Crypto investment platform Fasset granted operational license in Dubai Cointelegraph
15 hours ago
Replace-by-fee (RBF), explained Cointelegraph
15 hours ago
Robinhood to roll out US stock trading in British market Cointelegraph
15 hours ago
De-Fi could solve Africa’s foreign exchange problems, neo-bank CEO says Cointelegraph
16 hours ago
Digital Canadian dollar fails to impress despite high awareness Cointelegraph
16 hours ago
Australia tries again to combat ‘future sectors’ crypto scams Cointelegraph
18 hours ago
Elon Musk tells advertisers trying to 'blackmail' X — ‘Go fuck yourself’ Cointelegraph
19 hours ago
Sam Altman makes official return as OpenAI CEO, Microsoft gains board seat Cointelegraph
20 hours ago
Crypto exchange FTX gets nod to sell $873M of assets to repay creditors Cointelegraph
21 hours ago
Bitcoin ETF race gets 13th entrant, BlackRock revises ETF model Cointelegraph
23 hours ago
Brazilians may soon need to stump up taxes on crypto held abroad Cointelegraph
23 hours ago
Research the dynamics of market manipulation before you jump in Bitcoin ETFs Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Over 75% of Web3 games ‘failed’ in last five years: CoinGecko Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Can Sony and Microsoft bring blockchain to gaming consoles? Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Outrage ChatGPT won’t say slurs, Q* ‘breaks encryption’, 99% fake web: AI Eye Cointelegraph
1 day ago
CME Bitcoin futures show investors betting on $40K BTC price Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Binance will end support for BUSD stablecoin in December Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Estonian court nixes extradition of accused crypto scammers to US Cointelegraph
1 day ago
US Deputy Treasury Secretary calls for additional tools to sanction crypto firms Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Square Enix auction dates, Azuki DAO rebrands to Bean: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Former British Chancellor's crypto firm Copper launches tokenized securities platform Cointelegraph
1 day ago
NFT sales and pricing are driven by luck, scarcity, and optimism, according to multiple studies Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Price analysis 11/29: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, AVAX Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Bitcoin price fails $38.5K breakout as US GDP fuels Fed hard landing woes Cointelegraph
1 day ago
BIS advises central banks to plan in advance for CBDC security Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Paxos receives in-principle approval to issue stablecoins in Abu Dhabi Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Crypto Stories: Charlie Shrem tells how he became a Bitcoin millionaire Cointelegraph
1 day ago
US Treasury sanctions crypto mixer Sinbad, alleging North Korea ties Cointelegraph
1 day ago
SoFi Technologies to cease crypto services by Dec. 19 Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Why JSON-LD matters for Web3 Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Wormhole raises $225M at $2.5B valuation Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Real AI use cases in crypto, No. 3: Smart contract audits & cybersecurity Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Poloniex prepares to resume withdrawals after $100M hack Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Bitcoin NFT marketplace Bioniq eyes lofty goal of alleviating network congestion Cointelegraph
1 day ago
IOTA launches $100 million Abu Dhabi foundation for Middle East expansion Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Huddle01 CEO explains why communications tech must be decentralized Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Santander appoints crypto custodian Taurus to safeguard Bitcoin, Ether: Report Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Jack Dorsey wants to decentralize Bitcoin mining with new investment Cointelegraph
1 day ago
How can NFTs transform daily life? Cointelegraph
1 day ago
UK crypto hodlers get a call from the tax grinch Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Stakeholder urges swift implementation of Nigeria’s blockchain policy Cointelegraph
1 day ago
BIS Innovation Hub presents its ‘private CBDC’ project Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Ethereum donations top Save the Children HODL Hope Campaign Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Security audits ‘not enough’ as losses reach $1.5B in 2023, security professional says Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Bitcoin gets ‘whale games’ warning as BTC price eyes $40K into US data Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Aerodrome and Velodrome DeFi platforms experience front-end hacks Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Zipmex proposes to pay creditors 3 cents per dollar Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Binance operates without license in Philippines, regulator says Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Cristiano Ronaldo sued for promoting Binance, unregistered securities Cointelegraph
1 day ago
KyberSwap DEX hacker sends an on-chain message: Be nice, or else Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Tether’s ‘new era for capital raises’ Bitfinex bond flops Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Genesis strikes repayment deal with parent firm DCG to end $620M lawsuit Cointelegraph
1 day ago
What crypto traders can learn from Charlie Munger — even if he hated BTC Cointelegraph
1 day ago
‘Clear runway’ opens for all Bitcoin ETF approvals in Jan: Analysts Cointelegraph
1 day ago
SEC seeks public input on Franklin Templeton, Hashdex Bitcoin ETFs Cointelegraph
1 day ago
Amazon launches ‘Q’ — a ChatGPT competitor purpose-built for business Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Jump Crypto filed docs confidentially in SEC v. Terraform Labs case Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Futures will be the best crypto game in town even after a Bitcoin spot ETF Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Coinbase warns customers about subpoena in apparent CFTC Bybit probe Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Future of business through the synthesis of blockchain technology, data and AI Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Fireblocks launches trading system to mitigate centralized exchange risk Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Judge signs off on $1.65B settlement between Voyager Digital and FTC Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Oxford quantum computing spinout announces $100M funding round led by Japan’s SBI Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Interactive Brokers opens Hong Kong retail crypto trading with OSL Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Changpeng Zhao steps down as Binance.US chair Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Canaan secures new financing as revenue falls 55% in Q3 Cointelegraph
2 days ago
More foreign banks join China’s CBDC pilot trials Cointelegraph
2 days ago
‘Buy the rumor, sell the news’ — Bitcoin ETF may spark TradFi sell-off Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Real AI use cases in crypto, No. 2: AIs can run DAOs Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Bitcoin mining firm Phoenix Group delays share listing Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Upbit parent Dunamu's profits drop 81% in Q3 Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Why Binance’s US plea deal could be positive for crypto adoption Cointelegraph
2 days ago
FTX failure reveals flaws in multifunction crypto-asset intermediaries — FSB Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Decentralization and sovereignty: Debunking our approach to digital sovereignty Cointelegraph
2 days ago
​​Hong Kong authorities say 145 victims and $18.9M lost in Hounax scam Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Vitalik Buterin thinks AI may surpass humans, community responds Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Animoca becomes largest validator of Telegram's TON blockchain Cointelegraph
2 days ago
11th anniversary of Bitcoin’s first halving: from $12 to $37,000 Cointelegraph
2 days ago
JPMorgan, Apollo plan for enterprise mainnet, execs reveal Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Spanish citizens to declare foreign crypto holdings by end of March 2024 Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Binance, CZ paid for defying financial, political status quo: Arthur Hayes Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Amnesty International head says AI innovation vs. regulation is ‘false dichotomy’ Cointelegraph
2 days ago
What are sniper bots, and how to stop token sniping exploits? Cointelegraph
2 days ago
eToro, M2 win AGDM crypto licenses to operate in UAE financial center Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Bitcoin metric that 'looks into future' eyes $48K BTC price around ETF Cointelegraph
2 days ago
ARK offloads $5.2M in Coinbase stock amid 18-month high Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Nic Carter, other pro-Bitcoiners fight climate impact narrative in new paper Cointelegraph
2 days ago
FTX users name Mercedes F1 team and MLB in new promo lawsuits Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Vitalik Buterin: AI may surpass humans as the 'apex species' Cointelegraph
2 days ago
Coinbase shares hit 18-month high after Binance charges Cointelegraph
3 days ago
SEC still looking for potential FTX-style fraud at Binance.US: Report Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Ethereum price falls as regulatory worries and pause in DApp use impact investor sentiment Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Bitcoin traders' bullish bias holds firm even as BTC price dips to $37K Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Tornado Cash token falls 57% after Binance announces delisting Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Researchers at ETH Zurich created a jailbreak attack that bypasses AI guardrails Cointelegraph
3 days ago
The end of an era for Binance, troubles for Kraken: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Changpeng Zhao may not leave the US pending court review, says judge Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Inflows into Bitcoin investment products reach $1.5B year-to-date Cointelegraph
3 days ago
IBM brings ‘utility-scale’ quantum computing to Japan as China and Europe struggle to compete Cointelegraph
3 days ago
The ‘WAGMI’ mentality is undermining crypto Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Price analysis 11/27: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, LINK Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Binance CEO outlines plan for crypto exchange after CZ steps down Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Crypto exchange grace period to remain unchanged in Hong Kong despite scandals Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Standard Chartered joins China's CBDC pilot testing Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Real AI use cases in crypto, No. 1: The best money for AI is crypto Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Mainstream approval critical for blockchain games — Gaming execs Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Binance-linked HKVAEX still preparing to apply for license in Hong Kong Cointelegraph
3 days ago
OKX launches crypto exchange, wallet services in Brazil Cointelegraph
3 days ago
$750M in locked crypto tokens to be released by December Cointelegraph
3 days ago
BTC price eyes $40K amid record hash rate — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Average value of undeclared crypto in Japan dropped 19% in 2022 Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Bankless controversy forces founders to burn tokens and separate from DAO Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Crypto miner Hive expands data center operations in Sweden Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Robert Kiyosaki recommends Bitcoin, gold, silver investments ‘before it’s too late’ Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Asked to get a banana, a BAYC owner narrowly avoids a fake Forbes scam Cointelegraph
3 days ago
US, Britain and other countries ink ‘secure by design’ AI guidelines Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Circle and SBI Holdings partner to boost USDC circulation in Japan Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Crypto exchange HTX reinstates Bitcoin services after $30M hack Cointelegraph
3 days ago
Inferno Drainer says it’s shutting down after helping steal $70M in crypto Cointelegraph
2023-11-27 00:00
Lightning devs must ‘wake up’ and fix security bugs, not please VCs: Bitcoin dev Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 23:48
Blast’s marketing approach “cheapens the work of a serious team” — Paradigm Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 20:47
Bitcoin struggles to flip $38K to support, while UNI, IMX, VET and ALGO aim to push higher Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 18:59
How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in the UK Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 18:30
What’s next for Binance’s Changpeng “CZ” Zhao Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 17:58
Cosmos Hub greenlights ATOM inflation cut for security boost Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 12:44
Bitcoin bulls hold firm into weekly close: BTC price eyes $39.3K Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 12:27
Indexed Finance thwarts hijackers, set to compensate 2021 hack victims Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 11:46
XRP price bull flag hints at 20% rally by New Year's Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 10:52
California governor calls for statewide generative AI training Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 06:48
Crypto exchange Zipmex suspends trading activity in Thailand Cointelegraph
2023-11-26 04:29
Binance onboarded millions into finance but forgot the paperwork — Columbia professor Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 21:15
BlackRock meets with SEC over ETF, Binance’s new era begins and SBF loses release bid: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 19-25 Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 18:55
BitMEX Co-founder predicts Bitcoin surge amid dollar liquidity rise Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 11:36
Azuki DAO rebrands to ‘Bean’ as it drops lawsuit against founder Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 10:02
Nigeria’s Patricia Technologies relieved as arrest made in crypto wallet heist Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 08:44
CZ challenges US gov't attempt to restrict travel before sentencing date Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 05:51
UK regulator advocates for asset managers to tokenize funds Cointelegraph
2023-11-25 02:11
Blast network hits $400M TVL, rebuts claim that it's too centralized Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 21:38
KyberSwap attacker used ‘infinite money glitch,’ Australia’s tax agency won’t clarify DeFi rules: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 20:02
Crypto documentary ‘Bull Run’ takes on Bitcoin, tokenization and trading addiction Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 19:47
Square Enix announces auction dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 18:08
Price analysis 11/24: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, AVAX Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 18:00
Crypto Biz: Binance’s CZ falls, Grayscale and BlackRock meet with SEC, and more Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 16:04
'Enjoy sub-$40K Bitcoin' — PlanB stresses $100K average BTC price from 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 15:33
Blockchain devs expect complications from EU smart contract kill switch Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 14:22
Interactive Brokers Hong Kong licensed in Hong Kong for retail virtual asset trading Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 13:51
Tether, Bitfinex agree to drop opposition to FOIL request Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 13:44
Hashing It Out: A conversation about spot Bitcoin ETFs and decentralized ETFs Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 13:22
Bitcoin critic, ECB chief Lagarde says her son 'ignored' her, lost money on crypto: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 13:15
Indian government set to introduce rules against deepfake menace Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 12:08
Bitcoin buyer pushes BTC price past $38K as traders demand key breakout Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 11:55
KyberSwap hacker offers $4.6M bounty for return of $46M loot Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 11:31
European regulator: CASPs should work on protocol interoperability, self-hosted wallets Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 10:58
Crypto Thanksgiving: Community hails industry milestones, expresses gratitude Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 09:49
Do Kwon extradition approved by Montenegro court Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 09:44
Hong Kong to use AI against superbugs and antibiotic overprescription Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 09:40
