, with daily users surpassing 5 million Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 16:00
Analysts eye MicroStrategy share price to Bitcoin holdings ratio closely as MSTR falls 11% Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 15:07
SBF to serve jail term in medium security prison near San Francisco, ordered to forfeit $11 Billion Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 14:37
Binance-backed HKVAEX shuts down, gives users 30 days to withdraw amid Hong Kong regulatory tightening Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 13:35
Bitcoin ETFs surpass $12 billion in net inflows as GBTC selling slows Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 13:22
Solana DEX volumes surge with over 5.8M traders driving growth Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 13:04
Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin praises Worldcoin’s data privacy focus amid regulatory scrutiny Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 10:39
Coinbase sees third-largest Bitcoin withdrawal in a year with $1.1 billion moved in a day Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 09:57
Bitcoin accumulation hits decade high among ‘Shark’ cohort Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 01:02
Court rules in favor of Apple in class action over crypto payment policies Cryptoslate
2024-03-29 00:19
Bitwise CIO expects institutions to inject over $1 trillion into Bitcoin via ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 22:47
Bitwise files spot Ethereum ETF application Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 22:06
US federal agencies ordered to name AI officers, meet other requirements Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 20:25
Detained Binance exec sues Nigeria over ‘human rights violations’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 19:17
US, UK initiate joint probe into $20 billion moved via crypto to evade Russian sanctions Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 18:44
TRON DAO Reveals Exciting Updates to Sponsor and Judge List for HackaTRON Season 6 Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 18:04
Prisma Finance $11.6 million exploit leads to asset value plummet, mkUSD stablecoin instability Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 16:57
Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in landmark fraud case Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 15:49
Google dives deeper into blockchain adding Bitcoin, EVM chains to ‘rich results’ indexing Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 15:39
Bitcoin and gold surge in Q1 2024, showcasing strong investor correlation Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 15:02
Atlas Navi’s Drive2Earn 2.0 offers big discounts on petrol prices Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 14:12
Ethereum L2s face bottlenecks as ‘BlobScriptions’ drive fees up by over 10,000% Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 13:59
Ark’s Bitcoin ETF witnesses record-breaking inflow day Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 11:52
DePIN protocol peaq gears up for mainnet launch as token offering ‘closing in by the day’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 11:27
Ethereum nears 1 million active validators as network surge strengthens security Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 10:52
Is Bitcoin set to overshadow Ethereum in the next bull market? Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 10:05
Sell-side risk ratio hit 3-year high as Bitcoin broke above $73k Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 02:02
US sanctions Palestinian media group Gaza Now, including its crypto wallets Cryptoslate
2024-03-28 00:17
Ondo Finance adds $95 million to BlackRock’s BUIDL, bringing total AUM to $240 million Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 23:25
Larry Fink ‘very bullish’ on Bitcoin after IBIT’s record-breaking performance Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 21:51
Amazon completes $4 billion deal with Anthropic, deepening strategic AI partnership Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 19:52
Fidelity files registration statement for Ethereum ETF despite regulatory uncertainty Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 19:14
Four Bitcoin ETFs secure top spots in Bloomberg’s global ETF asset race Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 18:01
Fetch, Ocean, SingularityNET tokens merge into single ASI token with $7.6 billion market cap Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 16:57
Expected decline in penultimate Bitcoin difficulty adjustment before the halving Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 16:13
Dune Integrates the TRON Network and Joins HackaTRON Season 6 as a Partner Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 16:02
Coinbase shares dip as court sides with SEC in ongoing legal battle Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 15:06
Hashdex debuts US spot Bitcoin ETF ‘DEFI’ with impressive pre-market activity Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 13:48
Munchables recovers $62.5 million in user funds after exploit linked to North Korean hacker Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 13:21
Heavy Bitcoin inflow into Coinbase Prime service visibile on-chain after ETF launches Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 13:12
US Senate candidate John Deaton demands SEC Gary Gensler’s resignation over political bias Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 12:30
Fidelity and BlackRock ETFs lead massive Bitcoin inflow day Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 12:10
3 top AI projects surge over 30% following rumors of token merge – report Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 10:50
Ethereum tokens lead KuCoin’s $500 million withdrawal spike post US charges Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 10:19
B2Trader – Advanced Brokerage Platform: B2Broker’s $5M investment Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 10:17
Solana’s DeFi landscape matures with significant growth in liquidity and lending sectors Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 01:02
Coinbase to store more of its $220 million USDC holdings on Base Cryptoslate
2024-03-27 00:01
US lawmakers demand SEC clarity on Ethereum’s asset classification Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 23:01
Mike Novogratz says ‘boomer’ wealth will drive Bitcoin adoption to new highs Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 21:15
Portugal imposes 3 month data collection ban on Worldcoin Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 20:02
Bitcoin’s latest rally upends traditional market expectations with shallower drawdowns Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 19:02
Bitcoin ETFs could see significant growth in Hong Kong due to in-kind creation model – analysts Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 18:41
KuCoin assures users funds are safe after US levies criminal charges Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 17:55
Bitcoin market absorbs mining output and more, sparking price spike Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 16:15
The future of Bitcoin mining post-halving, according to GoMining Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 14:32
OrdinalsBot secures $3 million seed funding to turbocharge Bitcoin inscriptions ecosystem Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 14:32
Tether enters AI race with pledge to build open-source LMMs to combat Big Tech Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 13:42
TradingView Integrates the TRON Network and Joins HackaTRON Season 6 as an Official Partner Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 12:32
SEC reveals why Ripple should be fined for $2 billion Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 12:22
Grayscale executive sees path to Ethereum ETF approval despite SEC silence Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 11:27
Pre-market trading sees 4% increase, MSTR closing in on the $2,000 threshold Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 10:57
United States OFAC places new sanctions on crypto firms with ties to Russia Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 10:21
Bitcoin ETFs break trend recording modest inflows as GBTC continues outflow Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 08:38
SWIFT completes second test phase of CBDC with smart contract, atomic settlement capability Cryptoslate
2024-03-26 01:02
Ripple execs reveal SEC seeking $2 billion in fines, say regulator has ‘become unhinged’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 23:13
BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF achieves legendary status after hitting second-largest inflows for 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 22:32
DeFi Education Fund files lawsuit to exempt airdrops from SEC’s securities classification Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 22:02
SEC begins multi-billion dollar fraud trial against Terraform Labs, Do Kwon Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 21:15
London Stock Exchange sets May 28 launch date for Bitcoin, Ethereum ETNs Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 19:58
Canary network testing proposed after AMM launch issues on Ripple’s XRP Ledger Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 17:02
Bitcoin CEX trading volume hits record high in March Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 16:04
Last week’s market correction spurred $942 million outflow from investment products Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 15:17
Bitcoin’s price rally above $69,000 leads to widespread market liquidations Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 14:54
$9 billion in Bitcoin options set to expire on March 29 Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 14:42
Binance ends Tron USDC support as it faces blockade in the Philippines Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 13:36
Arbitrum community argues for memecoins over DeFi in $3.3 million DAO fund proposal Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 12:37
Bitcoin edges closer to gold with market cap nearing 10% Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 11:27
Detained Binance executive escapes from Nigerian custody amid tax evasion charges Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 10:47
Bitcoin experiences near-historic levels of net profit realization Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 10:28
Why anonymous crypto wallets are NOT being banned in the EU Cryptoslate
2024-03-25 09:33
Bitcoin ETFs become hottest product in BlackRock, Fidelity’s repertoire of funds Cryptoslate
2024-03-24 18:46
The seven deadly sins of crypto privacy Cryptoslate
2024-03-24 14:12
Bitcoin and traditional indices: Exploring the volatile correlation with SPX and DJI Cryptoslate
2024-03-24 12:21
Op-ed: Funding isn’t the core solution to bridging the gender gap in Web3 Cryptoslate
2024-03-23 11:50
Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko denounces influx of racist and offensive memecoins Cryptoslate
2024-03-23 00:39
Anthropic founders block Saudi Arabia from buying FTX-owned stake Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 23:16
Cathie Wood doubles down on $1.5 million Bitcoin as institutional exposure looms Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 22:12
BlackRock sees Bitcoin as integral part of financial system – little interest in other crypto Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 21:01
Apple’s legal woes mount as vulnerability threatening crypto security comes to light Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 19:43
Recent Bitcoin buyers show unyielding optimism, pushing cost basis upward despite price surges Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 19:15
Worldcoin Foundation makes ORB software open-source Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 18:32
Montenegro’s Supreme Court stalls Do Kwon’s extradition amid legal tussle Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 17:17
Anticipated post-halving hash rate correction Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 15:52
WisdomTree gets green light for digital asset business in New York Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 15:32
Listen back to Internet Computer community building on Bitcoin ahead of ICPCC24 Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 14:39
Full blockchain nodes added to smart WiFi routers in DePIN innovation – Exclusive Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 14:02
North Korean Lazarus group funnels over $100 million in Ethereum through sanctioned mixer Tornado Cash in 8 days Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 13:15
Ripple leaders forecast SEC defeat in Ethereum security saga Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 11:56
Fidelity FBTC experiences record low inflow of $2.9 million Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 10:55
Google adding Ethereum Name Service data into search results through Etherscan Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 10:04
Bitcoin on track for seven green months in historic performance streak Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 09:22
UN adopts global AI resolution to ensure ‘safe, secure and trustworthy’ AI advancement Cryptoslate
2024-03-22 00:47
Estonia passes legislation to regulate crypto service providers Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 23:49
Bitcoin sees dramatic slide below $65K over four hours Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 22:27
New gaming token on Blast exploited for $4.6 million – white hat hacker involved Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 18:18
Coinbase-backed Base leads in Ethereum layer-2 fees amid trading activity surge Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 16:22
CME leads unprecedented growth in Bitcoin ‘cash’ open interest Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 16:01
Bitcoin short-term holder realized price growth hits a speed bump Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 15:32
Bitcoin’s March madness: Short-term holders bear the brunt of volatility Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 15:04
Top 10 DeFi dApps generating an average of $4.8 billion in fees annually Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 13:56
Kenya and US crypto groups unite in demand for release of detained Binance execs in Nigeria Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 12:32
Powell suggests slower Fed balance sheet reduction, boosting Bitcoin and Gold Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 11:52
John Ray exposes ‘vast’ harm to FTX customers, counters SBF’s solvency claims Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 11:24
BlackRock IBIT faces near-record low with mere $49 million inflow on March 20 Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 10:01
Memecoin donations pour in for BlackRock $100 million token fund partnered with Coinbase Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 09:26
What’s pushing down Bitcoin’s hodler balances? Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 01:04
Coinbase secures CFTC approval to list Dogecoin futures Cryptoslate
2024-03-21 00:52
US Lawmakers believe crypto regulation could become law by Election Day Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 22:50
Bitcoin rebounds to $67,000 after Fed decides to maintain rates as expected Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 21:32
Celsius looks to recover $2 billion withdrawn by 2% of accounts during its collapse Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 19:04
Montenegro court rejects Do Kwon’s appeal, clears way for extradition to South Korea Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 17:15
Ethereum Foundation facing inquiry by unknown ‘state authority’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 16:26
StarkNet STRK token sees 10% surge following ambitious 2024 roadmap reveal Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 14:56