EU tech coalition warns of over-regulating AI before EU AI Act finalization Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 09:36
Cathie Wood’s ARK dumps 700K GBTC shares in one month Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 09:28
Nigeria’s NITDA advocates AI integration in payments for global recognition Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 09:02
Nansen phishing emails flood crypto investors’ inboxes Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 08:33
Dutch exchange Bitvavo cleared to operate in France Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 08:25
Raiffeisenlandesbank to launch Bitcoin trading in early 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 08:10
Singapore to restrict retail crypto speculation with new rules Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 06:53
Wallet of Satoshi vanishes from Apple and Google’s US app stores Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 06:18
Jim Cramer admits he was wrong about Bitcoin — ‘I was premature’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 03:35
‘Strap yourselves in’ — Bull market coming early 2024, say crypto exchange heads Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 02:29
Australia’s tax agency won’t clarify its confusing, ‘aggressive’ crypto rules Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 01:11
It sounds fishy, but SBF really IS trading mackerel in prison: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-24 00:47
HTX hacked again for $13.6M, 100K Koreans test CBDC, Binance 2.0: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 23:34
Ethereum (ETH) price reclaims $2K as data shows a surge in network activity Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 22:43
X restricts Changpeng Zhao’s account after name change removes ‘Binance’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 19:56
XRP price faces Q4 rout and 20% drop Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 19:55
Stablecoins will remain ‘indispensable’ in Argentina under new president — Ripio CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 19:37
KyberSwap attacker used ‘infinite money glitch’ to drain funds: DeFi expert Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 18:00
Stablecoin bill is a ‘no-brainer’ — Consensys director on US legislation Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 17:12
Bitcoin to $1M post-ETF approval? BTC price predictions diverge wildly Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 16:28
Launching a DeFi company? 9 tips for choosing the best locale Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 16:02
HTX to restore services 'within 24 hours' after $13.6M hack Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 15:53
Solana’s genesis story: Anatoly Yakovenko’s vision for a high-performance blockchain Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 14:25
Bitcoin supercycle 2024: Is this the cycle to end them all? Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 14:03
Milei vowed to close Argentina’s central bank — But will he do it? Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 13:52
Bitcoin user pays $3.1M transaction fee for 139 BTC transfer Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 13:52
Milei presidential victory fuels optimism in Argentina’s Bitcoin community Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 13:51
Alchemy bags money services license in Iowa, expands US services Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 13:13
CoinFLEX creditors dissatisfied with restructuring to OPNX: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 13:02
FTX’s FTT token rallies 30% — Binance effect or FTX 2.0 reopening? Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 12:47
Justin Sun-related crypto platforms hacked 4 times in 2 months Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 12:39
User claims $11M in Blur token rewards at NFT marketplace’s season 2 airdrop Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 10:39
Bitcoin ETF hype returns as 'aggressive bid' sends BTC price near $38K Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 10:35
FTX collapse, Binance’s US settlement provides strong case for MiCA regulations Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 09:43
South Korea to invite 100,000 citizens to test CBDC in 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 09:08
Italian regulators investigate online AI data scraping Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 09:01
City of Lugano integrates Polygon into its crypto-payment system Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 08:59
U.S. 5th Circuit Court seeks regulation on lawyers’ AI use in legal filings Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 08:52
Kraken co-founder hails ‘more fair’ playing field as DOJ fines Binance Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 07:47
CZ an ‘unacceptable risk of flight,’ should stay in US: DOJ Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 05:00
Is Binance’s $4B settlement the green light for spot Bitcoin ETFs? Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 03:53
KyberSwap DEX exploited for $46 million, TVL tanks 68% Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 01:41
Director YOLO'd $4M of Netflix budget into Dogecoin, made $27M: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-23 01:27
Appeals court rejects Sam Bankman-Fried’s bid for release Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 23:27
65% plunge in Web3 Games in ’23 but ‘real hits’ coming, $26M NFL Rivals NFT: Web3 Gamer Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 23:03
Sam Altman’s ouster shows Biden isn’t handling AI properly Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 22:25
No ‘mass exodus of funds’ following Binance-DOJ settlement — Nansen Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 20:35
MAYC ripoff creator pleads guilty, G2A opens NFT platform: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 20:02
Bitcoin derivatives traders target $40K BTC price now that Binance is resolved Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 19:46
Binance CEO’s downfall is 'the end of an era' — Charles Hoskinson Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 19:33
Price analysis 11/22: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, AVAX Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 18:00
BlackRock met with SEC officials to discuss spot Bitcoin ETF Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 17:44
HTX exchange loses $13.6M in hot wallet hack: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 17:32
Nvidia posts record $18B third quarter revenue, cites generative AI as primary driver Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 17:12
Pancakeswap implements new ‘Gauges’ voting system and sunsets vCAKE metric Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 16:51
Coinbase cites SEC action against Kraken in push for crypto rulemaking Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 16:13
Binance's DOJ settlement offered some glimmers of hope for the crypto industry Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 16:05
BTC price bounces 3% post Binance amid call for Bitcoin bulls to 'step in' Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 14:34
This is your brain on crypto: Substance abuse grows among crypto traders Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 14:32
Former Coinbase exec posits blockchain-driven vision of future societies Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 14:04
HECO Chain bridge compromised, over $86.6M sent to suspicious addresses Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 12:55
Setting new standards for crypto exchanges in the post-FTX era: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 12:53
Did Binance's CZ predict his own downfall? Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 12:34
CoinMarketCap rival CoinGecko acquires NFT startup Zash Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 11:53
OpenAI and Microsoft sued over alleged unauthorized use of authors’ work Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 11:10
New Binance CEO Richard Teng pitches 'very strong' foundation to skeptics Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 11:00
Binance, CZ settlement with US DOJ 'bullish for Bitcoin ETF,' crypto community says Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 10:42
Belgium seeks to reboot EU blockchain infrastructure project Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 10:36
FTC enhances investigative procedures to deal with AI-related lawbreaking Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 09:50
CZ departure, Binance deal lead to purge of $175M of crypto longs Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 09:05
Mt. Gox creditors offered fresh hope with new ‘commencement of repayment’ email Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 08:55
CZ cites Star Trek to Binance staff: ‘l need everyone to continue performing admirably’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 08:42
Bankrupt crypto lender Genesis sues Gemini to recover $689M worth of 'Preferential Transfers' Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 08:02
OpenAI to rehire Sam Altman as CEO with new initial board members Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 06:23
Rethinking Bitcoin 'dominance' at 51% — A misleading metric? Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 06:18
Grayscale met with SEC to discuss spot Bitcoin ETF details Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 04:12
New Zealand dollar stablecoin goes live through local crypto exchange Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 02:19
CZ released on $175M bond, could return to Dubai Cointelegraph
2023-11-22 00:30
Binance settles with U.S. government: Timeline of US enforcement actions Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 23:14
Are Bitcoin ETFs good for adoption or ‘watered-down crypto’? Debate rages Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 22:44
Crypto markets mixed as traders digest DOJ action against Binance, CZ Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 22:24
Binance charges prove 'following the rules' was the right decision: Coinbase CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 21:48
US officials announce $4.3B settlement with Binance, plea deal with CZ Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 21:01
Binance names Richard Teng CEO amid Changpeng Zhao’s forced departure Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 20:47
Court unseals indictments against Binance and CZ, detailing expected guilty pleas Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 19:44
BNB price rallies on news of DOJ-Binance settlement Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 18:19
US Justice Department seizes 9M USDT amid $225M illicit funds frozen by Tether Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 17:47
Breaking: Binance's CZ pleads guilty to violating anti-money laundering requirements—WSJ Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 17:31
Spot Bitcoin ETF: Why this time is different Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 17:02
Microsoft, Salesforce, and Nvidia swoop in to hire OpenAI employees as walkout threats increase Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 16:44
Circle launches 'bridged USDC standard' for deploying to new networks Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 16:04
Navigating the crypto frontier: Pioneers’ insights for new Web3 professionals Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 16:02
BTC price returns key profit mark to Bitcoin exchange users at $34.7K Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 15:09
Celsius entity to focus only on mining under proposed reorganization plan Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 15:05
Michael Saylor’s a fan, but Frisby says bull run needs a new guru: X Hall of Flame Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 14:32
Can blockchain supply the guardrails to keep AI on course? Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 14:03
Aragon DAO votes to fund legal action against its founders Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 13:31
Tether’s bank partner Britannia sued over $1B deposit: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 13:16
OpenAI seeks to diffuse internal tensions after Altman departure: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 13:15
Centralized vs. decentralized orders matching on DEXs Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 13:02
Binance $3.9B USDT move gains community attention amid DoJ settlement claims Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 12:27
Bitcoin stalls below $38K as analysis hints 'Notorious B.I.D.' is back Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 11:26
CZ, Buterin, Dorsey top crypto social media popularity charts as SBF clings to 10th place Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 11:26
Crypto community responds to Kraken lawsuit, Deaton slams 'dishonorable' Gensler Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 10:17
Fantom Foundation awards $1.7M bounty for preventing $170M drain Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 09:47
dYdX founder blames V3 central components for 'targeted attack,' involves FBI Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 09:30
Security firm dWallet Labs flags validator vulnerability that could affect $1B in crypto Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 08:40
Kraken co-founder slams ‘decel’ SEC, warns others should flee US Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 05:59
Apple sued for blocking crypto tech for P2P payments Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 04:49
BNB pops after report that DOJ wants $4B settlement with Binance Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 04:22
Bitcoin transaction fees flip Ethereum’s as Ordinals hype returns Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 02:53
Blockchain Association files support in suit to lift Tornado Cash sanctions Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 00:43
6 Questions for Alex O’Donnell about the future of DeFi Cointelegraph
2023-11-21 00:11
SEC sues Kraken alleging it's an unregistered exchange, mixes user funds Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 22:47
Cambodian digital currency bakong amps up use case with Alipay agreement Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 21:49
US regulators continue to discuss crypto: Law Decoded, Nov. 13–20 Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 21:02
Crypto traders are looking at Dogecoin (DOGE) again — Here is why Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 20:32
Canadian regulator seeks feedback on crypto asset exposure disclosure requirements Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 20:32
Bittrex Global announces all trading will be disabled as it winds down operations Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 20:26
Microsoft and Nvidia stocks reach all-time highs amid OpenAI CEO shuffle Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 20:00
US Justice Dept. is reportedly ready to settle with Binance for $4 billion Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 19:45
Political donations aplenty: Event recap for North American Blockchain Summit Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 18:32
Price analysis 11/20: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, LINK Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 18:10
Scientists developed an AI monitoring agent to detect and stop harmful outputs Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 17:20
OpenAI staff tells board to resign after Sam Altman ousting: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 15:21
ARK, 21Shares update spot Bitcoin ETF application as next SEC deadline looms Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 15:05
Tether freezes $225M USDT linked to romance scammers amid DOJ investigation Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 15:04
Crypto exchange Bullish buys 100% stake in crypto media site CoinDesk: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 14:30
Dfinity taps SingularityNET to bring AI services to DApps Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 14:02
Mastercard combats crypto fraud with latest AI integration Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 13:31
Japanese exchange plans to start digital securities trading on Dec. 25 Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 12:49
Crypto community begins Bitcoin halving countdown as milestone date nears Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 12:39
ZK community aligned with the core Web3 mission: zkDay Istanbul round-up Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 12:35
Santander offers Bitcoin, ETH trading for Swiss account holders: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 11:38
Who is the new OpenAI CEO Emmet Shear? Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 11:35
Poloniex says hacker’s identity is confirmed, offers last bounty at $10M Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 11:12
Crypto ETP volumes surge 91%, outpacing underlying assets — Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 10:29
70% of BTC dormant for a year — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 10:01
Microsoft hires Sam Altman, Greg Brockman after departure from OpenAI Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 08:28
Kronos Research halts trading amid $25M API key hack investigation Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 07:46
Free-to-play Web3 games hold the key to mass adoption, YGG co-founder Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 07:09
Atomic Wallet asks to toss suit over $100M hack saying it has ‘no US ties’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 06:35
Sam Altman's OpenAI ouster sees rollercoaster Worldcoin price Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 06:03
A timeline of Sam Altman’s outing from OpenAI Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 02:50
Bitcoin-friendly Javier Milei wins Argentina presidential election Cointelegraph
2023-11-20 01:37
Who is Mira Murati, OpenAI’s interim CEO? Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 20:31
SOL, LINK, NEAR and THETA flash bullish as Bitcoin takes a breather Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 19:47
dYdX raises margin requirements in some markets, bans “highly profitable trades” Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 17:36
Bitcoin nears pre-halving 'target zone' toward $50K BTC price Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 12:28
Meta dissolves responsible AI division amid restructuring Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 09:50
Ripple’s James Wallis underscores CBDCs’ role in breaking financial barriers Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 08:27
One year on: Top 3 gainers after the 'FTX crash bottom' Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 07:54
OpenAI investors push for Sam Altman's return as CEO: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 03:24
What are NFT DApps, and how to create and launch one? Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 01:06
Bitcoin ETF approval nearing, but brace for more setbacks: BitGo CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-19 01:04
OpenAI’s Sam Altman ousted, BlackRock and Fidelity seek Ether ETF, and more: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 12-18 Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 21:32
OpenAI’s crisis escalates as more staff resign after CEO removal: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 20:47
dYdX founder claims targeted attack led to $9M insurance claim Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 18:58
Yearn.Finance token tumbles 43%, community speculates on exit scam Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 16:13
Former Bithumb chair faces 8-year imprisonment Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 10:22
Crypto wallet with zero connectivity: NGRAVE joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 10:02
OpenAI: Altman’s removal triggers co-founder Brockman’s exit Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 08:10
Cybersecurity expert backs Sen. Warren's crypto bill in senate hearing Cointelegraph
2023-11-18 05:10
Fidelity seeks green light for Ethereum ETF, following BlackRock's filing Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 23:49
‘Primitive’ stablecoin lacks mechanisms that maintain fiat stability: BIS Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 22:04
3 metrics DeFi traders can watch in order to spot the next crypto bull market Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 22:03
Sam Altman ousted from OpenAI, CTO Mira Murati named interim CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 21:36
Crypto Biz: Uniswap’s Android wallet app, Cboe to launch BTC, ETH margin futures, and more Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 21:02
Bitcoin fees skyrocket on ETF hype Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 20:20
Sushi to test Bitcoin swaps and Opyn DeFi protocol founders cave to CFTC pressure: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 19:27
Bitcoin traders' BTC price dip targets now include $30.9K bottom Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 16:26
ENS developers urge Unstoppable Domains to drop patents or face lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 16:08
Tech firm Republic taps Avalanche for profit-sharing investment note Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 16:02
DMT and a Hellboy outfit — How diewiththemostlikes got on SuperRare: NFT Creator Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 14:32
How to backup your crypto wallet private keys Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 13:32
Bitcoin bull market FOMO absent as BTC price nears key $39K profit zone Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 11:44
WisdomTree amends S-1 form spot Bitcoin ETF filing as crypto crowd awaits SEC decisions Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 11:33
AI's energy consumption concerns echo Bitcoin mining criticisms, says Heatbit founder Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 11:28
Ripple lawyer urges fact-check of Gary Gensler’s speech, says SEC actions seen as 'shady' Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 10:13
Global securities body IOSCO unveils crypto regulatory framework proposals Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 09:40
Ukraine officials get training on crypto and virtual assets investigation Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 09:26
Crypto lobby spending in U.S. set to beat 2022 record: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 09:01
Canada flags concern on AI-generated deepfake disinformation campaigns Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 07:44
Sushi taps into ZetaChain to begin testing native Bitcoin DeFi swaps Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 07:39
Singapore central bank to trial live wholesale CBDC for settlements Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 05:18
CoinShares gets buying rights to Valkyrie’s crypto ETF unit Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 03:39
Web3 should draw newcomers, not be a ‘money grab from brands’ — Tech CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 02:20
Polygon gas fees spike 1000% amid Ordinals-inspired token craze Cointelegraph
2023-11-17 01:47
No civil protection for crypto in China, $300K to list coins in Hong Kong? Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 23:14
Public needs to know blockchain use cases, AI needs regulation now — Andrew Yang Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 21:46
Failed '$175M' real estate token raise draws ire of Texas regulators Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 20:32
Meta introduces AI models for video generation, image editing Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 20:02
Vivek Ramaswamy unveils crypto policy platform criticizing mixer sanctions Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 19:32
Tether plans major expansion into BTC mining with $500M investment: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 19:02
Brazil's crypto regulatory environment is driving competitiveness — CEO of Coinext Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 17:53
Aave Companies rebrands to Avara, acquires Ethereum self-custody ‘Family Wallet’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 17:17
BTC price dips 4% as Bitcoin analysis reveals low liquidity above $33K Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 15:41
Boosting blockchain adoption by keeping tech on the back end Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 14:25
AI identity platform combats ownership and deep fakes Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 14:20
Dubai’s crypto regulator VARA switches leadership as it ramps up operations Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 14:02
3AC co-founder Kyle Davies spotted in Bali, sources claim Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 13:58
German Parliament member ’staunch opponent' of digital Euro, all in on Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 13:57
Hashing It Out: How Web3 is causing an evolution of traditional finance Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 13:22
Blockchains are becoming dollarized: Now what? Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 13:02
Game distributor G2A opens gaming-focused NFT marketplace Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 12:13
US Congress members urge financial authorities to invalidate SEC’s SAB 121 Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 12:09
BlackRock files S1 form for spot Ether ETF with SEC Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 12:04
Bitcoin enters make-or-break zone after BTC price snaps back to $38K Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 11:45
Ferrari’s Bitcoin acceptance is major market win, says CoinFlip CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 10:52
Ethereum L2 Starknet aims to decentralize core components of its scaling network Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 10:22
Blockdaemon among founders of BSN Spartan Network governing body Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 10:02
Turkey mulls addressing licensing and taxation in new crypto rule Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 09:09
South Korea’s pension fund bags 280K Coinbase shares: SEC data Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 09:03
Microsoft Maia AI chip 'last puzzle piece' for infrastructure systems Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 09:01
Philippines to sell $179M in tokenized treasury bonds for the first time Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 08:21
Binance to launch Thai exchange in joint venture with local energy giant Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 05:56
Solana hoses down ‘inaccurate’ CertiK report on Saga phone security flaws Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 05:14
New York finance regulator tightens crypto listing guidance Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 03:28
Paxos to issue USD stablecoin in Singapore, wins initial approval Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 02:55
Solana jumps 20% as Cathie Wood lauds its speed and cost over Ethereum Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 01:43
Grayscale ETH futures ETF a ‘trojan horse’ for spot Ethereum ETF: Analyst Cointelegraph
2023-11-16 01:28
Except some crypto companies to fail in the wake of Bitcoin's halving Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 23:54
Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX) and dYdX produce double-digit gains as Bitcoin reclaims $37K Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 22:02
US House Financial Services subcommittee looks for answers on crypto and crime Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 21:02
Disney launches NFT platform, eye issues at ApeFest and NFT sales rise: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 20:02
46% of crypto lost from exploits is due to traditional Web2 flaws - Immunefi Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 19:23
Price analysis 11/15: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, MATIC, LINK, TON Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 18:32
Bakkt shifts focus to custody services, adds support to DOGE, SHIB, other coins Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 17:32
Layer 2 networks hit $13 billion TVL but challenges still remain Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 16:59
Breaking into Liberland: Dodging guards with inner-tubes, decoys and diplomats Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 14:32
New York MoMA now has tokenized artworks in its permanent collection Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 14:05
Microsoft, Tencent and other tech giants join Decentralized Infura Network Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 13:52
OpenAI halts new ChatGPT Plus sign-ups amid high demand Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 13:38
3 reasons why Bitcoin price failed to break $37K Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 13:23
Web3 advocate and author Alex Tapscott on the future of blockchain mass adoption Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 13:22
Commerzbank granted crypto custody license in Germany Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 13:02
Financial decision-making: Using smart-analytics Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 13:02
Robinhood meme stock punters denied class suit certification Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 12:55
Binance Labs invests in ARKM, the native token of Arkham platform Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 12:54
Kazakhstan officially launches digital tenge Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 11:30
Poloniex crypto exchange resumes withdrawals after $100M hack Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 11:24
Singapore introduces five new pilots to test asset tokenization Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 10:16
Dairy Queen opens NFT pop-up store in China Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 10:02
OpenSea NFT users report massive email phishing campaign Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 09:29
IMF head: CBDCs can replace cash, help financial inclusion Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 09:19
Cybersecurity team claims up to $2.1B in crypto stored in old wallets is at risk Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 08:35
Crypto custodian Hex Trust receives Dubai VASP license Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 08:32
BTC price bounces at 1-week lows as Bitcoin whales sell into $35K Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 08:28
YouTube says creators must disclose gen AI use or face suspension Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 08:22
OKX joins Komainu and CoinShares for institutional segregated asset trading Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 08:02
Ethereum’s rollups are 'gold standard’ but Plasma needs a revisit: Buterin Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 04:47
XRP spike on hoax filing a ‘bad look’ but won’t sway SEC’s ETF approvals Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 03:02
Creator of Mutant Ape ripoff NFTs pleads guilty to $3M fraud scheme Cointelegraph
2023-11-15 01:14 $110M funding round halves its 2022 valuation: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 23:10
Delaware authorities refer fake BlackRock XRP trust filing to state's Justice Department Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 20:41
Tornado Cash users file appeal over judgment in favor of US Treasury Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 19:30
Opyn DeFi protocol founders are leaving crypto after CFTC crackdown Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 17:02
OKX launches Ethereum layer-2 testnet using ZK-based Polygon CDK Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 17:02
Bim Afolami takes the reins on UK crypto policy as new Economic Secretary Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 16:32
Disney launches NFT platform with Dapper Labs Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 15:55
Bitcoin bounces at $36.2K lows as CPI inflation slows beyond forecasts Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 15:15
Uniswap launches Android wallet app with built-in swap function Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 15:02
I spent a week working in VR. It was mostly terrible, however… Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 14:32
$48K is now 'reasonable' BTC price target — DecenTrader's Filbfilb Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 14:22
Cointelegraph’s Rise ‘n’ Crypto: Unveiling the daily Web3 podcast Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 14:02
Animoca eyes SportFi ecosystem, becomes Chiliz Chain validator Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 14:02
FTX, BlockFi claims settlement allowed to proceed, judge declares Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 13:38
Tether credits USDT growth surge to ETF excitement, emerging markets Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 13:30
If blockchain projects sold cars: Facts vs. feelings in Web3 marketing Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 13:02
Ripple exec reiterates need for tech-neutral crypto regulations Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 12:33
Owner of Hong Kong crypto exchange OSL secures $90M investment Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 11:27
Swan Bitcoin to terminate customer accounts that use crypto-mixing services Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 10:47
NFT sales volume upward trend to continue, industry execs say Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 09:37
Democratic Party of South Korea to compel parliamentary candidates to disclose crypto Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 09:32
Goldman Sachs leads $95M funding round for blockchain payment firm Fnality — Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 09:11
Google sues scammers over creation of fake Bard AI chatbot Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 09:08
Crypto is second most popular investment asset in France: Survey Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 08:33