Bitcoin ‘extreme greed’ ends matching sentiment from ETF launch at $46k Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 13:32
Sybil attack concerns spark controversy for EtherFi airdropped ETHFI token Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 12:19
SBF lawyers slam ‘death-in-prison’ sentence proposal citing lack of losses Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 10:39
First back-to-back net outflows for Bitcoin ETFs since late January due to $443 million GBTC outflow Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 09:22
Solana drops over 15% in a single day, giving up entirety of weekly gains Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 01:22
SEC delays lower expectations of Ethereum ETF approval by May despite staking additions Cryptoslate
2024-03-20 00:40
Genesis and Gemini’s Earn program closure leads to $2 billion settlement offer for affected users Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 23:22
BlackRock launches $100 million tokenized asset fund using Ethereum Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 21:57
UK FCA to recover $8 million in costs via fees placed on stablecoin issuers, custodians Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 21:08
Bankrupt Genesis agrees to $21 million SEC fine over defunct Gemini Earn crypto lending violations Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 20:02
Institutions looks to deploy Bitcoin as liquidity to Lightning Network to earn yield Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 19:10
Bitcoin’s realized profit hits ATH but market keeps accumulating Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 17:41
MicroStrategy invests $623 million in Bitcoin, now owns over 1% of global supply Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 16:17
Solana Co-Founder Anatoly tells community to stop investing in memecoin pre-sales Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 15:32
Grayscale hints at lower fees for its Bitcoin ETF as market matures Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 15:02
Nomura Bank launches Libre with Polygon for on-chain tokenization of alternative assets Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 14:32
Binance co-founder Changpeng Zhao to launch Giggle Academy amid legal woes Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 13:17
100 sats would equal $1 if we repeat last cycle’s dollar demise Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 12:36
Layer 2 labyrinth: Navigating scalability and decentralization Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 11:45
No outflows for Bitcoin Newborn Nine ETFs as Grayscale forces $154 million net outflow Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 10:42
Rogue trader crashes Bitcoin to $8900 on BitMEX in massive sell-off event Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 10:21
$620 million liquidated as Bitcoin breaks below $64k Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 09:21
Court sanctions SEC, orders it to cover legal fees in DEBT Box case Cryptoslate
2024-03-19 01:16
SEC chair Gensler condemns ‘AI washing’ after regulatory action against 2 companies Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 23:33
Fidelity adds staking to Ethereum ETF application amid mixed reception Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 22:46
OKX removes USDT pairs in Europe as new stablecoin regulations loom Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 21:26
Nigeria intensifies probe into Binance with court-ordered data disclosure Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 20:32
Worldcoin clarifies legality issues following Spain’s ban Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 19:43
Memecoin volumes are just vanity metrics for desperate blockchains Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 18:34
Record $13.2 billion YTD inflow into digital assets eclipses 2021 total Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 17:02
Why Standard Chartered reviewed its Bitcoin price forecast to $150,000 Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 16:01
USDM emerges as Cardano inaugural fiat-anchored stablecoin in a buoyant market Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 14:22
Solana establishes new all-time high against Ethereum with robust DEX trading activity Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 13:19
I was wrong. Why I changed my opinion on Bitcoin in 2024. Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 12:20
Amid investor craze Solana memecoin founder accidentally burns $10 million pre-sale tokens Cryptoslate
2024-03-18 10:07
Most volatile weekend in a year as Solana dominates yet Bitcoin recovers Cryptoslate
2024-03-17 21:25
Digital vs. tangible: A deep dive into gold and spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-03-17 14:26
Asia’s crypto revolution: Web3 growth in the East Cryptoslate
2024-03-17 00:02
How AI and crypto are shaping the future of finance Cryptoslate
2024-03-16 08:02
Grayscale amends Ethereum ETF filing, says investors ‘want and deserve’ the fund Cryptoslate
2024-03-16 00:41
Analysts warn MicroStrategy’s plan to fuel Bitcoin buys with debt could backfire Cryptoslate
2024-03-16 00:02
AI crypto traders take profits pushing tokens down up to 20% after scorching 2024 rally Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 23:33
Vanguard CEO says Bitcoin ETFs do not ‘belong in a long-term portfolio’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 22:29
Binance Labs spun-off into independent entity outside the Binance group umbrella Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 21:02
US prosecutors want SBF to serve at least four decades in prison Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 20:16
Solana defies overall market trend to hit new all-time high market cap Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 18:35
Satoshi’s Vision down 17% against Bitcoin after Satoshi’s Verdict Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 17:10
Hong Kong SFC expands violations list adding MEXC for unlicensed operations Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 15:48
El Salvador receives Bitcoin donation after revealing on-chain address Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 14:30
Bitcoin long traders still leveraged at over $40 billion notional value above $50k Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 14:09
US senators push SEC to reject other crypto ETF proposals, casting doubt on Ethereum ETF approval chances Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 12:33
Net ETF inflows of $132 million on volatile day for Bitcoin as market prepare to gap down Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 11:36
Avalanche Foundation buys self-proclaimed ‘completely useless’ memecoins for treasury Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 10:57
Bitcoin’s sudden price correction wipes out over $666 million from long traders in 24 hours Cryptoslate
2024-03-15 10:09
EU launches inquiry into how tech giants are dealing with risks posed by AI Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 23:50
Crypto owners favor Trump over Biden in 2024 election with 9% divide Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 22:41
From shrimps to whales: Who’s buying and selling during this rally? Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 22:02
Hong Kong adds Bybit to its list of suspicious crypto exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 20:47
Cetera Financial Group unveils policy to allow Bitcoin ETF exposure for RIAs, brokers Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 20:23
Hackers like Lazarus continue to use Tornado Cash despite US sanctions Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 18:45
Trail of Bits completes Worldcoin security audits, finds no vulnerabilities Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 17:41
Over $300 million liquidated as $30 billion in leveraged shorts now cluster near $74k Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 17:02
Zero Knowledge protocol Polyhedra Network valued at $1 billion despite recent token theft Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 16:52
Binance says Nigeria ‘not yet one of its top markets,’ despite high crypto adoption in African country Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 15:39
UK Court rules Craig Wright is Not Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 14:13
Bitcoin volatility becoming more focused at start of Wall Street trading week Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 13:26
Crypto.com hit with €2.85 million fine by Dutch Central Bank for regulatory noncompliance Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 13:09
Blobs successfully slash layer-2 fees as Ethereum Dencun upgrade aims to increase adoption Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 11:24
Net $680 million flows into Bitcoin ETFs as Grayscale outflows tick back up to $276 million Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 10:55
Over $2 million in Ethereum stolen in sophisticated phishing scheme Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 09:41
IntoTheBlock Integrates TRON Network Analytics Cryptoslate
2024-03-14 06:02
MicroStrategy looks to raise another $500 million via debt to buy more ‘apex property’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 22:58
Court approves Terraforms Labs’ request to hire Dentons despite regulatory concerns Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 22:20
Court upholds SEC’s unregistered securities claims against Gemini, Genesis’ Earn program Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 20:33
Bitcoin maintains price resilience despite increased miner selling Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 20:02
Samson Mow says Bitcoin will hit $1 million this year amid unprecedented demand Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 19:00
US court tightens grip on Changpeng Zhao with travel and passport restrictions Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 17:12
ECB Executive pens November 2025 rollout for digital Euro CBDC Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 16:25
Climate physicist sees Bitcoin as a tool for ecological sustainability Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 14:02
Cosmos DeFi boosted as ‘rivals’ Osmosis and Astroport collaborate on programmable liquidity pools Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 13:02
TRON integrated with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 13:01
Ethereum Dencun upgrade day triggers surge in layer 2 protocol token value Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 12:47
OKX secures key payment license in ‘priority market’ Singapore Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 11:55
Grayscale sees 83% decrease in outflows as mini BTC ETF filing stems bleed Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 10:42
Bitcoin hits new $73.6k all-time high as ETF influx surpasses $1 billion Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 10:06
Coinbase looks to raise $1 billion via bond offering amid bullish market trend Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 00:47
TRON Network integrated with Token Terminal Cryptoslate
2024-03-13 00:32
Google blocks Gemini from responding to political queries globally following India controversy Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 23:55
COPA to seek criminal charges for Craig Wright’s Satoshi ‘lies’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 22:14
Bitcoin Fog coin mixer operator Roman Sterlingov found guilty in jury trial Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 20:50
BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF AUM up 50% in a week amid market rally Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 19:49
Tether collaborates with FBI to recover $1.4 million in scam targeting seniors Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 17:57
Grayscale introduces ‘mini’ Bitcoin ETF to alleviate investor tax burdens and curb outflows Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 17:07
Bitcoin’s surge to $73k put 99.76% of entities in profit, signaling mature phase of bull market Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 16:31
Bitcoin leverage again flushed at US Market Open as inflation rises missing estimates Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 15:30
Former US IRS agent among Binance staff detained in Nigeria Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 14:52
Ripple XRP outperforms top 10 assets with a notable 15% surge to 4-month high Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 13:12
Bitcoin ETFs see $505 million total inflows led by BlackRock as VanEck breaks record Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 12:36
President Bukele champions El Salvador’s multiple Bitcoin revenue streams Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 12:01
$360 million sent Bitcoin from $68k to $71k amid highest spot buying of 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 10:42
Coinbase challenges SEC in court over ‘arbitrary and capricious’ rule making rejection Cryptoslate
2024-03-12 09:57
Saylor says Bitcoin will ‘eat gold’ in the coming months Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 23:32
Biden’s 2025 budget targets crypto tax loopholes, expands digital asset oversight Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 22:30
Analysts lower odds of Ethereum ETF approval to 35% Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 19:54
MicroStrategy spends $821 million to grow its Bitcoin hoard to 205,000 Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 17:47
Trump says he has no intention of stopping people from using Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 17:06
Arbitrum DAO to refine legal aid proposal for Tornado Cash amid industry debate Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 15:52
Over $1 billion wiped off HEX’s valuation following Richard Heart’s disparaging remarks Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 14:52
Open interest reaches all-time high as Bitcoin touches $72k Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 13:44
Bitcoin and Ethereum investment options to debut on London Stock Exchange Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 12:32
Bitcoin leverage above $66k wiped out creating new floor for higher price discovery Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 11:45
Bitcoin holders rejoice as value breaks unprecedented $71,000 milestone marking new ATH Cryptoslate
2024-03-11 09:53
Cathie Wood sees Bitcoin at $1 million sooner than 2030 after record ETF performance Cryptoslate
2024-03-10 20:22
Bill Ackman sparks broad discussion on Bitcoin’s energy use Cryptoslate
2024-03-10 16:10
Web3’s quest for broader adoption mired by complex user interfaces Cryptoslate
2024-03-10 14:02
How Bitcoin’s road to new ATH was reflected in on-chain data Cryptoslate
2024-03-10 00:33
Op-ed: Interoperability needs its ERC-20 moment Cryptoslate
2024-03-09 08:02
Wyoming to recognize DAOs as legal entities under newly passed law Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 23:47
Bitwise reveals major institutions will start investing in Bitcoin ETFs starting Q2 Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 23:05
Worldcoin files lawsuit to appeal Spain’s ban Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 21:28
FBI cybercrime report reveals crypto investment fraud in the US rose 53% YoY Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 19:52
Bitcoin sees violent volatility after hitting new ATH second time in a week Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 17:28
BitMEX co-founder believes this stablecoin could flip Tether one day Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 16:30
Goldman Sachs upgrades Coinbase rating amid crypto surge and market dominance boost Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 15:48
Ethereum saves $21B compared to PoW as supply contracts by 417K ETH since Merge Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 13:55