Australia to impose capital gains tax on wrapped cryptocurrency tokens Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 08:21 granted Dubai crypto license Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 05:45
New figures show hardly anyone is using ERC-4337 smart accounts Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 04:40
FTX Foundation staffer fights for $275K bonus promised by SBF Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 02:38
Elon Musk AI project inspired memecoin ‘Grok’ falls 74% on creator scam claim Cointelegraph
2023-11-14 01:46
XRP jumps then dumps on faked BlackRock XRP trust filing Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 23:00
First deadline window looms for SEC to approve Bitcoin ETFs: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 21:38
APEC finance ministers to share perspectives on crypto at meeting in San Francisco Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 21:20
Why is Solana (SOL) price down today? Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 21:16
Crypto advocacy group pushes back against proposed IRS rules on brokers Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 20:22
CBOE to launch BTC, ETH margin futures trading in January with 11 firms supporting Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 19:02
DeFi vulnerability leading to $6.7M exploit 'not detected' by auditors Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 18:04
Price analysis 11/13: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, LINK Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 17:21
History tells us we’re in for a strong bull market with a hard landing Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 17:15
Taiwanese crypto exchange and VASP member Bitgin under investigation for money laundering Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 17:03
Bitcoin institutional inflows top $1B in 2023 amid BTC supply squeeze Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 14:37
No CZ, no problem: Binance Blockchain Week showcases Turkish crypto industry Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 14:08
Crypto news site The Block shakes off SBF ties with Foresight Ventures deal Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 14:05
U.S. FSC to discuss illicit activity in crypto at upcoming hearing Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 13:21
How to bear the bear market: Web3 tips Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 13:02
Spanish regulator signals potential X probe on crypto ads Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 12:15
SAG-AFTRA strike ends as AI deal reached, Hollywood still torn Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 11:23
Bitget drops plans to seek crypto license in Hong Kong Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 11:01
Chinese hackers use fake Skype app to target crypto users in new phishing scam Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 10:56
Brad Garlinghouse jabs at maximalists: ‘It will be a multichain world’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 10:38
Stablecoin firm Tether minted 4B USDT in 4 weeks: Data Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 10:25
What is Gresham’s law, and how does it relate to cryptocurrencies? Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 10:25
Bitcoin miners earned $44M in a day to record annual all-time high Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 09:52
Hackers claim to have stolen user data from defunct crypto ATM firm Coin Cloud Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 08:21
Australian regulators will compel businesses to report cyberattacks: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 07:34
Funding rates echo $69K BTC price — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 07:34
THORChain becomes third largest DEX as Rune surges 50% in a week Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 05:39
Bithumb plans to be first crypto exchange listed on Korea stock market: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 04:41
Take Bitcoin profits at $110K, CME tops Binance in BTC futures open interest: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 5-11  Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 03:09
Number of Bitcoin millionaire wallets triples in 2023 Cointelegraph
2023-11-13 01:01
VET, IMX, GRT and ALGO show bullish setups as Bitcoin trades above $37K Cointelegraph
2023-11-12 19:49
Pre-ETF BTC price 'crash' or $150K in 2025? Bitcoin forecasts diverge Cointelegraph
2023-11-12 14:22
XRPL’s fixReducedOffersV1 upgrade initiates 80% consensus countdown Cointelegraph
2023-11-12 11:53
FTX files billion-dollar lawsuit against ByBit over asset withdrawals Cointelegraph
2023-11-12 08:27
Ex-FTX execs team up to build new crypto exchange 12 months after FTX collapse: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-12 03:22
Bitcoiners pitch draft bill to preserve blockchain, decentralization in Argentina Cointelegraph
2023-11-12 00:10
Why the service industry needs blockchain, explained Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 15:57
Why is Solana price up this week? Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 15:23
Indian Supreme court rejects crypto petition, highlights legislative nature Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 10:42
Ripple faces slim odds of $770M disgorgement - XRP holder Attorney Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 08:31
Demand for Bitcoin could grow by up to 10X within 12 months: Michael Saylor Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 06:22
BlackRock argues SEC has no grounds to treat crypto futures and spot ETFs differently Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 04:33
Ethics watchdog rats out Circle for links to Tron in letter to Sens. Warren, Brown Cointelegraph
2023-11-11 02:43
Singapore startup dtcpay launches retail crypto payments system with Chinese partners Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 21:29
Solana price hits a new 2023 high — What’s behind the SOL rally? Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 21:25
Mango Markets’ exploiter to face trial in April, and Coinflux shuts multichain: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 19:27
Researchers claim Bitcoin experiment generated almost 300% higher returns than hodling Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 19:08
3 theses that will drive Ethereum and Bitcoin in the next bull market Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 17:59
Hodlnaut heading for liquidation after failure of restructuring, sale efforts Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 17:51
Price analysis 11/10: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 17:42
Elon slings AI-generated insults at GPT-4 after OpenAI’s CEO mocks Grok Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 16:12
‘$10K JPGs’ scare away gamers, Animoca’s crypto game streaming plans: Web3 Gamer Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 14:32
Bitcoin 'Terminal Price' hints next BTC all-time high is at least $110K Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 14:22
Genesis seeks court's approval to reduce 3AC claim from $1B to $33M Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 13:53
JPMorgan rolls out programmable payments for institutional blockchain platform JPM Coin Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 13:45
UK cryptocurrency scams jump 23%, young investors prime targets: Lloyds Bank Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 13:03
Poloniex exchange suffers $100M exploit, offers 5% bounty Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 12:54
Wallet crypto bot rolls out on Telegram in Colombia, SA and Kenya Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 11:46
China declares stealing digital collections like NFTs liable for criminal theft sentence Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 11:46
Bitcoin ETFs will drive institutional adoption in 2024 - Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 11:37
Nigeria and UK foundation launch Code Clubs for digital literacy Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 11:03
Institute for blockchain and crypto research opens in France Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 10:12
BlackRock ETH ETF helps price past $2k; community sees BTC ETF as 'done deal' Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 10:07
Binance to terminate Russian ruble deposits next week Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 10:05
OpenAI and Microsoft partner with Humane on wearable AI pin Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 09:24
Bitwise insists 'no affiliation' with startup facing SEC charges Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 09:08
CME tops Bitcoin futures OI as 'real facts' drive institutional uptake Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 09:05
47 countries pledge to authorize the crypto-asset reporting framework by 2027 Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 09:00
Turkish Lira becomes top crypto trading pair on Binance in Sept 2023 Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 08:41
CME overtakes Binance to grab largest share of Bitcoin futures open interest Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 08:14
Roblox CEO 'dreams' of in-game cross-platform NFTs and digital objects Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 07:01
Hong Kong ‘ready’ to capitalize on crypto’s next bull run: Hashkey Capital Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 05:34
Ethereum, Bitcoin users reignite scalability debate as gas fees surge Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 04:40
SafeMoon CEO bail release goes on hold after Feds cite flight risk Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 04:26
EU backs Data Act with clause to shut off smart contracts Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 01:39
Cryptoqueen’s OneCoin legal chief pleads guilty to fraud Cointelegraph
2023-11-10 01:12
Ethereum price hits 6-month high amid BlackRock spot ETF buzz, but where’s the retail demand? Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 23:42
China’s surprise NFT move, Hong Kong’s $15M Bitcoin fund: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 23:07
BlackRock’s spot Ethereum ETF plan is confirmed after Nasdaq filing Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 22:38
Lightspeed Faction launches $285M startup fund for crypto projects Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 21:50
Is it altseason? Altcoin 30-day performance and total market cap flash bullish Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 21:23
Court confirms Celsius bankruptcy exit plan, $2B in crypto to go to creditors Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 20:16
Web3 social media to disrupt a $100B market: Pop Social joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 19:44
Microsoft enters $100M partnership with Canadian firm after quantum breakthrough Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 19:30
Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan awards first securitized token license Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 18:43
Are high fees killing some types of DApps? Cartesi explains on Hashing It Out Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 18:40
BlackRock iShares Ethereum Trust registered in Delaware Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 16:52
Cryptocurrency charities can exploit the ‘gambler’s fallacy’ to reap larger donations — study Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 16:29
15 crypto leaders’ tips for devs moving from Web2 to Web3 Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 16:02
Proof of Stake Alliance updates recommendations for staking providers Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 15:15
Train AI models to sell as NFTs, LLMs are Large Lying Machines: AI Eye Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 14:32
Laos military says country's crypto operators owe $20M in unpaid taxes Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 14:14
Can crypto Privacy Pools help balance privacy and regulation? Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 14:03
China AI chip market finds expansion paths despite US export restrictions Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 13:52
Bitcoin puzzles traders as BTC price targets $40K despite declining volume Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 13:40
Bitcoin briefly tops $37k amid market optimism for pending spot ETF approvals Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 13:12
US lawmakers introduce CLARITY Act to limit federal ties with Chinese blockchain Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 13:06
Crypto VC firm Spartan Capital invests in Pendle to drive DeFi growth Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 12:25
Cathie Wood’s ARK bags 1.1M Robinhood shares in one day Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 11:32
Maine state treasurer to focus on handling abandoned cryptocurrency accounts Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 11:31
Ark Invest and 21Shares partner to launch digital asset ETF suite Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 11:02
Frankfurt Stock Exchange includes crypto trading facility in strategy-2026 Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 10:53
Nigeria’s 3MTT program draws 1M+ applicants, introduces AI course Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 10:41
Bitcoin ETF launch could be delayed more than a month after SEC approval Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 10:34
Chinese president calls for unity on AI challenges and cyber development Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 10:25
Swedish Bitcoiners targeted by armed criminals Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 10:16
India trained 3,000 police officials on crypto investigations in 2022–2023 Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 09:44
Standard Chartered’s venture arm to set up crypto fund in UAE Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 09:40
JPEX scandal: Taiwan determines new suspects in alleged fraud — Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 09:35
Bitget integrates DeFi aggregator into crypto exchange app Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 09:29
Spanish regulators set precedent with crypto ad violations case Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 08:55
AAA studio Ubisoft to develop Web3 gaming experience with Immutable Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 08:47
AI infrastructure startup Ritual raises $25M to fill gaps in crypto Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 08:05
Bitcoin ETF excitement returns as BTC price nears $37K Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 07:09
SEC’s Gensler hints he’s open to a FTX reboot under proper leadership: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 06:02
Yuga Labs confirms UV lights likely cause of eye issues at ApeFest Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 05:34
Crypto exchange CoinSpot reportedly suffers $2M hot wallet hack Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 05:22
Marathon Digital sees 670% revenue gain in Q3 as Bitcoin production surges Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 03:00
Rep. Tom Emmer proposes to defund SEC’s crusade against crypto Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 02:27
Binance used ‘tortured’ interpretation of law in bid to toss suit, says SEC Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 01:47
SEC’s first window to approve all 12 spot Bitcoin ETFs starts today Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 01:47
Gemini’s Travel Rule measures reflect ‘worrying creep’ of overregulation Cointelegraph
2023-11-09 00:36
Chainlink (LINK) pumps 26% in 6 days — Is there room for more? Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 21:26
Progmat stablecoin platform takes shape as wallet, liquidity providers join Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 20:53
NFT sales jump to $129M, OpenSea layoffs and Elon Musk slams NFTs: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 20:02
LidoDAO launches official version of wstETH on Base Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 20:02
Stablecoins 'not a safe store of value': BIS Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 19:02
Price analysis 11/8: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 18:50
Visa launches global AI advisory practice focused on generative systems Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 18:02
New BTC price levels to watch as Bitcoin avoids $36K Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 17:28
HKEX-listed tech firm launches $15M Bitcoin fund Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 17:18
Polygon Labs and NEAR announce ZK prover for WASM integration Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 17:03
How to manage crypto losses on tax returns in the US, UK and Canada Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 14:57
Pay and dump? How businesses accepting crypto payments influence adoption Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 14:48
Exclusive: 2 years after John McAfee’s death, widow Janice is broke and needs answers Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 14:32
Can blockchain solutions disrupt US inflation forecasting? Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 14:03