Proof of Stake cut $21 billion ETH from circulation as deflation falls to 1.4% Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 13:55
High volatility drives spot Bitcoin volume to $26 billion Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 12:12
Optimism Foundation sells $90M in tokens amid market rally and token unlock anticipation Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 11:47
Bitcoin’s hash rate hits record high after difficulty drop Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 11:10
Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF reaches its personal record with a $473 million single-day inflow Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 10:27
Ethereum edges near $4000 as EigenLayer becomes second-largest DeFi protocol Cryptoslate
2024-03-08 09:56
AI crypto market cap doubles to $25 billion in 20 days Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 23:57
Uzbekistan taps Tether to boost crypto, blockchain development and regulation Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 21:41
Fed chair Powell confirms regulator has no plans to recommend, adopt CBDCs Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 20:29
Tether co-founder believes Bitcoin could hit $300K based on historic patterns Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 18:11
Montenegro decides to extradite Do Kwon to South Korea in retrial Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 17:15
Tesla and SpaceX’s Bitcoin holdings unveiled by Arkham Intelligence Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 15:36
Pantera eyes $250 million in discounted Solana tokens from FTX estate Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 14:25
MicroStrategy ups debt offering to $700 million to buy more Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 13:08
Short-term holders transfer record $4.3 billion in profits to exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 12:47
Nigeria to tighten crypto regulation in wake of Binance disputes Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 12:02
Bitcoin’s 195% gain overshadows the tech sector’s ‘Magnificent 7’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 11:02
BlockFi hails ‘excellent outcome’ in $875 million settlement with FTX Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 10:17
Total Bitcoin ETF net inflows reach $8.9 billion Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 09:32
Short-term holder realized price nears $50,000 Cryptoslate
2024-03-07 08:32
Gary Gensler compares Bitcoin’s latest all-time high to a ‘roller coaster ride’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 23:29
DCG, Silbert deny NYAG allegations, move to dismiss $3 billion lawsuit Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 22:28
Arizona Senate proposes adding Bitcoin exposure to state pension funds Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 21:04
Solana, BlackRock, Bonk, Uniswap secure top honors in CoinMarketCap’s inaugural crypto awards Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 20:01
CFTC chair urges Congress to issue legislation for crypto regulations Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 19:00
Worldcoin faces three-month data collection suspension in Spain, WLD price drops 10% Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 15:27
CEXs saw record-breaking trading volume as Bitcoin touched ATH Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 15:13
OpenAI counters Elon Musk’s lawsuit, reveals tech mogul predicted their failure Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 13:47
WOOFi offers 10% bounty in race to recover $8 million stolen in flash loan exploit Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 12:40
SEC uses insider trading judgment to enhance case against Coinbase, Binance Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 11:47
STHs transfer $2.6 billion at loss to exchanges, marking third highest since May 2022 Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 11:02
Bitcoin ETFs are cheap or ‘How unit bias can extend bullish movement’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 10:27
Historical day for Bitcoin ETFs as BlackRock’s inflow hits a record $788 million Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 09:56
Record highs, sharp drops, and rapid recovery trigger $1 billion market liquidation Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 08:52
Funding rates soared as traders bet big on Bitcoin’s future gains before correction Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 08:23
SEC request court to take further action after reaching ‘impasse’ with Binance.US Cryptoslate
2024-03-06 00:50
Bitcoin and gold are becoming increasingly correlated in conservative investment strategies Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 23:38
Spot Bitcoin ETFs record $10 billion in daily volume, breaking previous record Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 22:43
Deaton now accepting crypto donations in campaign against Elizabeth Warren Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 21:33
Bitcoin slides almost 9% to $63,150 after setting new ATH Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 19:23
Montenegro blocks Do Kwon extradition again following successful appeal Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 16:56
Fetch.AI invests $100 million in AI blockchain tech, introduces rewards for token holders Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 15:56
CME dominates with record BTC futures contracts amidst market surge Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 15:35
The rise and potential of BGB: A comprehensive analysis Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 15:00
Bitcoin miner Argo Blockchain sells Quebec site for $6.1 million amidst declining BTC production Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 14:30
From tech boom to Bitcoin era: MicroStrategy’s journey to a $20 billion market cap Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 14:17
Binance ends Nigerian Naira services amid government crackdown Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 13:52
Ethereum price hits two-year high as network fees soar, SEC stalls on ETF decision Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 12:18
Coinbase slips to third in Bitcoin reserves following massive outflows – CoinGlass Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 10:57
Bitcoin sees return of Kimchi Premium in South Korea and CME futures market Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 10:22
Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF records its largest single-day inflow, attracting $405 million Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 09:27
BlackRock looking to include Bitcoin exposure in other funds Cryptoslate
2024-03-05 00:33
MicroStrategy launches $600 million notes offering to fuel Bitcoin acquisition as stock surges Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 23:20
Coinbase experiences second zero-balance bug in five days Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 22:45
BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF surpasses $10B in AUM, faster than any other to date Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 21:02
Anthropic releases next generation of Claude, claims it is ‘superior’ to GPT-4 Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 20:28
India mandates tech firms to seek regulatory approval before launching AI tools Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 17:53
TRON DAO at ETH Denver and Host of TRON Builder Tour Denver Stop Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 17:02
Crypto investment products near all-time high with $1.84 billion weekly net inflow Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 16:31
How stablecoins have fueled the recent rise in Bitcoin’s value Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 16:11
Worldcoin userbase nears 4 million amid global privacy probes Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 15:32
Record-breaking Bitcoin price surge on horizon as OTC desks dry up, predicts 10X Research Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 14:16
Bitcoin ETPs surpass 1 million BTC, amid gold and bond ETF outflows Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 13:49
GBTC AUM sees modest $1.6 billion drop post-ETF launch, despite major outflows Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 13:07
AgileGTM announces first $10 million B2B blockchain accelerator fund Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 13:02
Coinbase legal chief downplays court ruling on crypto as securities in insider trading case Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 12:47
Hong Kong regulators warn of increasing crypto exchange impersonation scams Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 10:52
Tether USDT poised to hit $100 billion market cap following a surge in global usage Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 09:43
Bitcoin passes $65,000 as liquidations surge and halving approaches Cryptoslate
2024-03-04 09:02
Bitcoin consolidating above $61k as bull market indicators start flashing Cryptoslate
2024-03-03 15:34
Binance CEO Richard Teng asked to appear before Nigerian committee Cryptoslate
2024-03-03 14:49
Why has Bitcoin reached its ATH against major currencies but not USD? Cryptoslate
2024-03-03 13:26
Consensys CEO believes decentralization will lead to a ‘generational paradigm shift’ Cryptoslate
2024-03-02 20:45
Biden administration’s notorious Bitcoin mining survey halted after legal backlash Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 23:32
Grayscale CEO says there is ‘insatiable demand’ for spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 22:46
Crypto losses hit $67 million in February, pushing yearly losses to $200 million – Immunefi Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 22:02
StanChart exec predicts $200K Bitcoin by 2025-end as demand continues to outpace supply Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 21:32
Texas Blockchain Council challenges controversial Bitcoin mining energy survey Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 21:02
Hungary issues draft law allowing banks to offer crypto services Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 18:06
xAI Corp owner Elon Musk sues OpenAI for straying from non-profit roots Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 17:03
Nigeria reportedly considers $10 billion Binance fine over illegal transactions and registration Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 16:12
Craig Wright confronted in court with alleged forged email identified by own lawyers Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 14:49
Bitcoin’s surge to yearly high marked 99.6% of its supply in profit Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 14:47
Bitcoin mining difficulty decreases by 3% as halving approaches in 50 days Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 13:32
SEC faces pushback from states over crypto regulations in Kraken case Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 13:03
Bitcoin hitting $1 million would not make list of top 3 historic bull runs Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 12:42
Blast network TVL plummets 65% losing $2 billion in 24 hours post-mainnet launch Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 11:50
BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF sees massive inflow while Grayscale faces second largest outflow Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 11:37
Over $3 billion in crypto tokens set to unlock this March, with Arbitrum ‘massive’ unlock Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 10:41
Coinbase sees massive $1 billion Bitcoin withdrawal Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 08:36
Exploring SynFutures V3 and the Oyster AMM Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 05:02
From credit spreads to HODLing patterns: Navigating February’s crypto market shifts Cryptoslate
2024-03-01 01:49
Record high realized cap shows unprecedented economic investment in Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 23:32
Vanguard CEO to retire but firm unlikely to change anti-crypto stance Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 23:27
ATOR duilds deep partnerships in renewed mission to build largest privacy DePIN Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 23:07
ATOR builds deep partnerships in renewed mission to build largest privacy DePIN Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 23:07
Grayscale lobbying for regulatory approval of options for spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 21:44
TradFi starting to relent on Bitcoin ETF access amid intense demand from clients Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 21:09
Metis integrates Chainlink’s CCIP to boost ecosystem growth and cross-chain capabilities Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 19:02
El Salvador and pro-Bitcoin businesses reaping rewards after years of skepticism Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 18:32
Outdated life insurance settlement model gets a Core blockchain makeover Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 17:32
MicroStrategy’s MSTR shares rally, earns spot among top 500 US companies Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 16:24
Analysis challenges Bitcoin diminishing returns theory amid recent gains Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 14:02
SEC accuses Terraform Labs of diverting $166 million to legal team ahead of court decisions Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 13:34
Newborn Nine hits new peak with $6 billion in total trade volume Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 12:58
Gemini strikes deal to return all assets ‘in kind’ to Earn users instead of historic dollar equivalent Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 11:24
Bitcoin eyes six-month winning streak amid $300 million in BTC liquidations Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 10:30
Price speculators sees highest single-day loss of $774 million YTD amid Bitcoin upward trajectory Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 09:29
BlackRock leads as Bitcoin ETFs hit record $673 million inflow in a single day Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 08:16
Marathon posts record growth in 2023 earnings, unveils Bitcoin Layer-2 Anduro Cryptoslate
2024-02-29 00:21
Webull ended crypto offerings due to SEC opposition during past IPO attempts Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 23:22
Gemini agrees to return $1.1 billion to Earn customers as part of NYDFS settlement Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 22:51
Apple teases generative AI plans, hints at user devices playing a role Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 21:28
Alvara’s ERC-7621 token standard promises a robust framework for crypto indexes Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 21:17
The Bitcoin market faces a critical moment amid soaring unrealized profits Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 19:47
Ark Invest and 21Shares enhance Bitcoin ETF transparency with Chainlink integration Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 19:16
Binance drops Nigerian naira from P2P platform amid forex manipulation concerns Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 18:49
Coinbase crashes due to technical issues after Bitcoin touches $63K Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 18:22
At $61,594 Bitcoin is at fair market price according to the power law model Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 17:15
Adam Back doubles down on $100K before halving amid sustained market rally Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 16:47
Senator Warren asserts desire for crypto collaboration while claiming industry accepts criminals Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 16:02
Tron founder Justin Sun’s $1.6 billion wallet balance dominates HTX $4.9 billion reserves Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 14:52
Missing Bitcoin’s top 10 days a year could cost you all annual gains – Fundstrat Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 14:42
Coca Cola HBC to use Solana-based ALL ART verification system for staff qualifications Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 14:02
Bitcoin breaks $60k, now only 2% from highest monthly close in history Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 13:45
The Bitcoin all-time high in an inflation-adjusted world is $77,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 12:40
Singapore grants HashKey OTC in-principle approval for major payment institution license Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 11:47
Short term holders sent record $3 billion in profit to exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 11:32
Sam Bankman-Fried lawyers decry proposed 100 year sentence as ‘barbaric,’ seeks 78 months Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 10:07
Whale transactions and ETF records fuel Bitcoin’s push toward $60,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 09:27
BlackRock’s IBIT leads with record $520 million inflow, 3rd best day since launch Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 08:38
Chamber of Digital Commerce files amicus brief supporting Kraken in SEC lawsuit Cryptoslate
2024-02-28 00:17
Who is Martii Malmi? Bitcoin’s earliest contributor and Satoshi’s first helper Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 23:46
Bitcoin’s surge to $57K did not result in liquidation storm, defying expected trend Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 23:32
Bitfinex hacker testifies in Bitcoin Fog trial as government witness Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 22:02
Pepe leads memecoin rally with blistering 118% surge over 48 hours Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 21:15
Ethereum devs confirm Dencun upgrade’s mainnet deployment, Grayscale calls it ETH’s ‘coming of age’ moment Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 19:02
Do Kwon unlikely to be extradited before start of SEC trial Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 18:52
Arweave launches testnet capable of high scalability, invites community to join Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 16:46
Hut 8 to finance new Texas mining facility with Bitcoin reserves Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 15:15
Is this the Bitcoin ETF supply squeeze playing out already? Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 13:52
2021 Bitcoin investors showcase long-term holding resilience Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 12:51
Bankrupt FTX and Alameda move over $8 million in assets amid market surge Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 11:40
Fidelity leads Bitcoin ETFs 4th best day since launch reaching $6 billion total net inflows Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 10:59
HTX reenters race for Hong Kong crypto license days after withdrawing initial bid Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 10:21
Bitcoin ETFs hit record $2.4 billion trade volume – Bloomberg Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 09:57
Bitcoin records second-highest daily surge of 2024 hitting $57,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 08:43
Bitcoin futures and options open interest soars in February Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 03:02
Backlash against identifying Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto grows on social media Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 01:49
Bitwise predicts 50% odds of spot ETH ETF approval, $88k BTC by year end Cryptoslate
2024-02-27 00:50
Could Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto become richer than Elon Musk? Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 23:19
Bitcoin reclaims $54k two years after painful crash at the start of winter Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 22:07
Polygon spinoff Avail raises $27 million in seed funding to build Web3 infrastructure Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 20:02
Ted Cruz spearheading anti-CBDC bill over financial privacy, government overreach concerns Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 19:37
Saturn secures $800,000 for Bitcoin-based decentralized exchange development Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 18:04
MSTR rallies 10% as MicroStrategy buys $155 million Bitcoin in 10 days Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 17:07
Tornado Cash website, discord offline after community finds malicious code in protocol’s backend Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 17:06
Bitcoin breaks $53k for first time in over 2 years as trading volume surges 30% Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 16:30
Solana suffers $3 million ETP outflows post-outage as Bitcoin responsible for 95% of inflows Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 15:52
Bitcoin investors realize net profits for 128 consecutive days Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 15:32
Ethereum and Bitcoin futures open interest near record highs in notional value Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 14:43
Uniswap fee reward mechanism proposal boosts its earnings beyond Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 14:07
Bitcoin’s global ETPs inch closer to historic peak, US spot ETFs credited for growth Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 13:17
BitForex alleged $2.5 billion volume flatlines as exchange abruptly goes offline Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 12:47
Hackers exploit MicroStrategy social media to orchestrate $440,000 phishing heist Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 10:19
GBTC records smallest outflow of $44 million since spot ETF conversion Cryptoslate
2024-02-26 09:12
New AI and hardware may crack the code on lost crypto Cryptoslate
2024-02-25 23:47
The economic implications of the Fed’s reverse repo (RRP) facility Cryptoslate
2024-02-25 14:02
Cosmos co-founder says GovGen will show how governance can be used in blockchain development Cryptoslate
2024-02-24 19:32
Bitcoin network congestion eases as mempool clears in February Cryptoslate
2024-02-24 16:54
What is the role of spot Bitcoin ETFs in modern investment portfolios? Cryptoslate
2024-02-24 08:02
Why a trustless, multichain approach to web3 demands direct integration Cryptoslate
2024-02-24 08:02
US agencies pause Biden-sanctioned emergency miner survey following lawsuit Cryptoslate
2024-02-24 00:20
Never-before-seen Satoshi Nakamoto emails add several details to Bitcoin’s origin lore Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 23:16
FTX secures court approval to sell 8% Anthropic stake Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 21:04
CoinMarketCap launches ‘Oscars of Crypto’ to celebrate industry accomplishments Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 19:23
Vibrant Finance leverages Neon EVM for groundbreaking DeFi exchange innovation Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 18:32
Uniswap surges 60% after proposing fee reward mechanism for holders Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 17:57
Mystery Ethereum whale accumulates $411 million ETH in February amid ETF rumors Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 15:47
Nvidia sets stock market record with $247 billion addition to market cap in one-day – Bloomberg Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 15:27
How eBTC leverages the ETH-BTC ratio, promising a new era for Bitcoin in DeFi Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 14:52
Filecoin surges to new highs fueled by pivotal Solana deal and AI sector growth Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 13:51
After 153 days in $40k-$45k range, Bitcoin aims to close 6th ever monthly close above $50k Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 13:18
How Bitcoin ETFs, the halving, and bull market is shaping crypto, according to Bitget Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 13:02
Donald Trump can now ‘live with’ Bitcoin accepting growing demand, suggests further regulation Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 12:35
Bitcoin hits new all-time highs against 14 national currencies – Balaji Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 11:47
Texas Blockchain Council including Riot file lawsuit against US Energy Department over Bitcoin miner survey Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 11:21
Fidelity’s FBTC ETF hits $4 billion mark amid Bitcoin ETF boom Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 10:47
Kraken seeks to dismiss SEC lawsuit citing retribution for regulatory critique Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 10:21
Optimizing customer onboarding and KYC processes with Checkin.com’s AI and data-driven UX modules Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 07:02
Adam Back files previously unseen Satoshi Nakamoto emails in Craig Wright trial Cryptoslate
2024-02-23 01:34
WorldCoin up 170% weekly to all time-high following OpenAI Sora breakthrough Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 23:05
DCG files objection to Genesis, NYAG settlement Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 22:29
Congressman Emmer raises concerns over Biden administration’s “information collection regime” targeting BTC miners Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 22:02
Reddit IPO filing reveals treasury exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 21:25
Fundstrat’s Tom Lee believes Bitcoin will surge 200% to $150k this year and $500k in 5 years Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 19:53
South Africa advances financial inclusion with crypto and digital payment reforms Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 17:24
Singularity attracts $2.2 million to develop KYC-compliant DeFi platform for institutions Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 17:17
Hackers steal $6.2 million in digital assets from LastPass users, investigators track stolen funds Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 16:27
Two Bitcoin spot ETFs rank among top 8 for ETF inflows in 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 16:11
How do US exchanges contribute to Bitcoin’s market liquidity? Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 15:10
The new frontier in Bitcoin mining: Stranded energy utilization and open hash power markets Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 15:02
ZCash jumps 15% after Grayscale seeks SEC nod for privacy ETF Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 14:52
‘Dead cat bouncing’ – ECB officials attack Bitcoin with call of ‘practically forbidding it’ Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 13:48
ECB officials attack Bitcoin with call of ‘practically forbidding it’ Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 13:48
Bitcoin’s market cap holds strong at 7.4% against gold, marking its status in the ETF market Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 13:05
Nigerians turn to VPN as government blocks access to Binance, Coinbase, others Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 12:17
On-chain metrics reveal Bitcoin network’s health hinting at potential decline Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 11:47
Ping Exchange’s hybrid cold storage redefines standards for crypto exchange custody Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 11:27
Bitcoin steadies above $50,000 for over a week as new accumulation patterns emerge Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 10:22
Coinbase backs Grayscale’s Ethereum ETF bid, spotlighting ETH as a commodity Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 09:54
Nvidia posts record $60 billion in revenue amid increased demand for AI, accelerated computing Cryptoslate
2024-02-22 00:12
S&P Global warns of spot Ethereum ETFs’ impact on staking concentration Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 23:36
Sam Bankman-Fried dismisses conflict-of-interest concerns after changing lawyers Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 23:09
Top SEC crypto lawyer leaves to join pro-crypto firm, regulator facing new lawsuit Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 21:10
Montenegro high court greenlights Do Kwon’s extradition to US Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 19:55
Binance’s FDUSD market cap hits record high, dethrones USDC in Bitcoin trading volume Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 18:16
VanEck Bitcoin ETF records 14x surge in daily volume Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 17:30
Analysis of HODL waves reveals a speculative market at play Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 15:47
Binance accused of manipulating Nigerian Naira as ‘glitch’ impacts P2P traders Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 15:37
Former FTX executives Backpack exchange expands to 11 US states Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 13:36
Bitcoin options worth $3.7 billion approaching expiration – Deribit Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 12:21
Ethereum breaks 22-month record crossing $3000 amid positive market speculations Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 11:27
Bitcoin’s climb to a yearly high triggers market shakeup Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 11:17
Bitcoin exchange balance dips to lowest since 2018 as market shifts to HODLing Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 10:47
Bitcoin ETFs attract more than $5 billion in net inflows since market debut Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 09:40
Circle to end support for $313 million USDC on Tron amid compliance push Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 09:09
Why the future of crypto hinges on user-friendly KYC verification Cryptoslate
2024-02-21 07:02
Alex Mashinsky wants to continue retaining SBF’s defense lawyers for his trial Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 23:49
Ripple would “welcome” an XRP ETF, CEO says Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 22:15
Coinbase International Exchange hits $1 billion in daily trading volume Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 21:02
Hong Kong issues regulatory standards for tokenized financial products Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 19:40
Crypto advocate John Deaton launches campaign to unseat Elizabeth Warren in US Senate Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 18:47
MetaMask and Blockaid partner to develop “privacy-preserving module” to enhance web3 security Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 18:32
Year 18 witnessed unprecedented record flows into gold ETFs – Matt Hougan Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 18:05
Chainlink exec says leading banks have begun tokenizing real world-assets Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 17:16
Groq’s $20,000 LPU chip breaks AI performance records to rival GPU-led industry Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 15:56
Gaunt photos of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried in prison emerge online Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 14:03
Nearly 450,000 BTC acquired by short-term holders since December Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 13:39
Swiss prosecutors raid Tyr Capital over allegations of mishandling FTX exposure – reports Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 11:47
Bitcoin accumulation hits new peak ahead of upcoming halving Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 10:58
Bitwise Bitcoin ETF approved investment option for $30 billion advisor network Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 10:13
Approximately $1 Billion in liquidations positioned above $52,400 Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 09:09
Rising stablecoin supply shows an influx of capital into the crypto market Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 03:02