OPNX gets EU spot crypto trading license in Lithuania Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 14:02
Champ Medici talks Web3 communities, NFTs, music and gaming Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 13:25
Blockchain game Illuvium goes mainstream with looming Epic Games Store listing Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 12:52
How decentralized platforms democratize crypto funding initiatives Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 12:48
Toncoin (TON) price skyrockets to 11-month high after Telegram launches 'Giveaways' Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 12:37
EU banking watchdog proposes liquidity rules for stablecoin issuers Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 12:20
‘Premier’ crypto cop CFTC reveals record-setting digital asset enforcement in 2023 Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 11:48
BIS General Manager urges central banks to “lead innovation” for CBDCs Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 11:14
Blockchain’s positive impact on sustainable development: Solana Breakpoint Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 10:46
HSBC taps Ripple’s Metaco to launch security token custody Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 10:40
Swiss crypto bank SEBA gets Hong Kong SFC license Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 10:32
Robinhood eyes European expansion amid Q3 revenue drop Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 10:17
El Salvador Bitcoin ATM network to receive Lightning Network upgrade Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 10:05
Cardano upgrade delays tied to ‘boring’ academic approach — CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 09:48
Crypto banking app Bitwala relaunches via new partnership with Striga Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 09:02
UAE central bank to penalize unlicensed virtual asset service providers Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 08:28
Binance launches Web3 wallet for its 120M registered users Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 07:32
Bitcoin 'short squeeze' sends BTC price to $35.9K as OI stays elevated Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 06:56
OpenSea investor marks down stake in platform by 90%: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 05:52
Ripple, Onafriq partner for new payment corridors for Africa, UK, Australia and Gulf Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 04:02
Stablecoin issuer Circle weighing up 2024 public launch: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 02:51
Ex-Cantor execs launch crypto lending platform in expectation of Bitcoin ETFs Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 02:08
Marathon, Riot among most overvalued Bitcoin mining stocks: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-08 00:05
Wintermute claims NEAR backed out of $11M stablecoin redemption deal Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 23:10
Expect new IRS crypto surveillance to come with a surge in confiscation Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 21:39
Data highlights Bitcoin's potential path to $40K amid global economic turbulence Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 21:32
US CFPB proposes supervising digital app providers, including crypto wallets Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 20:11
Bitcoin supply held by long-term holders hits all-time high — Research Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 20:09
YouTube is testing experimental AI that chats with you about what you’re watching Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 19:50
IBM launches $500M fund to develop generative AI for enterprise Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 19:04
Vietnamese Web3 coalition Ninety Eight launches $25M ecosystem fund Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 18:12
Coinbase beefs up its global advisory council with four national security experts Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 17:42
The Alameda gap and crypto liquidity crisis explained Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 17:36
Bitcoin Ordinals see resurgence on Binance listing Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 16:55
9 tips for a food business considering blockchain for its supply chain Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 16:02
Simp DAO queen Irene Zhao on why good memes are harder than trading: X Hall of Flame Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 14:32
'107,000 GPUs on the waitlist' — beta launch attracts data centers, GPU clusters Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 14:01
Caitlin Long’s Custodia Bank launches Bitcoin custody platform Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 13:57
Biden AI executive order 'certainly challenging' for open-source AI — industry insiders Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 13:10
Bitcoin open interest passes $15B as analyst warns of 20% BTC price dip Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 13:05
Multiple buyers consider purchase and relaunch of ‘irreparable’ FTX Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 13:03
How agencies can play a role in NFT and digital collectable creation Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 13:02
Xbox to enhance game dialogues with generative AI through new partnership Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 11:28
VARA demonstrates how regulators, market can work in tandem: VARA Vice Chair Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 11:06
Kazakhstan’s authorities confirm they blocked access to Coinbase: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 10:57
BNB Smart Chain scam losses dropped 75% in Q3: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 09:02
Kenyan lawmakers ask local Blockchain Association to come up with crypto bill Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 08:58
Fiat on-ramps, banking partners crucial for institutional Web3 adoption - European Blockchain Convention Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 08:43
Fiat on-ramps, banking partners crucial for institutional Web3 adoption - European Blockchain Convention Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 08:43
Inordinately high — Bitcoin Ordinals send BTC transaction fees to new 5-month peak Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 08:04
Kraken looking to 'solve' industry challenges amid layer-2 rumors Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 08:04
Meta bans usage of generative AI ad creation tools for political advertisers Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 07:51
Crypto data platform Glassnode sells Bitcoin tax software to Blockpit Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 07:02
South Korean telco to launch Web3 wallet with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 06:31
Nifty News: The Simpsons roast NFTs, Yuga Labs exec departs after anti-semitic tweets and more Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 06:21
LHV Bank founder has $470M worth of Ether, but lost his private key Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 06:02
Ava Labs cuts 12% of staff to ‘reallocate resources’ toward expansion Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 04:08
US lawmaker proposes to cut SEC chair Gary Gensler’s salary to $1 Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 02:24
OpenAI promises to fund legal costs for ChatGPT users sued over copyright Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 01:28
Moody’s unveils service that uses AI to predict stablecoin depeggings Cointelegraph
2023-11-07 00:37
6 Questions for Lugui Tillier about Bitcoin, Ordinals, and the future of crypto Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 23:43
Solana price corrects as recent (SOL) rally factors come under question Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 22:21
SEC Inspector General says prohibition on crypto ownership hinders agency hiring Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 21:50
ChatGPT launches new feature that lets subscribers make their own GPTs Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 21:02
UK stablecoin regulation begins to take shape in multiple FCA, BOE documents Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 20:12
Price analysis 11/6: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 20:01
Scammers play a long game using bogus, AI-backed 'law firm' Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 19:41
Jury finds SBF guilty on all charges, sentencing set for March 2024: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 19:32
Bitcoin price reclaims $35K — Will ATOM, UNI, NEAR and AXS rally next? Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 17:32
Binance's spot trading market share falls to 40% in 2023: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 17:02
3 reasons why Ethereum price is underperforming altcoins Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 16:22
Will the next crypto bull run be dominated by L1s, L2s or something else? Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 16:20
Conflux multichain protocol shuts down after two years Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 16:12
Telegram Wallet avoided self-custody to ease crypto onboarding, COO says Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 13:49
Grimes collaboration with music platform makes 200+ AI songs available for creators Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 13:45
Yuga Labs addresses Apefest ‘vision damage’ issue; community calls out poor management Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 13:39
NFT sales volume jumps to $129M in November: Data Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 12:27
How blockchain, AI can help research into extending human life Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 12:20
Mauritius mulls wrapping metaverse into financial services Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 11:39
China ‘does not want to miss out’: Community reacts to HK spot Bitcoin ETF news Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 11:18
Hong Kong regulator issues tokenized investments requirements amid demand Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 10:41
Metaverse projects failed on lack of correct business model: MetaMinds CEO Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 10:23
London Stock Exchange seeks digital assets director Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 10:10
FTX seeks sale of Grayscale and Bitwise trust assets worth $744 million Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 08:45
Exchange flow gap hits 10K BTC — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 08:36
DZ Bank, third-largest German bank, to start crypto custody for institutional investors Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 08:28
Spot Bitcoin ETF hype reignited zest for blockchain games: Yat Siu Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 05:54
Luxor refutes claims its Bitcoin hashrate-backed product is BlockFi, Celsius 2.0 Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 02:06
ApeFest attendees report ‘extreme pain’ and vision problems after event Cointelegraph
2023-11-06 01:44
VC Roundup: private accounts, tokenization, and healthcare infrastructure grab investors’ attention Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 20:51
Monero’s community wallet loses all funds after attack Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 18:09
What is Moore’s law, and how does it impact cryptography? Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 16:33
Crypto portfolio management platform MC2 Finance joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 10:25
Crypto lawyer says $20M settlement is 99.9% win for Ripple Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 07:58
Elon Musk launches AI chatbot 'Grok’ — says it can outperform ChatGPT Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 06:18
Fake Ledger Live app sneaks into Microsoft's app store, $588K stolen Cointelegraph
2023-11-05 04:12
Bitfinex users fall for ‘minor’ phishing attack after employee gets hacked Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 23:58
Sam Bankman-Fried convicted, PayPal faces SEC subpoena, and other news: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 19 – Nov. 4 Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 21:25
Aave pauses several markets after reports of feature issue Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 19:56
Blockchain adoption continues unabated — Bloomberg analyst Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 17:33
What is metadata in blockchain transactions? Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 17:04
Crypto Biz: Value of X halves, CME rises among top Bitcoin futures exchanges, and other news Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 15:33
Bitcoin bulls defend $34K as trader predicts next BTC price 'impulse' Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 14:09
Coinbase user agreement dispute reaches US Supreme Court Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 10:04
LedgerX highlights CFTC regulatory gap in customer asset rules Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 07:51
Fraud trial of Mango Markets exploiter behind alleged $116M theft pushed to April Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 05:25
Bug in Fed’s payment system prevents bank customers from getting paid Cointelegraph
2023-11-04 02:20
OpenSea lays off 50% of staff with severance in preparation for version 2.0 launch Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 21:38
FTX advisers sharing customers’ data with FBI: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 19:49
Multichain inside job? And SOL surges 80% in a month: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 19:27
English school turned BTC miner in China expands capacity with 220 new units Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 19:02
Bitcoin Magazine claims Fed accused it of trademark violation for t-shirts Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 18:19
Price analysis 11/3: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 17:47
Could regulation have prevented Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal verdict? Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 17:12
CME Bitcoin futures hit record high, but uncertainty looms above $36K Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 16:38
DeepMind co-founder chides Elon over UK AI summit comments: ‘He’s not an AI scientist’ Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 16:36
Opinion: With Bitcoin’s halving months away, it may be time to go risk-on Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 16:13
Boba Guys, Shopify users showcase adoption of Web3 tools — Solana Breakpoint Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 14:45
Bitcoin disappoints while Markets Pro delivers 88% gains in 29 hours Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 14:09
SafeMoon addresses recent exploits amid SEC charges Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 13:49
Universal Music releases Beatles ‘last song’ with help from AI Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 13:03
FTX claims climb to 57% as Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all counts Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 13:03
Help or hindrance: Is Web3 really improving mainstream industry and products? Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 13:03
Monolithic vs. modular blockchains Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 13:02
Apple MacOS malware targets crypto community and engineers Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 11:40
Abu Dhabi pioneers DLT regulation for DAOs and Web3 innovations Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 11:29
UK AI Safety Summit: Musk likens AI to 'magic genie,' says no jobs needed in future Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 11:09
Bitcoin to the moon! Top 5 BTC price predictions for 2024 and beyond Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 10:27
Jack Dorsey’s Block had $5.62B in revenue, $44M in Bitcoin profits in Q3 Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 10:17
5 nations challenge crypto experts and investigators to target tax crimes Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 09:29
Ripple to power Georgia’s central bank digital currency, the digital Lari Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 08:34
‘We were worried about ecosystem startups' — Solana CEO on FTX collapse Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 08:34
SEC seeks summary judgment in Do Kwon and Terraform Labs case Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 07:01
Individual creators will ultimately shape the metaverse: Sandbox founders Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 05:16
What’s next for the ‘crypto king’ Sam Bankman-Fried? Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 05:02
Breaking: Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all charges Cointelegraph
2023-11-03 00:05
$308M crypto laundering scheme busted, Hashkey token, Hong Kong CBDC: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 23:50
Coinbase narrows loss while crypto trading volumes fall in Q3 Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 23:46