Elizabeth Warren reportedly seeking donations in expectation of crypto challenger Cryptoslate
2024-02-20 00:43
Top wirehouses will become involved with spot Bitcoin ETFs, Galaxy executive says Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 23:02
Ethereum price approaches $3k amidst spot ETF anticipation, Dencun upgrade Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 21:57
South Korea’s ruling party proposes delay in crypto taxation as election pledge Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 20:02
Arweave’s AR token hits 18-month high amid rapid growth and innovation Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 18:41
Japan greenlights bill allowing investment firms to hold crypto Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 17:17
Binance discontinues leveraged tokens amid a quiet market share rebound Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 16:33
Record global inflows into digital asset funds push AuM to $59 billion peak Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 15:47
Bitcoin euphoria phase far off, Coinbase data suggests more growth potential Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 15:02
AI tokens jump 10% as Vitalik Buterin explains how AI can enhance security and efficiency on Ethereum Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 14:22
Bitcoin on track for rare six months of consecutive gains Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 14:07
Despite $7 billion GBTC outflow, Bitcoin ETFs net $4.9 billion since January Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 12:47
Alameda Research’s Worldcoin holdings jump $50 million as WLD hits new peak Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 12:01
Coinbase sees major Bitcoin withdrawal, holds lowest confirmed supply since 2015 Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 10:22
$26 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum stolen from FixedFloat exchange Cryptoslate
2024-02-19 09:52
Retail investors are easing back into crypto while VC funding rises for first time in 1.5 years Cryptoslate
2024-02-18 20:45
Notes from Davos: 10 things you should know about AI Cryptoslate
2024-02-18 08:02
FTX secretly used Deltec Bank to create and sell Tether for profit, lawsuit alleges Cryptoslate
2024-02-18 01:08
Forgery, plagiarism, and ninja costumes: The bizarre battle over Bitcoin’s origins Cryptoslate
2024-02-17 22:32
How the US threatens crypto’s core values Cryptoslate
2024-02-17 21:02
OpenAI valuation crosses $80 billion following latest deal, Sora launch Cryptoslate
2024-02-17 18:06
US prosecutors ask judge to approve Binance plea deal Cryptoslate
2024-02-17 17:02
Bitcoin market cap loses $1 trillion level as price retreats below $51k Cryptoslate
2024-02-17 15:37
Spot Bitcoin ETFs reach $37B in AUM, roughly one-third of gold ETF assets Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 23:19
Revolut to launch new crypto exchange amidst reports of listing Solana’s BONK memecoin Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 21:20
ECB exec allays privacy concerns surrounding digital euro Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 20:31
MicroStrategy chair Saylor says Bitcoin represents the “digital transformation of capital” Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 17:55
Erik Voorhees advises Apple to tap into Bitcoin to ‘make a billion dollars instantly” Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 16:59
Arkham Intelligence uncovers nearly all of MicroStrategy’s on-chain Bitcoin holdings Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 16:42
Surge in stablecoin supply ratio signals increased Bitcoin buying power Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 15:47
Tether CEO implies Circle director misled Congress in ‘desperation’ attack on USDT Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 15:01
Fake Uniswap $10 million airdrop reported as several prominent crypto media scammed Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 13:47
US banking groups lobby SEC for rule change to enter Bitcoin ETF market Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 12:47
Wealth concentration hits a new peak as major economies slip into recession Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 11:54
AI crypto sector nears $10 billion market cap as Bittensor surges 220% in 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 11:20
Bitcoin’s network sees a 380% increase in hash rate since the start of the current cycle Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 10:47
SEC Inspector General investigating crypto conflicts of interest within federal agency Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 10:04
Bitcoin ETF market thrives with nearly 9,300 Bitcoin added in one day Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 09:28
Coinbase saw $3.1 billion of revenue in 2023, with one-third of that total in Q4 Cryptoslate
2024-02-16 00:06
Elizabeth Warren’s Satoshi Nakamoto flag was likely sponsored by unknown individual Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 23:02
On-chain data shows Bitcoin supply is tightening Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 22:32
VanEck slashes spot Bitcoin ETF fee to 0.20%; Fidelity cuts EU ETP fee to 0.35% Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 22:03
Avalanche blockchain plays key role in Citigroup’s tokenization success story Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 21:02
Crypto money laundering drops nearly 30% in 2023 as cyber criminals change tactics Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 19:02
Trust Wallet counters investigation rumors and vulnerability concerns Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 18:17
Ethiopia to start mining Bitcoin through new data mining partnership Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 17:53
Bitcoin’s short-term holders enjoy gains with price surge to $52,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 17:32
Tokenized real world assets (RWA) redefined as personal property in landmark Iowa digital asset bill Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 17:10
Historic exchange withdrawal prices in profit for BTC as upward cost basis trend begins Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 15:46
Tron founder unveils Bitcoin layer-2 solution as BTC DeFi breaks $1.2 billion in TVL Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 15:18
Ark Invest offloads $34 million in Coinbase while shares jump 7% pre-market ahead of earnings report Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 13:39
Bitcoin ETFs attract $4.1 billion amid $3 billion gold outflows Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 12:37
Chainlink and Telefonica join forces to combat SIM swap attacks as LINK up 30% in Feb Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 12:15
Bitcoin mining difficulty set to hit record high today amid US miner scrutiny Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 09:59
BlackRock and Fidelity lead as Bitcoin ETFs capture $340 million in a single day Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 08:54
Futures open interest hits two-year peak with Bitcoin above $50k Cryptoslate
2024-02-15 03:02
Treasury official confirms crypto makes up ‘small fraction’ of Hamas’ fundraising Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 23:46
BlackRock’s spot BTC ETF tops $720M in daily volume, marking highest level to date Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 22:25
Genesis secures court approval to sell GBTC shares worth $1.3 billion Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 20:55
CNBC host Joe Kernen defends Bitcoin after Gensler claims its ‘not that decentralized’ Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 18:57
Oreo parent company Mondelēz International joins Hedera Council to drive DLT adoption Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 17:22
Tap Protocol overtakes BRC20 in 24 hour Bitcoin Ordinals transaction activity Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 16:23
Bitcoin rally to $52k lifts US crypto stocks to outsized gains Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 15:38
Bitcoin forks down up to 70% against BTC in since all-time high Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 14:40
Bitcoin whales on the rise as numbers hit three-year high as ETFs join cohort Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 13:53
US Treasury targets crypto mixers with new tools to counter illicit crypto activities Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 13:30
Japan urges banks to screen crypto transfers in crackdown on ‘unlawful money transfers’ Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 12:26
Bitcoin ETF market sees $631 million inflow in one day Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 11:02
Solana surpasses BNB Chain as fourth-largest digital asset by market cap Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 10:34
Bitcoin hits $1 trillion market cap again as $217 million liquidated in 24 hours Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 10:18
Bitcoin hits all-time high against traditional asset benchmarks Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 09:03
Bitcoin’s risk-adjusted return potential skyrockets as Sharpe Signal surges Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 05:02
Ark’s Cathie Wood says SEC probably will only approve BTC and ETH ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-02-14 03:19
Spot ETH ETFs have 50% chance of May approval: Bitwise, Grayscale, Galaxy execs Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 22:33
Bitcoin recovers to $49.7k after failing to find support above $50k Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 22:04
ENS considering $300k settlement over eth.link litigation Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 20:37
Bitcoin ETF inflows in US mark largest price boost since approval Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 18:27
Ledger teams up with Coinbase to offer direct to cold storage crypto purchases Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 17:52
Bitcoin retreats below $49k as CPI release dashes hopes of rate cuts Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 16:21
Short term holders in profit sent record Bitcoin to exchanges on road to $50k Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 15:42
Bitcoin miners to get instant non-custodial rewards via Lightning Network Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 15:35
MicroStrategy pivots to Bitcoin development, flaunts $3.5 billion in unrealized profit Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 14:49
Coinbase unfreezes Debt Box assets amid SEC controversy Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 13:07
Binance founder Changpeng Zhao sentencing rescheduled for April 30 Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 11:37
With Bitcoin’s rally, derivatives market indicators signal changing tides Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 10:40
Ethereum, Solana see gains as Bitcoin’s rally above $50,000 causes $184 million liquidations Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 10:06
Bitcoin ETFs see explosive inflows as price tops $50,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 09:28
Philippines to launch CBDC within 2 years to counter rising crypto use Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 03:02
Gary Gensler answers lawmakers about X breach and fake Bitcoin ETF approval Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 01:19
Solana hits 100k preorders for second mobile device, five times original production Cryptoslate
2024-02-13 00:02
Franklin Templeton files for spot Ethereum ETF, becoming ninth applicant overall Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 22:39
Korean watchdog to ban crypto exchanges that fail to meet stringent new regulatory standards Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 19:32
Less than 10,000 blocks to the next Bitcoin halving: Why Grayscale says this one’s different Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 17:54
Why did Bitcoin’s market cap surge by over $102 billion while realized cap only grew by $4 billion? Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 16:52
Bitcoin approaches new yearly highs after erasing 20% dip Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 15:46
Crypto AUM reaches two-year peak of $59 billion driven by US Bitcoin ETF inflows Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 15:32
February’s Bitcoin ETP net inflows close to total of previous three months Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 14:57
SafeMoon SFM token drops 6% following $11 million liquidity drain Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 14:02
Divergent performances highlight resilience and challenges for Bitcoin ETFs and equities Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 13:52
Grayscale, DCG stand against Genesis plan to liquidate $1.6 billion in trust shares Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 12:32
Short-term Bitcoin holders send over $4B in profit to exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 11:52
Different Types of Trading Available on the KoinBay Crypto Platform Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 11:02
Court orders Elon Musk to testify in SEC inquiry over Twitter acquisition Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 10:52
Sora Ventures launches $2 million Liquid Fund for Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 09:32
Bitcoin ETFs witness explosive $542 million inflow in a single day Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 08:40
Op-ed: Not all blockchains need to be pseudonymous Cryptoslate
2024-02-12 01:19
What are credit spreads, why are they tight, and what does it mean for Bitcoin? Cryptoslate
2024-02-11 19:28
California’s 8.2 million crypto owners poised to influence 2024 elections – Coinbase Cryptoslate
2024-02-11 16:26
Should security be immutable? Cryptoslate
2024-02-11 15:02
Microsoft to air Copilot ad during Super Bowl LVIII Cryptoslate
2024-02-11 14:23
Next stage of web3 evolution will be underpinned by zero knowledge tech Cryptoslate
2024-02-10 15:43
OpenAI’s Sam Altman seeking $7T to solve the global chip shortage issue Cryptoslate
2024-02-10 00:16
NYAG raises DCG, Genesis lawsuit to $3B amid conflicting settlement reports Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 22:08
Solana outage was caused by infinite loop bug previously seen on devnet Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 21:15
Hong Kong authorities issue public alert about fraudulent crypto exchange masquerading as MEXC Global Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 20:18
Over 92% of Bitcoin supply now profitable as price soars past $47,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 18:32
Janet Yellen continues to call for legislation to beef up crypto, AI regulation Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 17:59
Long-term Bitcoin holders selling off could signal more price increases Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 15:44
Short-term custodial crypto accounts soar 250% with Bitcoin ETF hype Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 15:04
Former SEC chief criticizes NBA handling of controversial crypto partnerships Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 13:52
Bitcoin ETF newcomers surpass Microstrategy in BTC holdings Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 13:06
COTI leaps 55% following latest Ethereum MPC privacy innovation Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 12:47
Ethereum restaking protocol Eigenlayer TVL surges amid rising ETH staking Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 11:28
Bitcoin’s climb past $46,000 triggers $123 million in liquidation for crypto traders Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 10:10
Bitcoin breaks $46,000 amid rampant ETF inflows reaching $403 million Cryptoslate
2024-02-09 09:18