Marathon Digital will use landfill methane to mine Bitcoin in Utah pilot project Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 21:46
NIST establishes AI Safety Institute Consortium in response to Biden executive order Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 21:02
Bitcoin price cools off, but ‘You can never have too much Bitcoin, says Saylor Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 20:32
XRP, TON win approval in Dubai International Financial Centre free trade zone Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 19:34
Aragon Association to dissolve, will disburse $155M in assets to token holders Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 19:20
Law professor says blockchain tech could ‘revolutionize’ copyright offices Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 18:17
Jury directions begin in Sam Bankman-Fried criminal trial Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 17:07
FCA releases guidance for compliance with new UK crypto asset promotion rules Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 16:42
‘He lied to get customers’ trust’: Prosecution makes closing argument against SBF Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 16:22
BTC price dips 3.5% as 'overheated' Bitcoin derivatives spark angst Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 14:56
‘I just bought SOL’ — Arthur Hayes after Solana price rebounds 500% Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 14:38
4 signs Bitcoin is starting its next bull run Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 14:22
Over half of musicians concerned over audience perception of AI use: Survey Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 13:49
Dubai VARA grants 'initial approval' to crypto firm WadzPay Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 13:38
Slumdog billionaire 2: ‘Top 10… brings no satisfaction’ says Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 13:32
ProShares announces launch of short Ether-linked ETF Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 13:08
3 Satoshi Era Bitcoin wallets transfer $230M in BTC after 6-year dormancy Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 13:03
Crypto remittances offer cheaper alternative, but still face challenges to adoption Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 13:03
Hashing It Out: Roofstock onChain vice president explains how Web3 and real estate interact Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 12:22
SafeMoon hacker’s use of centralized exchanges could help law enforcement: Match System Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 12:01
Hong Kong issues rules for asset tokenization as interest mounts Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 11:17
PayPal faces SEC action related to PYUSD stablecoin: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 10:36
Swiss wholesale CBDC pilot kicks off in alliance with central, commercial banks Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 10:15
TradFi gets crypto boost: Renegade joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 10:02
Tether issues $610M debt financing to Bitcoin miner Northern Data Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 09:24
UK to invest 300M pounds in 2 AI supercomputers, Harris presses for AI safety Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 09:23
Ripple’s legal chief questions SEC case losses under Gensler Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 09:05
New BTC price breakouts see Bitcoin traders confirm targets up to $48K Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 08:50
Top Swiss bank launches Bitcoin and Ether trading with SEBA Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 08:39
Trader exploits Multichain opening to turn $280k to $1.9M; community suspects insider job Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 08:33
UK seeks six crypto investigators to beef up National Crime Agency Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 07:25
Axie Infinity developer brings Japanese Web2 games to Ronin Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 07:02
Abu Dhabi Global Market introduces comprehensive DLT Foundations Regulations Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 07:02
Spot ETF-induced Bitcoin rally isn’t guaranteed to stick: Analysts Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 05:45
Elon Musk slams NFTs but ends up arguing the case for Bitcoin Ordinals Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 04:46
​​JPEX scandal won’t hurt Hong Kong crypto vision: Financial Secretary Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 04:25
Solana gains 80% in a month as Firedancer goes live on testnet Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 02:03
MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin bag is up $900M amid BTC price surge Cointelegraph
2023-11-02 00:18
Bitcoin beyond 35K for Christmas? Thank Jerome Powell if it happens Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 22:55
Breaking: Some Multichain transactions are confirmed as queue unwinds Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 21:41
Lazarus used ‘KANDYKORN’ malware in attempt to compromise exchange —Elastic Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 21:02
Ethereum futures premium hits 1-year high — Will ETH price follow? Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 20:32
Sam Bankman-Fried “doubled down” by buying Binance’s stake in FTX — U.S. prosecutors Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 20:05
Physical CryptoPunks, Mercedes NFTs, and Yuga Labs wins ‘copycat’ lawsuit: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 19:02
3 reasons why Ethereum price is down against Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 19:02
Price analysis 11/1: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 17:56
Visa completes digital Hong Kong dollar pilot test with local banks Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 17:32
SafeMoon executive team charged with multiple fraud counts, arrests made Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 17:30
Worldcoin claims 4 million app downloads and 1 million active users Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 16:54
100%+ BTC price gains? Bitcoin faces 'massively overvalued' stocks Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 16:20
Unlocking value: Exploring the integration of NFTs and physical assets Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 16:02
"That's fraud," prosecutors say in closing arguments at SBF trial Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 15:10
Bitcoin crash pre-halving? Stablecoin metric that marked 2019 top flashes warning Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 14:22
UK AI Safety Summit begins with global leaders in attendance, remarks from China and Musk Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 14:10
PayPal scores UK crypto license after brief local Bitcoin buy halt Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 14:01
Crypto’s ‘pro-rioter’ glitch artist stirs controversy — Patrick Amadon, NFT Creator Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 13:32
AI and real-world assets gain prominence in investor discussions Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 13:22
HSBC and Ant Group test tokenized deposits under HKMA sandbox Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 13:20
Canadian MP urges community to study Bitcoin, cites Gensler’s pre-SEC stance Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 13:16
Coinbase launches regulated crypto futures services for US retail traders Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 13:02
Multiparty computation (MPC): Its effects on blockchain innovation Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 13:02
US crypto custody firm BitGo wins BaFin license in Germany: Report Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 12:33
Onyx Protocol exploiter begins siphoning $2.1M loot on Tornado Cash Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 12:24
Meet the 13-year-old student selling sneakers for Bitcoin: The Agenda podcast Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 12:22
FTX and Alameda Research wallets send $13.1M in crypto to exchanges overnight Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 09:27
AI’ takes Collins dictionary word of the year, ‘debanking’ makes shortlist Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 09:09
Turkey aims to shed FATF ‘grey list’ status with new crypto regulations Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 08:53
Survey: 65% of Spaniards aren’t interested in using digital euro Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 08:33
Near taps Nym for metadata privacy, encryption services Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 08:19
BTC price gets $36K FOMC target as Bitcoin prints 29% 'Uptober' gains Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 07:57
AI chatbots are illegally ripping off copyrighted news, says media group Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 04:26
Oyster Protocol founder gets 4 years jail for $5.5M tax evasion Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 02:17
Invesco and Galaxy’s joint spot Bitcoin ETF added to DTCC’s site Cointelegraph
2023-11-01 01:06
CFTC pays whistleblowers $16M this year for mostly crypto tips Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 23:33
3 things we might see from crypto as 2023 winds to an end Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 22:56
GAO finds controversial SEC guidance is subject to congressional oversight Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 21:31
Bitget, Floki teams accuse each other of manipulation after token listing Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 21:26
Bitcoin futures data highlight investors’ bullish view, but there’s a catch Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 20:47
Project mBridge reveals details of its workings ahead of MVP, commercial debut Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 20:17
Will weakness in Magnificent 7 stocks spread to Bitcoin price? Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 19:33
Fragmentation in DeFi: DeFi’s liquidity challenge Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 19:02
Circle to phase out consumer accounts, but business and Mint will remain Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 18:58
Tether attestation shows cash and cash equivalents of 86% as loans decline Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 18:02
SBF criminal trial moves to closing arguments Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 17:38
October sees a comparative lull in crypto crime with losses of $32.2M: CertiK Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 17:18
NFT projects: Keep your community engaged with these 12 tips Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 16:02
‘Sodl’ too soon: US gov’t missed Bitcoin gains now total $6B Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 15:31
SBF says spending FTX customers' money was part of 'risk management': Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 14:51
Ethereum layer 2’s will continue to have diverse approaches to scaling — Vitalik Buterin Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 14:08
Siemens and Microsoft partner to push AI adoption in industrial sectors Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 13:49
Slumdog billionaire: Incredible rags-to-riches tale of Polygon’s Sandeep Nailwal Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 13:32
From payments to DeFi: A closer look at the evolving stablecoin ecosystem Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 13:03
Crypto startup Bastion secures money transmitter licenses in US Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 13:02
Crypto’s phoenix moment: Rising stronger amidst scandals and volatility Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 13:02
Warren Buffett’s ‘crypto stock’ beats Apple and Amazon — but not Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 12:19
Sam Bankman-Fried lawyers pitch for changes to judge's jury instruction Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 11:24
Crypto horrors: Tales of lost Bitcoin wallets Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 11:09
No concerns over Bitcoin halving supply shock, says Bitvavo CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 10:42
Web3 wallet Backpack to launch VASP-licensed crypto exchange in Dubai Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 10:14
TikTok, Snapchat, OnlyFans and others to combat AI-generated child abuse content Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 10:10
Bulgaria’s oldest football club adopts Bitcoin and Lightning, joins Nostr Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 10:10
Crypto asset manager Valkyrie amends spot Bitcoin ETF filing Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 10:01
Rising M2 money supply will see crypto become ‘Super Massive Black Hole’: Raoul Pal Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 09:25
Kenya to introduce digital IDs for citizens by year-end Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 08:43
Blockchain in charity, explained Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 08:42
There are now nearly 40M Bitcoin addresses in profit — a new record Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 08:27
Web3 gaming investors more ‘choosy’ in crypto winter - Animoca’s Robby Yung Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 08:17
Spain to implement MiCA six months ahead of July 2026 deadline Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 08:00
Unibot contract $560K exploit crashes token price by more than 40% Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 07:38
US judge deals blow to artists in copyright suit over AI generated art Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 06:15
Hong Kong advances CBDC pilot, bringing e-HKD trials to Phase 2 Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 06:14
Bitcoin white paper turns 15 as Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy lives on Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 05:50
Are Bitcoin ETFs headed for one epic Gensler ‘rugpull?’ Analysts weigh in Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 04:57
Do Kwon and Terraform Labs ask judge to toss SEC’s lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 02:58
Twitter is now worth half of the $44B Elon Musk paid for it: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 01:54
'I don't own Bitcoin, but I should' — legendary investor Druckenmiller Cointelegraph
2023-10-31 00:35
Bitcoin options data highlights traders’ belief in further BTC price upside Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 20:21
Crypto funds see largest weekly inflows in more than a year: Coinshares Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 20:03
SBF claims innocence, contradicts other witnesses: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 20:02
Terraform co-founder Shin blames protocol for collapse during trial in S. Korea Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 19:26
Price analysis 10/30: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 18:32
AVAX blockchain explorer to shut down as Etherscan fees draw controversy Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 17:48
WSJ debacle fueled US lawmakers’ ill-informed crusade against crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 17:05
'Fuck regulators,' said SBF behind closed doors: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 17:01
Bitcoin’s bull move might not be over yet — Here are 3 reasons why Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 16:54
Jed McCaleb-backed nonprofit will provide easier access to AI computing capacity Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 16:41
Small Islands, big problems: Can Bitcoin fix this? Cointelegraph Cape Verde video Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 16:04
PancakeSwap adds portfolio manager function in partnership with Bril Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 15:02
ZkDay conference and Pitch competition comes to Istanbul on Nov. 13 Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 14:26
Biden administration releases executive order for new AI safety standards Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 13:56
Terrorist fundraising: Is crypto really to blame? Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 13:03
CME becomes second-largest Bitcoin futures exchange as open interest surges Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 12:34
Bitcoin builder climbs Africa's tallest mountain to raise awareness Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 12:27
UK publishes plans for stablecoins regulation Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 11:59
G7 countries to launch AI code of conduct: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 11:55
Singapore plans joint crypto pilots with Japan, Switzerland and UK Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 11:26
Saudi’s NEOM partners with Animoca Brands for regional Web3 development Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 11:02
Bitcoin price and energy use for mining highly correlated: UN report Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 10:43
Kraken will share data of 42,000 users with IRS Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 09:35