Bakkt says it is ‘confident’ about continuing operations after disclosing liquidity issues in SEC filing Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 23:21
Republican senators slam Gensler’s SEC over mishandling DEBT Box case Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 21:48
US Treasury report finds crypto use in illicit financial activity remains small but growing fraction of total flows Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 19:39
Montenegro appellate court blocks Do Kwon’s extradition Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 17:32
Major institutions signal growing interest in Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 17:02
Bitcoin above $44k spurs market confidence with spike in unrealized profits Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 15:47
Starknet-based zkLend announces ZEND token, reveals ambitious 2024 roadmap Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 15:02
Bitcoin hits four-year low in exchange withdrawals Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 14:14
Could Bitcoin echo GameStop with a Mother Of All Supply Squeezes? Maybe Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 13:23
Bitcoin breakout against US bonds sees it hit new all-time high Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 12:38
78% of crypto industry expect new Bitcoin all-time high within 12 months Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 12:01
Bitcoin’s recovery on track with previous market cycle trends Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 09:50
Spot Bitcoin ETFs see ninth consecutive day of inflows with Fidelity leading the charge on the day Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 09:19
BIS raises concerns over future of metaverses, advocates for strong public policy framework Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 05:02
What Bitcoin’s trading patterns on centralized exchanges tell us about the market Cryptoslate
2024-02-08 03:02
Bitcoin surpasses $44.2k, a level last seen days after Bitcoin ETF approvals Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 23:56
Monero rebounds with 23% gain, marking recovery from news of Binance delisting Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 22:48
Ark and 21Shares amend spot Ethereum ETF with cash creation/redemption policy Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 21:32
Abu Dhabi Global Market partners with Solana Foundation to drive web3 adoption in UAE Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 20:23
Prosecutors raise concerns over lawyers defending SBF, Mashinsky Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 19:00
COPA lawyers struggle to keep Wright on topic as courtroom heats up – Satoshi Trial Day 3 Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 18:21
Australian Bitcoin miner Iris sets 20 EH/s hash rate target as US mining falters Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 17:14
MicroStrategy’s leverage scenarios show potential for astronomical returns on Bitcoin investments Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 16:17
Korean FSC mandates crypto exchanges keep 80% in cold storage, criminals face up to life in prison Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 15:00
Ripple requests deadline extension, citing voluminous SEC document demands Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 14:20
Bitcoin’s hash rate soars to record heights Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 13:39
Salty.IO – Revolutionizing DeFi with Automatic Atomic Arbitrage Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 13:02
BlackRock Bitcoin ETF’s growth cools off with its smallest net inflow to date Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 11:26
DeFi ecosystem rebounds to 18-month high of $60 billion in assets, signaling investor confidence resurgence Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 10:52
Binance retakes leads over CME as top Bitcoin futures market Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 08:30
Bitcoin options show long-term bullishness and near-term pessimism Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 05:02
CleanSpark announces acquisition of four Bitcoin mining facilities Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 02:32
MicroStrategy bought $1.25B of Bitcoin in Q4, holdings now worth $8 billion Cryptoslate
2024-02-07 01:29
Congress should allow crypto to be regulated beyond securities laws: U.S. Secretary Treasury Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 23:00
SEC delays Invesco Galaxy spot ETH ETF, but May decisions are still expected Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 21:17
Ronin down nearly 30% after Binance listing Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 20:06
Genesis’ bankruptcy plan faces pushback from parent company DCG over creditor payouts Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 19:32
Solana resumes operations after resolving major outage Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 17:46
Satoshi Trial: Craig Wright confronted on fake evidence, ‘I am better at code than words’ – Day 2 Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 17:06
Bitcoin inscriptions surpass 60 million with majority text-based Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 16:07
Chainlink’s LINK token hits five-month high in exchange balance amid $75 million inflow Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 15:17
Binance’s delisting move sends Monero and Multichain values tumbling 20% Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 13:17
Dramatic decrease in Bitcoin supply above $50,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 12:47
Solana’s mainnet faces outage, causing a 5% drop in SOL token value Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 12:17
Craig Wright claims under oath he never forged documents in Satoshi claim Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 11:55
Bitcoin miners slam US government planned survey as ‘Operation Chokepoint 3.0’ Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 11:03
BlackRock reaches $3.2 billion as Bitcoin ETFs continue to draw investor interest Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 09:47
HaruInvest executives arrested in Korea after algo trading promised ‘zero’ drawdown Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 09:20
How ETFs affected Bitcoin’s supply distribution across cohorts Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 05:02
Grayscale CEO advocates for spot Bitcoin ETF options to gain approval Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 02:02
Ripple must provide financial statements at SEC’s request, judge rules Cryptoslate
2024-02-06 00:02
Coin Center Director of Research raises alarm over identity fraud via AI Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 22:27
ENS enters partnership with domain giant GoDaddy to link DNS with .eth names Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 20:23
South Korea proposes stricter screening of crypto executives Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 17:34
Oobit token soars 31% after securing $25 million in funding led by Tether Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 16:31
Two Bitcoin funds hit top 10 ETF inflows across all categories in January Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 15:56
US handles 99% of global crypto product inflows as $708 million enters market Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 15:26
Montenegro deports former Terraform Labs CFO to South Korea amid fraud allegations Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 13:54
U.S. leads in Bitcoin price surge as Asia sees decline Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 13:33
Hacked crypto funds falls 98% YoY to $1.9 billion as US leads attacks: Report Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 12:32
Bitcoin’s next halving could spell a surge in price as demand outpaces supply Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 12:13
Hong Kong sets deadline for crypto exchange licensing applications or face shutdown Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 11:31
Spot Bitcoin ETFs’ cumulative trading volume exceeds $30 billion Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 10:35
El Salvador to expand Bitcoin initiatives following Bukele’s landslide re-election Cryptoslate
2024-02-05 09:52
Trump calls CDBCs “very dangerous” and labels the power of AI “scary” Cryptoslate
2024-02-04 17:40
FTX files motion to offload $1.4 billion stake in AI startup Anthropic Cryptoslate
2024-02-04 16:14
Why governments should regulate stablecoins instead of developing CBDCs Cryptoslate
2024-02-03 13:02
Crypto scams in 2024: A turn for the better or calm before the storm? Cryptoslate
2024-02-03 12:43
Super Bowl won’t feature crypto ads in 2024, but two AI ads are planned Cryptoslate
2024-02-03 00:12
Spot Bitcoin ETFs rank among largest commodity ETFs by assets held Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 22:43
Nasdaq adds BlackRock’s iShares spot Bitcoin ETF to its listings Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 21:22
Genesis agrees to settle SEC lawsuit for $21 million Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 20:02
Bitcoin mining difficulty hits new ATH after record 7.3% spike Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 19:16
CoinStats introduces AI-driven Exit Strategy feature to maximize crypto profits Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 18:36
Tether CEO bashes JPMorgan’s ‘hypocrisy’ amid stablecoin dominance concerns Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 16:41
Jupiter airdrop propels Solana DEXs to outpace Ethereum in daily trading activity Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 14:47
Bitcoin’s STH Realized Price nears $40,000, signaling strong market momentum Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 14:02
Short-term trading volume peaks as Bitcoin crosses $43,000 Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 13:41
Bankrupt FTX wants to sell $175 million claim against Genesis to aid creditor repayment Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 12:09
Bitcoin mining difficulty to see largest increase in a year Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 10:51
DOJ charges trio in sim-swap scheme potentially linked to $400 million FTX crypto heist Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 09:52
Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust marks lowest outflow since trading inception Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 09:25
Whales and institutions lead the charge in Bitcoin’s exchange volume surge Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 05:02
Valkyrie’s spot Bitcoin ETF adds BitGo as a second custodian Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 03:02
Binance froze $4.2 million of XRP stolen in attack on Ripple co-founder Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 02:02
Hamas victims file class action against Binance over allegedly facilitating terrorism financing Cryptoslate
2024-02-02 00:02
Spot Bitcoin ETF options could be approved as late as December 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 22:56
US to launch survey on cryptocurrency miners’ energy consumption Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 19:20
Polygon Labs announces 19% reduction in staff to streamline operations Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 17:40
Hut 8 signs four-year deal to manage Celsius Bitcoin mining operations Ionic Digital Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 17:02
Singapore issues warning on rising ‘crypto drainer’ phishing scams Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 16:02
A new take on Proof of Work – Core Blockchain XCB is a dark horse for 2024 Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 15:02
Bitcoin’s steady stand: 146 days of trading between $40k and $45k Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 14:38
Bitcoin challenges ‘Magnificent Seven’ tech giants with 84% annual gain amid ETF buzz Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 13:39
Tether reports $5B reserve excess after making more profit than Goldman Sachs last quarter Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 13:10
Top crypto projects to release $1 billion tokens from lock ups this February Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 10:55
Bitcoin ETFs sees $197 million inflow, BlackRock and Fidelity lead the charge Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 10:02
From record highs to notable lows: Bitcoin fees after the inscription booms Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 09:31
Google allows spot Bitcoin ETF ads; BlackRock, VanEck among sponsored links Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 05:02
Here’s why Bitcoin perpetual futures market saw high volatility in January Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 03:02
Coinbase has donated $25M to crypto super-PAC Fairshake; Ripple has given $20M Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 01:02
BlackRock wants to project Bitcoin ETF ads onto former banks, filing says Cryptoslate
2024-02-01 00:02
Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen’s XRP wallet hacked for estimated $112 million Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 21:04
UK authorities seize £1.4 billion in Bitcoin linked to Chinese investment fraud scheme Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 21:02
Hong Kong authorities investigating Worldcoin over data privacy concerns Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 20:02
FTX abandons resurrection plans in favor of liquidation to fully repay customers affected by collapse Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 19:04
Is the Bitcoin Power Law model more realistic than Stock-to-Flow? Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 16:00
Sui ends January with new ATH and soaring DeFi metrics Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 14:14
Coinbase taps former UK Treasurer who warned of ‘run on pound’ in 2008 for Advisory Council Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 12:45
Whale entities withdraw 100,000 BTC from exchanges in two weeks Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 12:17
Bitcoin heads for fifth consecutive monthly green candle amid rollercoaster market conditions Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 10:25
Terraform Labs filed for bankruptcy to protect against potential SEC money judgment Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 10:05
Marathon vs Riot: Analyzing the true cost of mining 1 bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 03:02
Coinbase CLO slams SEC’s barebones response in rulemaking petition case Cryptoslate
2024-01-31 01:02
Spot Bitcoin ETFs were among best ETF launches of all time: 21Shares president Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 23:12
Fetch.ai claims ‘business as usual’ amidst opposing reports of insolvency Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 22:21
VanEck CEO says tokenization of real-world assets faces two major hurdles Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 20:20
USDC supply surge as Circle’s expands native issuance to Celo for better payments Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 18:21
StanChart believes SEC will approve Ethereum ETFs in May Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 17:17
Non-custodial fiat off-ramp now available in crypto wallets via Visa debit Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 16:28
German authorities seize record $2.17 billion in Bitcoin from piracy website Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 14:55
Abracadabra Finance’s MIM stablecoin falls from peg after $6.5M hack Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 14:07
Grayscale crypto holdings up $1.2 billion since last week as Bitcoin surges Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 13:22
Binance allows customers to custody trading collateral off exchange as market share recovers Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 13:02