Thailand’s KBank acquires crypto exchange business Satang Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 09:18
3 unique ways hackers are stealing your crypto: Bitrace Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 08:24
End of ‘Uptober’ targets $40K BTC price — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 08:20
Standard Chartered-owned crypto platform Zodia launches in Hong Kong Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 06:57
Elon Musk says posts busted by Community Notes won’t earn revenue share Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 06:28
Gary Gensler’s Bitcoin ETF position is ‘inconsistent’… says Gary Gensler Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 05:29
El Salvador pro-Bitcoin president Nayib Bukele launches re-election bid Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 02:38
Crypto thief steals $4.4M in a day as toll rises from LastPass breach Cointelegraph
2023-10-30 01:54
UK risks regulating NFTs the wrong way, says Mintable CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 23:08
Bitcoin price hovers near $35K as ETH, APT, QNT and RUNE turn bullish Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 21:21
VanEck amends application for spot Bitcoin ETF Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 21:07
Brazil’s USDT adoption soars in 2023, makes up 80% of all crypto transactions Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 18:44
What are open-source protocols, and how do they work? Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 15:32
First Bitcoin ETF trades $1.5B as GBTC 'discount' echoes $69K BTC price Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 08:15
Ripple’s CEO criticizes former SEC Chair Jay Clayton’s comments Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 08:04
Bitcoin-friendly El Salvador can become the 'Singapore of the Americas': VanEck advisor Cointelegraph
2023-10-29 03:28
SBF takes the stand, ‘buy Bitcoin’ searches soar and other news: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 22-28 Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 21:39
Sam Bankman-Fried's perspective on FTX fall Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 17:54
Community-powered crypto trading: CryptoRobotics joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 17:02
Crypto Biz: BlockFi emerges from bankruptcy, Worldcoin halts USDC payments and more Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 15:17
Impersonation scams in crypto, explained Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 14:27
VanEck predicts a 10,600% Solana price rally by 2030 Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 09:15
Ripple CLO and XRP community back SEC commissioner’s LBRY lawsuit dissent Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 07:48
Google to invest another $2B into AI firm Anthropic: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 05:03
Wall Street Journal corrects article misciting Hamas' crypto terrorism funding data Cointelegraph
2023-10-28 02:00
Hester Peirce speaks out against LBRY enforcement action: 'The market could have decided' Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 21:43
Kraken to suspend trading for USDT, DAI, WBTC, WETH, and WAXL in Canada Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 20:42
Gemini sues Genesis over GBTC shares used as Earn collateral, now worth $1.6B Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 20:31
Price analysis 10/27: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 19:57
9 protocols criticize LayerZero’s 'wstETH' token, claiming it's 'proprietary' Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 19:47
Lawyer questions Sam Bankman-Fried on his political donations at trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 19:28
Audits and rug-pulled projects, a $650B token burn, and major DeFi protocol quits UK: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 19:22
Chainlink leads the market with 61% weekly gain — What’s driving LINK price? Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 18:43
Blockchain congestion and transaction queues actually deter ‘nefarious actors’: Study Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 17:42
Fed, BOE officials share continuing interest in CBDCs, stablecoin regulation Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 17:16
Sam Bankman-Fried denies defrauding FTX users at trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 16:26
Bitcoin beats S&P 500 in October as $40K BTC price predictions flow in Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 15:09
Fintech, DeFi, GameFi, and more: Web3 startups kick off Cointelegraph Accelerator second cohort Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 14:45
Jury hears Sam Bankman-Fried’s testimony: ‘A lot of people got hurt’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 14:21
dYdX launches layer 1 blockchain, validators and stakers set to receive all fees Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 13:52
How major German firms like Mercedes and Lufthansa are using NFTs Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 13:09
Elon Musk’s X aims to revolutionize finance as a central hub Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 12:37
FLOKI price soars 140% in a week — Are memecoins like DOGE, PEPE finally waking up? Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 12:21
Crypto wallet Trezor looks into phishing campaign, exec says Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 11:44
Turkey plans to craft crypto framework in 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 10:11
ChatGPT creator OpenAI builds new team to check AI risks Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 10:05
Fantasy football game on Telegram: Fanton joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 10:02
UN launches international effort to tackle AI governance challenges Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 09:10
Taiwan introduces crypto bill to Parliament Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 08:58
Fireblocks, UniPass wallet tackle Ethereum ERC-4337 account abstraction vulnerability Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 08:58
Bitcoin restarting 2023 uptrend after 26% Uptober BTC price gains — research Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 08:40
Binance founder CZ’s fortune gets slashed $12B, while SBF is still at $0 Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 05:19
Bitcoin price hits all-time highs across Argentina, Nigeria and Turkey Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 05:03
Is Bitcoin overheated? Some believe the answer is hiding in PEPE Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 04:50
‘Buy Bitcoin’ search queries on Google surge 826% in the UK Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 01:01
Ryder Ripps ordered to pay Yuga Labs $1.6M in copyright lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 00:51
Scammers create spoof Blockworks site to drain crypto wallets Cointelegraph
2023-10-27 00:18
Australia’s $145M exchange scandal, Bitget claims 4th, China lifts NFT ban: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 23:19
Cynthia Lummis leads the charge calling for DOJ action against Binance and Tether Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 22:01
HTX's Justin Sun claims record profits despite staff cuts Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 21:02
Bitcoin is evolving into a multi-asset network Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 20:53
Sam Bankman-Fried denies knowledge of moving FTX deposits to North Dimension: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 20:48
SBF grilled in court on deleted messages during testimony Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 20:10
Sam Bankman-Fried thought 'taking FTX deposits through Alameda was legal': Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 19:06
CryptoPunk holders offered physical versions of their NFTs for 48 hours Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 18:18
Crypto reshapes the American dream for younger generations: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 17:02
Solana Labs launches Web3 incubator offering dev and fundraising support Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 16:49
Prosecutors rest their case as Sam Bankman-Fried prepares to testify Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 16:08
Bitcoin traders earmark key BTC price levels as $34K struggles to hold Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 15:27
UK passes bill to enable authorities to seize Bitcoin used for crime Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 14:10
Bitmain to start shipping new Bitcoin Antminer T21 in January 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 13:14
How Google’s AI legal protections can change art and copyright protections Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 13:03
Gary Gensler teases details of SEC's $5 billion take from enforcement actions, shades crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 12:34
Hashing It Out: A case for Web3 social media, and is a security? Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 12:22
Sam Bankman-Fried’s testimony to challenge government claims, lawyer tells judge Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 12:11
Circle launches 'points-to-crypto' program with Taiwan convenience store chain Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 11:15
Meta faces legal scrutiny as AI advancements raise concerns over child safety Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 10:13
JPMorgan Coin handles over $1 billion in daily transactions, executive says Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 10:04
Bitcoin price model expects $45K ‘phase’ to hit in November Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 09:04
Pro-Ripple lawyer predicts prolonged legal battle, hints at settlement factors Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 08:35
Mastercard partners with crypto payment firm MoonPay for Web3 services Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 08:18
Bitcoin dominance hits 54% — Highest in 2.5 years as BTC halving approaches Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 08:14
Sam Bankman-Fried has no way to ‘out-fox’ prosecutors: Scaramucci Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 06:32
FTX probes $6.5M in payments to AI safety group amid clawback crusade Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 04:52
‘Magnificent seven’ tech stocks tumble a whopping $280B as crypto surges Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 04:21
Crypto firms have already breached new UK promo rules 221 times, says FCA Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 01:38
Peter Brandt says Bitcoin bottom is in, but prepare for a 'chopfest' Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 01:25
Crypto donations raised by Hamas ‘remain tiny,’ says Elliptic Cointelegraph
2023-10-26 00:56
How blockchain games fared in Q3, Unioverse & Immutable, Upland token on ETH: Web 3 Gamer Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 23:41
Hashdex sits down with SEC over spot Bitcoin ETF application Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 21:52
Recovery firm proposes cracking former Ripple CTO's $244M Bitcoin hard drive Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 21:34
US lawmakers discuss digital assets and the House gets a new Speaker Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 20:18
Neon Machine raises $20M Series A for blockchain-based Call of Duty competitor ‘Shrapnel’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 19:48
Bitcoin price chases after $35K as BTC derivatives data signals fresh inflow Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 19:37
FTX and Alameda linked wallets transfer $10M of crypto to exchanges in just 5 hours Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 19:36
Court-ordered NFTs and the importance of Web3 randomness: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 19:02
Will Sam Bankman-Fried fix his case when he takes the stand? Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 19:01
Researchers in China developed a hallucination correction engine for AI models Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 17:44
Price analysis 10/25: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, LINK, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 17:32
Revolutionizing whitelist marketplace for Web3: WhiteList Zone partners with Cointelegraph Accelerator Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 17:02
Polygon launches POL token contract on Ethereum to eventually replace MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 16:42
Sam Bankman-Fried will testify at criminal trial, say defense lawyers Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 14:56
Matrixport doubles down on $45K Bitcoin year-end prediction Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 13:42
5050 Bitcoin for $5 in 2009: Helsinki’s claim to crypto fame Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 13:32
Bitfinex Securities announces tokenized bond Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 13:09
Game review: Immutable’s Guild of Guardians offers mobile dungeon adventures Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 13:03
Crypto speculations simmer after cryptic posts on X Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 12:59
UK’s FinProm a welcome change, but challenge persists: Transak compliance head Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 12:34
Telegram trading bot Maestro refunds users 610 ETH after router exploit Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 10:53
Bank of Spain embraces 'digital euro,' explains its benefits Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 10:25
BlackRock fined $2.5M by SEC for incorrect investment disclosure Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 09:48
FTX navigates post-bankruptcy options, weighs sale or revival Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 09:33
'This is the trigger' — Arthur Hayes says it's time to bet on Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 08:42
85% of crypto rug pulls in Q3 didn’t report audits: Hacken Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 08:21
IRS extends comments period for new crypto tax rule to mid-November Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 08:04
Crypto market sentiment at highest point since BTC’s $69K all-time high Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 06:31
Coinbase disputes SEC’s crypto authority in final bid to toss regulator’s suit Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 05:51
No, ARK 21 Shares spot Bitcoin ETF is not listed on DTCC website Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 04:23
Galaxy predicts 74% Bitcoin price increase first year after ETF launch Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 01:48
BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin ETF mysteriously disappears — then reappears — on DTCC site Cointelegraph
2023-10-25 00:05
Elizabeth Warren uses Hamas as her newest scapegoat in war on crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 22:10
Pro-crypto lawmaker Tom Emmer ends hours-long speaker campaign: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 21:05
Vodafone, Sumitomo team up with Chainlink to explore trade documents network Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 20:28
BlockFi emerges from bankruptcy and opens wallet withdrawals Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 19:28
Humans and AI often prefer sycophantic chatbot answers to the truth — study Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 19:02
Bitcoin bulls fight to hold $34K as CME BTC open interest surpasses 100K Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 18:41
dYdX publishes its open-source code in anticipation of phased mainnet launch Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 18:12
Pro-crypto lawmaker Tom Emmer wins Republican nomination for House Speaker Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 17:36
Euroclear launches digital securities issuance service, settles World Bank bond Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 17:24
Binance and CZ renew calls to dismiss CFTC lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 16:02
Expert advice to help Web3 companies survive precarious economic times Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 16:02
BTC price pullback after $35K? Bitcoin funding rates turn 'grossly positive' Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 14:48
Ledger hardware wallet rolls out cloud-based private key recovery tool Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 14:26
Bitcoin price surge brings BTC-related stocks to new multi-week highs Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 13:36
Privacy firm Nym launches $300M fund, eyes Web3 wallets, RPCs & infrastructure services Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 13:01
Cathie Wood’s ARK sells Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares as BTC hits $34K Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 11:48
Largest DeFi protocol on Solana reportedly quits UK market citing FCA rule Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 11:34
Bitcoin price surge sees significant asset outflow on crypto exchanges Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 10:04