New zero fee standard for Bitcoin ETFs creates cheap custodial alternative to exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 11:25
Fidelity inflows smash Grayscale outflows as $255 million Bitcoin enters US market Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 10:19
Great technology is invisible: Unveiling the seamless future of blockchain applications Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 05:02
Crypto hacks, scams down 27.78% YoY: Peckshield Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 03:02
EU agency says crypto firms can sometimes serve non-European users Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 01:02
TD Cowen expects spot Ethereum ETF no earlier than 2025 or 2026 Cryptoslate
2024-01-30 00:13
Bitcoin miner GRIID debuts on Nasdaq under ‘GRDI’ ticker Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 21:47
Bitcoin surges to $43k as ETF inflows outpace sell pressure Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 19:08
Global Bitcoin ETP holdings over 900,000 BTC as Grayscale outflows ‘subside’ Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 17:12
What happened to PayPal stablecoin PYUSD after last year’s launch? Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 15:59
The pivotal role of stablecoins in Bitcoin’s recent surge Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 14:32
Friend Tech goes from viral success to virtual ghost town Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 13:52
Spot Bitcoin ETFs narrow gap to Net Asset Value, signaling market maturity Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 12:52
Despite ETF rotation fears, mining stocks recover as Bitcoin crosses $42K Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 11:37
Shift to contango: Bitcoin futures premiums rise on CME Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 11:00
Harvest Hong Kong leads the charge with Hong Kong spot Bitcoin ETF application: Report Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 09:50
Spot Bitcoin ETFs hit $14.8 million daily net inflow, first in 5 trading days Cryptoslate
2024-01-29 08:36
Vanguard says Bitcoin is “immature asset class” Cryptoslate
2024-01-28 16:59
The invisible engine: How OTC trading powers Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-01-28 13:02
Trac Core launches ‘Trac Core for TAP Protocol’ to revolutionize Bitcoin data indexing Cryptoslate
2024-01-27 20:02
CFTC Chair calls for comprehensive regulation for digital assets following ETF approvals Cryptoslate
2024-01-27 18:30
PayPal to launch AI-powered products Cryptoslate
2024-01-27 14:02
Bitwise executive confirms ETF received $400 of unsolicited Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-01-27 12:04
BlackRock’s IBIT ETF now holds almost 50,000 BTC as AUM hits $2 billion Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 22:13
Bitcoin breaks past $42k, hitting a five-day high Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 20:58
OneCoin lawyer sentenced to 10 years in prison over laundering $400 million Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 19:28
Bitcoin’s safe-haven status strengthened despite recent price crisis: Kaiko Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 16:17
BlackRock warned SEC lack of in-kind orders for Bitcoin ETF shares could hurt investors Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 14:40
Bitcoin’s Sharpe Ratio signals balanced risk-reward over five years Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 14:12
OKX pulls plug on mining pool amid declining user and hashrate numbers Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 13:42
From freeze to flourish as Bitcoin hash rate showcases resilience Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 13:04
Grayscale selling pressure ‘largely behind us,’ spotlight on Newborn Nine: JP Morgan Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 11:23
US debt spirals past $34 trillion with interest forecasted to hit $3 trillion by 2030 Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 10:39
Celsius billion-dollar Ethereum shift stirs speculation on creditor payback plans Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 09:21
BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF crosses $2 billion in inflows, with Fidelity close behind Cryptoslate
2024-01-26 08:11
Crypto saw 62 million acquired users across eight chains in 2023: Flipside report Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 23:36
Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr raises concerns over centralization in Bitcoin mining Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 22:34
U.S. plans to sell $130 million of Bitcoin seized in connection with Silk Road Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 20:18
UK government treads carefully on digital pound, prioritizing privacy and cash access Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 19:17
Around $39,000 Bitcoin remains above the realized price of young supply Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 18:32
Strike CEO calls Ethereum ‘tech play,’ says Bitcoin solves the ‘biggest financial problem’ of our time Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 17:47
Why declining prices did not stop Bitcoin holdings increasing for new ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 16:41
Bankers switching to crypto careers for higher salaries and industry growth Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 15:27
Grayscale’s daily Bitcoin transfer completes with 12,213 BTC sent to Coinbase Prime Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 15:21
Bitcoin miner balances hit 18-month low amid wallet reorganization signals Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 14:18
Ark Invest’s aggressive accumulation of its Bitcoin ETF propels it into top 5 of ARKW portfolio Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 12:52
Over $5.8 billion in Bitcoin and Ethereum options set to expire, market volatility anticipated Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 12:01
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust hits record low with $429 million outflow Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 11:19
Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETF receives BTC donations following transparency move Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 10:40
Bitcoin’s big fish: How Bitfinex whales are quietly shaping market trends Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 09:37
The market is absorbing enormous selling pressure with little movement Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 04:02
Bitcoin recovers above $40k amidst GBTC outflows, other ETF inflows Cryptoslate
2024-01-25 00:22
New FTX probe should be limited in cost and duration: bankruptcy judge Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 22:46
SEC delays BlackRock’s spot Ethereum ETF; decisions are still due in May Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 21:20
Nexo demands $3 billion in damages over canceled Bulgarian investigation Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 20:29
OnChainMonkey introduces KARMA tokens, aims to bolster ecosystem with strategic airdrop Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 17:36
Craig Wright makes settlement offer in COPA case to ‘give up’ some rights Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 16:24
Grayscale sends 19,236 BTC to Coinbase, moves 8,000 BTC internally Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 16:03
Long-term Bitcoin holders’ recent sell-off raises ghosts of past capitulations Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 15:21
Solana and ICP up over 49% against Bitcoin since SEC labeled them as securities Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 14:22
Bitcoin drawn back toward $40k as market capitalization recovers $30 billion Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 13:50
Bitwise CIO says Bitcoin’s dip driven by ETF overenthusiasm, not Grayscale outflows Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 12:08
Bitcoin ETFs see minor net outflows of $100 million as BlackRock acquires 4,080 more Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 11:41
SEC maintains pressure for Ripple’s financial records in legal dispute Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 11:18
Surge in Bitcoin whale transactions defies market downturn Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 08:45
Understanding the differences in Bitcoin futures on Binance and CME Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 03:02
SEC has a ‘hard no’ stance on spot Ethereum ETFs, but issuers are optimistic: FOX reporter Cryptoslate
2024-01-24 00:38
IRS adds cryptocurrency income tax question to four more tax forms Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 23:14
BIS to focus on tokenization, CBDC as part of 2024 strategy Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 21:24
Ethereum validators’ reliance on Geth sparks client diversity push by Coinbase Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 20:02
US lawmaker probing Meta’s involvement with digital assets, blockchain tech Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 18:57
Coinbase’s Base leverages Chainlink technology to enhance developer capabilities Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 17:18
Why most Grayscale investors may remain in profit if GBTC falls further 20% to $27 Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 16:48
Bearish Bitcoin leads to tumble in crypto stocks, with Coinbase taking a hit Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 15:01
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust balance sees 12% reduction as FTX bankruptcy stirs $3.5 billion outflow Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 14:48
ARK Invest continues Bitcoin futures ETF rotation with multimillion-dollar ARKB purchase Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 13:20
TrueUSD’s slip from $1 peg deepens amid broader sell-off as FDUSD thrives Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 12:23
Could Binance be on the verge of taking back its lead from CME in futures markets? Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 11:17
Bitcoin falls 20% from YTH high with further 5% daily drawdown in cascading liquidation event Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 10:22
Bitcoin tumbles under $39,000 triggering $115M liquidation in 1 hour Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 10:08
BlackRock ETF inflows hit $272 million as Grayscale records massive Bitcoin outflow Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 08:52
Why is so much old and hodled Bitcoin on the move but UTXOs and exchanges remain unaffected? Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 04:02
Tornado Cash developers to receive funding from new legal defense DAO Cryptoslate
2024-01-23 01:30
Binance and SEC both criticized by judge during latest court hearing Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 23:32
Bitcoin ETFs expected to launch in Hong Kong by mid-2024 Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 22:29
Bitcoins fall below key $40k threshold amid continued sell off Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 20:02
Prominent crypto lawyer criticizes SEC overreach in Ripple lawsuit, advocates for financial freedom Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 19:28
Crypto investment products see first outflows of the year amid Bitcoin’s ‘very high trading volumes’ Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 18:33
Grayscale offloads further 13k BTC as revenues still way above competition Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 15:58
Ethereum Foundation heaps pressure on market with $1.68 million in ETH sales Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 15:40
Trump NFTs trading volume spike following DeSantis endorsement of Trump’s re-election moves Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 14:37
Senator Warren faces crypto community pushback over sanction evasion claims Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 13:24
Bitcoin to surge in 6 months as investors pivot from Grayscale to new ETFs, Galaxy Digital’s Novogratz says Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 11:49
Grayscale NAV flips BlackRock as IBIT records first discount to Bitcoin since launch Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 10:17
Terra tokens fall following Terraform Labs Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 09:23
Bitcoin ETFs buy 95,000 BTC as assets under management hit $4 billion Cryptoslate
2024-01-22 01:20
China’s underground crypto market thrives despite harsh trading ban: WSJ Cryptoslate
2024-01-21 16:02
91 days of historical profit-taking emerges in Bitcoin Cryptoslate
2024-01-21 14:02
Op-ed: Proof of Stake – Meet the new inequality, same as the old inequality? Cryptoslate
2024-01-21 13:02
How Mash.com ignites online monetization with the Bitcoin Lightning Network Cryptoslate
2024-01-21 11:30
Bitcoin ETFs: An in-depth look at the first 5 days of trading Cryptoslate
2024-01-20 17:54
Hut 8 responds to report criticizing USBTC merger and other activities Cryptoslate
2024-01-20 02:02
SEC opens comments on options trading for BlackRock, Cboe spot Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-01-20 00:43
Franklin Templeton CEO says ETF has shown ‘demand’ for Bitcoin is ‘everywhere’ Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 23:04
SEC v. Binance hearing delayed until Monday Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 21:24
Bitcoin dips to lowest level since Dec. 12 before bouncing as buyers hold $40k threshold Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 19:39
BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF becomes third fastest to reach $1 billion in assets, hitting milestone in 4 days Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 18:16
Justin Sun, Tron respond to UN report on TRC-20 USDT use in illicit finance Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 17:02
Coinbase has 70% chance of winning against SEC: Bloomberg analyst Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 15:56
Whales dive deeper into Bitcoin as smaller holders retreat amid ETF pressures Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 14:47
Long-term Bitcoin holders start to cash in as short-term investors face losses Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 14:27
Ethereum outpaces Bitcoin post-ETF launch as ETH/BTC ratio skyrockets Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 14:02
South Korea presidential office hints at domestic spot Bitcoin ETF amid regional uncertainty Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 13:32
Blackrock bolsters Bitcoin ETF holdings to surpass $1.2 billion milestone Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 12:19
Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF joins the $1 billion club in alongside BlackRock Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 10:43
Op-ed: A crypto workforce is the key to Argentina’s economic recovery Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 05:02
How growing U.S. interest shaped Bitcoin’s price ahead of the ETF Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 02:02
SEC delays Fidelity’s Ethereum spot ETF, but decisions are still expected in May Cryptoslate
2024-01-19 00:27
Bitcoin drops 3.5% to $41K as spot Bitcoin ETF hype fades, GBTC outflows continue Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 23:01
Roundhill introduces covered call Bitcoin ETF, a first for the U.S. market Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 20:51
If BlackRock continues 6k BTC daily buys we get a supply crunch within 18 months, here’s why Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 19:16
Tether’s Bitcoin wallet swells to 66,400 BTC, tallying up unrealized gains of over $1B Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 17:16
TrueUSD attributes Binance Launchpool activities to recent stablecoin price deviation Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 16:16
BlackRock on track to surpass Grayscale Bitcoin holdings in 37 days Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 15:37
One-third of GBTC outflows could be redirected to Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Bloomberg Analysts Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 15:14
dYdX native token surpasses $3 as it becomes top DEX by daily volume Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 14:21
BlackRock eyes blockchain beyond Bitcoin through smart contract supply chains Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 13:12
Newborn Nine Bitcoin ETFs hit record $914 million inflow in a single day Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 12:44
Bitwise CEO confirms $370 million inflows for its Bitcoin ETF in blazing four-day debut Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 11:54
Texas freeze leads to dip in Bitcoin hash rate Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 11:14
Bitcoin’s $3 billion surge in short-term holder activity Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 10:10
Trump pledges to block Central Bank Digital Currency if elected for second term Cryptoslate
2024-01-18 09:46
IRS says controversial $10k reporting rule doesn’t currently apply to crypto Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 23:48
JPM’s Jamie Dimon believes Satoshi Nakamoto will either increase or “erase” Bitcoin supply Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 22:30
Judge in Coinbase case says SEC’s securities definition may be too broad Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 20:47
Zero-Knowledge infrastructure can secure ‘trillions’ in institutional money in 2024: Interview Polygon Labs Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 18:56
Gemini gains ground in France with official Digital Asset Service Provider registration Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 18:35
Bitcoin now second largest commodity ETF asset class in US, ahead of Silver Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 18:32
USDC doubles market share on centralized crypto trading platforms to over 10% Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 18:20
Old and HODLed Bitcoin is on the move with whales active Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 15:47
Bitcoin ETFs exploded with $10 billion traded in first days, overshadowing combined 2023 ETF launches Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 15:32
Grayscale outflows add further $800 million BTC liquidity to Coinbase Prime OTC desk Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 14:57
New Bitcoin ETFs did in 3 days what Gold took 36 days to achieve with $1.8 billion in assets Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 14:12
Cathie Wood-led ARK Invest divests BITO shares to double down on in-house Bitcoin ETF Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 13:03
Nearly $2 billion in dormant Bitcoin reenters circulation after five years Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 11:06
Bitcoin’s 200-week moving average breaks above $30,000 in market milestone Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 11:02
ProShares seeks to add more Bitcoin ETPs with five leveraged and short ETF filings Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 10:37
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust sees $1.18 billion exodus amid spot ETF popularity Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 08:35
The ETF showdown: Bitcoin’s store of value vs Ethereum’s technological utility Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 05:32
Theta Labs and NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights partner on NFT fan experiences Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 03:32
Offbeat letter suggests SBF should teach high school math as punishment for crimes Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 02:32
Core Scientific wins court approval to enact reorganization plan, exit bankruptcy Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 01:32
Ripple CEO calls SEC chair Gensler’s regulatory approach a ‘political liability’ Cryptoslate
2024-01-17 00:32
Davos attendees shift toward AI; Ripple and Circle executives comment Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 23:05
BlackRock’s IBIT continues to lead Bitcoin ETF volume among ‘Newborn Nine’ Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 22:36
Cantor CEO confirms Tether holds $86B in reserve to back its stablecoin USDT Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 20:02
Chainlink and Circle partner to boost USDC’s cross-chain capabilities Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 18:41
Grayscale moves $387 million in Bitcoin to Coinbase in possible redemption play Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 17:16
Filecoin Foundation demonstrates IPFS data transmission in space, eyes future off-planet networks Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 17:02
How ETFs affected BTC futures trading in the U.S. Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 16:02
Another pro-crypto presidential candidate suspends campaign for office Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 15:02
Tether challenges UN claims of USDT use in illegal activities, advocates for blockchain education Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 14:27
Bitcoin inches up while leading ETFs slide further down in pre-market trading Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 13:37
Timeline set for upcoming Craig Wright trial on Satoshi Nakamoto identity claim Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 13:20
Bitcoin’s surging correlation with Nasdaq signals convergence with traditional finance Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 12:22
TUSD’s supply hits low as stablecoin struggles to maintain $1 peg Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 11:37
Bitcoin accumulation trend hits lowest point since October, signaling widespread distribution shifts Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 09:42
Coinbase Prime hot wallet leads weekly Bitcoin trading with $11.4 billion volume Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 09:00
Short-term holders drive Bitcoin’s post-ETF volatility Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 04:02
South Korea looks to crackdown on crypto mixers via new regulations Cryptoslate
2024-01-16 02:02
Bitcoin ETFs see $4 billion in volume, with spot ETFs responsible for $3 billion Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 23:32
SEC agrees to delay Terra trial so that Do Kwon can attend proceedings Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 21:32
Record $1.6 billion of staked Ethereum redemptions led by Celsius and Figment Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 20:23
Morgan Stanley believes Bitcoin, CBDCs have the potential to ‘de-dollarize’ the world Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 18:49
Spot Bitcoin ETF introduction triggers Bitcoin’s largest daily fall since FTX crisis Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 18:07
Why ETFs are not having positive effect on Bitcoin price, yet Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 15:38
Bankrupt FTX’s token valuation rebounds to over $1 billion as customers contest bankruptcy plan Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 14:48
Grayscale and Purpose Bitcoin see strong outflows amid spot ETF launches Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 12:47
Record-breaking $17.5 billion traded in crypto products following Bitcoin ETF debut Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 12:20
How one of the leading DePIN projects is innovating the solar industry Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 12:02
BlackRock now top 15 public Bitcoin holder as marketing kicks off Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 11:54
Sui’s value skyrockets to ATH amid booming DeFi ecosystem Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 11:00
Coinbase sees highest BTC selling volume since FTX collapse as Bitcoin drops Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 09:57
Bitfinex thwarts $15B XRP ‘Partial Payments Exploit’ attack attempt Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 09:46
Bitcoin dips below $42k, liquidates majority of long positions across exchanges Cryptoslate
2024-01-15 00:09
This BTC core developer said Bitcoin had ‘failed’ exactly 8 years ago Cryptoslate
2024-01-14 23:32
Samson Mow believes Bitcoin will surge to $1 million ‘within days or weeks’ once supply crunch hits Cryptoslate
2024-01-14 22:13
Here’s why 31% of blockchains games were shuttered in 2023 Cryptoslate
2024-01-14 20:02
Old Cobie post surfaces predicting the Bitcoin ETF run up scenario almost on the dot Cryptoslate
2024-01-14 19:03
Over 4k Solana users lost more than $4 million to phishing attacks last month Cryptoslate
2024-01-14 16:47
BlackRock scoops up 11,500 BTC during dip as ETF leads the pack Cryptoslate
2024-01-13 23:08
Indians are turning to local exchanges amid clampdown on foreign platforms Cryptoslate
2024-01-13 15:42
Bitcoin falls 9%, dropping below $42K amidst concerns about GBTC flows Cryptoslate
2024-01-13 00:44
U.S. lawmakers demand investigation into SEC’s security practices following breach Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 23:32
JPMorgan analyst predicts 50% chance of spot Ethereum ETF in May Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 22:22
Gensler calls Bitcoin ETFs ‘ironic’ due to their centralized nature, responds to Warren Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 21:22
Genesis forfeits BitLicense, pays $8 million to settle NYDFS lawsuit Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 20:24
Jim Cramer calls “major top” for Bitcoin a week after praising its growth Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 17:32
BlackRock CEO’s crypto pivot continues, turns bullish on tokenization to eliminate ‘corruption’ Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 16:49
Grayscale transfers $200M Bitcoin to Coinbase Prime hinting at possible ETF redemption activity Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 15:11
Bitcoin’s miner fee revenue plummets by 50% from recent highs Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 14:57
Hut 8 expands borrowing capacity with Coinbase to $65 million, acquires natural gas power plants Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 14:38
CoinShares leverages Valkyrie acquisition to enter US Bitcoin ETF arena Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 13:47
BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF captures $111 million with more to reflect, touts premium over Fidelity Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 12:32
South Korea’s FSC warns against brokerage of foreign Bitcoin ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 12:02
Bitcoin sees largest short-term holder activity since May 2021 with $6.1 billion transferred Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 11:52
Do Kwon seeks SEC trial delay while awaiting extradition from Montenegro Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 10:24
Coinbase facilitates massive $7.7B Bitcoin OTC transfer amid $4.65B ETF trading premiere Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 09:22
Senator Elizabeth Warren: SEC was wrong in its spot Bitcoin ETF decision Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 01:16
Bitcoin ETF launch day: Analysis of the historic moment Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 01:02
How Bitcoin correlates with traditional assets in the ETF age Cryptoslate
2024-01-12 00:02
Grayscale applies for Bitcoin covered call ETF Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 22:35
SEC wants Ripple to share financial statements and contracts to determine remedies Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 22:02
Spot Bitcoin ETF trading volume breaks above $4 billion on first day Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 20:44
Worldcoin’s identity service captures over 1% of Argentina amidst token value surge Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 20:02
Vanguard to ban all Bitcoin ETFs on its platform Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 19:08
Cathie Wood believes Bitcoin will hit $1.5M by 2030 in a bull scenario Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 18:02
Bitcoin’s brief rally to $49k and subsequent decline to $46k liquidates $100M in 4 hours Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 17:30
USDC issuer Circle eyes public market debut with SEC filing for IPO Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 15:43
Bitcoin surges to $49,000 as spot ETF trading volume hits $2.3B, setting new opening day record Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 15:04
Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has seen a 4% increase in its value during pre-market trading Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 14:47
Near Foundation cuts staff by 40% despite booming NEAR ecosystem Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 14:27
Short-term holder activity sparks Bitcoin FOMO rally signs Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 14:17
US inflation rates exceed expectations while Bitcoin showcases resilience Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 13:37
Prediction: Bitcoin ETF will now dwarf gold performance based on historical data Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 13:04
Gemini says ETF approval is ‘game-changer’ for crypto futures market Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 12:18
Ethereum rallies to 20-month high as Bitcoin ETF approval spurs altcoin gains Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 10:57
BlackRock spot Bitcoin ETF sees promising pre-market trading activity Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 10:44
Spot Bitcoin ETFs set sail with fervor as pre-market trading begins Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 09:59
Ethereum takes the lead over Bitcoin in derivatives trading volume Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 03:02
Cookie3 and Chainwire partner to measure press release impact on-chain Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 01:02
Dissenting SEC commissioner says agency approved spot Bitcoin ETPs, not ETFs Cryptoslate
2024-01-11 00:34
Grayscale acknowledges spot Bitcoin ETF approval, says trading begins Thursday Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 22:32
FBI joins investigation into SEC X account compromise Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 22:02
SEC approves spot Bitcoin ETFs after 11 years of rejections Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 21:35
Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals imminent as tickers go live on Bloomberg, Fidelity Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 19:09
Fundstrat’s Tom Lee predicts $500k Bitcoin in 5 years as institutions begin pouring in Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 17:47
Bankrupt FTX seeks to sell luxury Bahamian properties amid bankruptcy proceedings Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 17:17
Bitcoin “HODL wave” patterns signal potential FOMO-driven price climbs Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 16:39
Bitcoin futures margined in BTC hit historic lows as cash options prevail Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 15:47
BITO registers near-historic Bitcoin inflow, indicating ETF market momentum Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 14:42
UK crypto investors warned of tax return penalties ahead of January deadline Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 14:17
Bitcoin maintained independence from traditional market forces in 2023 Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 13:57
BitGo secures preliminary approval in Singapore to become major payment institution Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 13:19
Blackrock drops ETF fee to just 0.12% for first $5B in assets, 0.25% ongoing Cryptoslate
2024-01-10 11:4