Stablecoin market escaping US regulatory oversight: Chainalysis Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 08:16
Bitcoin ETF hype fails to shake bearish $20K BTC price targets Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 07:26
Coinbase hoses down rumors of weekly withdrawal limits on Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 05:50
Sam Bankman-Fried seeks expert to counter testimony from DOJ witnesses Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 05:46
Rug pull feared as Safereum devs reportedly unlock and dump native token Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 03:11
Crypto products see 4th week of inflows amid race for Bitcoin ETFs: CoinShares Cointelegraph
2023-10-24 01:40
Bitcoin suddenly rockets past $34K as ETF excitement grows Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 23:02
6 Questions for Adelle Nazarian on crypto, journalism and the future of Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 22:39
Bitcoin price trades near key $31.7K pivot point — Can BTC bulls keep up the volume? Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 21:36
BlackRock's spot Bitcoin ETF is now listed on Nasdaq trade clearing firm — Bloomberg analyst Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 21:30
New data poisoning tool would punish AI for scraping art without permission Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 20:41
Lower-middle income countries lead in crypto adoption, but not volume: Chainalysis Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 20:28
US Court issues mandate for Grayscale ruling, paving way for SEC to review spot Bitcoin ETF Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 19:18
Regulators around the globe assert more control over crypto: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 19:02
IRS proposes unprecedented data-collection on crypto users Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 18:03
Chinese digital yuan CBDC used for first time to settle cross-border oil deal Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 17:52
Price analysis 10/23: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 17:42
US Congress remains legislatively paralyzed on crypto bills without a House speaker Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 17:12
US official confirms military concerns over China’s access to cloud technology Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 16:37
California bill aims to cap crypto ATM withdrawals at $1,000 per day to combat scams Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 15:39
Bitcoin price must break $31K to avoid 2023 'bearish fractal' Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 15:22
Tracking stolen crypto — How blockchain analysis helps recover funds Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 15:16
MicroStrategy's Bitcoin stash is back in profit with BTC price above $30K Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 14:34
Bitcoin ETF to trigger massive demand from institutions, EY says Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 14:09
Bitget releases MPC wallet, includes 2/3 private key sharding Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 13:35
Blockchain companies are creating AI chatbots to help developers Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 13:17
The evolution of decentralized exchanges: A comparative analysis Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 13:02
Reddit removes moderators involved in alleged insider trading of Moon tokens Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 11:41
MetaMask security partner Blockaid secures $33M funding Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 11:02
Thailand delays digital money handout, critics call for probe Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 10:06
SEC has 3% -14% chance of success in Ripple appeal, lawyers predict Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 09:32
BTC price nears 2023 highs — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 08:18
Crypto traders urge caution as Bitcoin price hits 3-month high near $31K Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 06:28
Worldcoin to cease paying Orb operators in USDC as early as November Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 05:50
Hal Finney couldn’t possibly be Satoshi Nakamoto, new analysis suggests Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 03:36
FTX creditor claims heat up as bankruptcy proceedings drive forward Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 02:34
Pro-Bitcoin Javier Milei trails as Argentina’s presidential election goes to run-off Cointelegraph
2023-10-23 01:51
Thai crypto investors turn to tarot cards, divine signals to predict market Cointelegraph
2023-10-22 23:31
Bitcoin price cracks $30K, possibly clearing a path for SOL, LINK, AAVE and STX Cointelegraph
2023-10-22 18:43
Sam Bankman-Fried trial moves to final stages Cointelegraph
2023-10-22 17:48
Lightning Network faces criticism from Pro-XRPL lawyer John Deaton Cointelegraph
2023-10-22 07:44
Crypto advocates file amicus brief to address users' Fourth Amendment privacy rights Cointelegraph
2023-10-22 02:15
NY sues crypto firms, FTX’s Nishad faces 75 years in jail, and Grayscale’s new BTC filing: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 15-21 Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 21:24
Bitcoin core developer steps back from Lightning Network over "hard dilemma" Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 19:11
Uniswap founder burns $650B HayCoin against speculation Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 16:52
Patricia exchange CEO announces debt restructuring via convertible notes Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 09:10
FTX clients face deceptive priority withdrawal scam Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 07:37
Crypto-friendly Rep. Tom Emmer pursues nomination for House speaker Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 06:09
'Every customer solution' will be integrated with AI: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Cointelegraph
2023-10-21 02:14
Games need decentralized randomness to be fair Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 21:18
Singapore court authorizes freeze order attached to wallets as soulbound NFT Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 21:12
Base network launches 8-week training course for blockchain developers Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 20:46
Greece establishes AI advisory committee to create national strategy Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 20:32
FinCEN issues alert regarding crypto transactions connected to Hamas Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 19:54
Busy week for Uniswap, and Platypus recovers 90% of hacked funds: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 19:27
How to improve your Web2 business with blockchain Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 19:02
Binance shutting down European Visa debit card in December Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 17:44
IBM’s new AI chip offers 22X speedup with ‘mind-blowing’ energy efficiency Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 17:32
Sam Bankman-Fried asked FTX attorney to 'come up' with legal argument for $8B hole Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 17:10
Price analysis 10/20: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, DOT, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 16:34
Hong Kong securities regulator updates crypto policies, citing market developments Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 16:26
BTC price hits 2-month high amid bet Bitcoin will break $32K ‘soon’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 14:42
Digital artist OSF gives fans a pledge of ‘art until I die’: NFT Creator Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 14:32
Web3 game project allegedly hired actors to pose as executives in $1.6M exit scam Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 14:02
Bitmain’s revenge, Hong Kong’s crypto rollercoaster: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 13:32
Reddit mods dumped tokens hours before blockchain program termination Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 13:17
Tether to publish reserve reports in real time in 2024: Bloomberg Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 13:10
Blockchain improves charity transparency — But is it right for everyone? Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 13:03
Bitcoin price shrugs off bears, but mining stocks take a beating: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 12:26
Chamber of Digital Commerce opposes SEC's overreach in Binance lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 12:15
Google Cloud teams up with MultiversX amid blockchain firm’s focus on metaverse Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 11:41
SEC wins default judgment against Thor Technologies and founder Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 11:32
Community reacts to SEC dropping XRP case and LBRY shutdown Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 10:42
Central Bank of Argentina to introduce 'digital peso' bill 'as soon as possible' Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 10:22
European Banking Authority, ESMA issue crypto entity suitability guidelines Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 09:57
EU data protection regulators urge anonymity for smaller transactions in digital euro Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 08:47
How decentralization can mitigate 'dystopic' artificial intelligence risks: SingularityNET exec Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 08:44
Prosecutors argue 'effective altruism' inadequate in Bankman-Fried case Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 08:40
Bitcoin eyes $30K, XRP price jumps 6% after Ripple's legal victory Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 08:33
EtherHiding: Why hackers may prefer Binance’s BNB Smart Chain Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 06:14
‘This will be our last post’ — LBRY throws in towel against the SEC Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 05:31
Crypto exchange Binance restores euro services after new fiat partners Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 03:24
'He broke his word' — Ex-ConsenSys staff sue founder over employee equity deal Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 03:13
Coinbase open sources code for layer-2 network Base Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 02:20
Metaverse tech gets US greenlight to use speedier 6GHz frequency Cointelegraph
2023-10-20 01:45
Meta chief AI scientist says AI won't threaten humans Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 22:32
Tim Draper warns of crypto scams using his AI-synthesized voice Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 22:05
Settlements giant DTTC acquires blockchain infrastructure developer Securrency Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 21:44
SEC moves to dismiss lawsuit against Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 21:24
Circle launches Web3 development platform for Web2 developers Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 20:32
Crypto Aid Israel raises $185K, distributes aid to 4 organizations, in 10 days Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 20:14
Universal Music Group sues Anthropic AI over copyright infringement Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 19:02
Binance Q3 report appraises crypto market as ‘challenging’ amid high interest rates Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 18:32
US Treasury plans to designate crypto mixers as money-laundering hubs: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 18:04
US surveillance and facial recognition firm Clearview AI wins GDPR appeal in UK court Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 17:40
Why the 2024 Bitcoin halving may play out differently than in the past Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 16:32
Advocacy groups push back against Sen. Warren linking crypto with terrorism Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 16:28
Crypto leaders: 12 practical tips for effectively working with regulators Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 16:02
BTC price climbs to $28.6K as Bitcoin awaits 'very dovish' Fed Powell speech Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 14:52
Atomic Wallet freezes $2M in ‘suspicious deposits’ on exchanges Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 14:21
Big Questions: What did Satoshi Nakamoto think about ZK-proofs? Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 14:02
What is the Pareto 80/20 rule, and how does it apply to cryptocurrencies? Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 13:46
MultiversX eyes Metaverse scalability as CEO sheds light on spatial computing Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 13:35
Bitcoin-centric AI language model aims to drive BTC education and adoption Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 13:34
The product-market fit nuances in Web3 Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 13:02
Grayscale files for new spot Bitcoin ETF on NYSE Arca Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 13:00
Hashing It Out: Diving into cross-chain DeFi lending Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 12:22
BitPanda crypto exchange gets license in Norway amid European expansion bid Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 12:06
New York Attorney General sues Gemini, Genesis, DGC for allegedly defrauding investors Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 11:51
Finland works on instant payments system, embraces digital euro Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 10:56
UAE emirate launches new free zone for digital assets, Web3 and AI Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 10:50
Hodling hard: Bitcoin's long-term investors own over 76% of all BTC for the first time Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 10:41
Elon Musk, Mark Cuban team up to contest SEC trial strategies Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 10:26
Coinbase selects Ireland as its European crypto hub Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 09:33
U.S. Office of the Comptroller will discuss tokenization as opposed to crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 09:13
India state refiner HPCL uses blockchain to verify purchase orders Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 09:04
IRS crypto tax reporting rules threat to industry — Coinbase legal chief Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 08:29
Bitcoin Amsterdam highlights hurdles for consensus over improvement proposals Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 08:21
Binance France director resigns, adding to list of exits from crypto exchange Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 05:54
Starknet and zkSync buck trend as crypto ecosystems shed devs by 28% Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 05:35
Aptos resumes operation after 5-hour outage that 'impacted' transactions Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 05:15
Sui token struggles to regain despite denial of 'unfounded' allegations Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 03:13
Tesla earnings: Bitcoin bags untouched as firm splashes out on AI Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 01:14
Lightning Labs releases Taproot Assets alpha, bringing stablecoins to Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-19 00:07
OpenAI partners with G42 in Dubai eyeing Middle East expansion Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 21:46
Just how bullish is the Bitcoin halving for BTC price? Experts debate Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 21:26
Inspector General wants FDIC to refine crypto risk assessment process, guidance Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 21:12
Universal Music Group enters partnership to protect artists' rights against AI violations Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 20:42
Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial is telling a story of classic financial deceit Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 20:18
ECB officials move to 'preparation phase' for digital euro Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 20:01
Meta makes progress towards AI system that decodes images from brain activity Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 19:52
Ethereum DeFi protocol Hope Lend drained after exploit Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 19:24
MetaMask briefly pulled from App Store, British MPs argue for caution with NFT copyright infringement: Nifty Newsletter, Oct. 11–Oct. 17 Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 19:02
Bitcoin price holds $28K range as institutional investor maneuvering boosts sentiment Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 19:00
Sen. Warren, 100+ legislators write White House, Treasury about crypto and terrorism Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 18:02
Elon Musk trials $1 subscription signup fee for new X users in New Zealand, Philippines Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 17:47
Anthropic built a democratic AI chatbot by letting users vote for its values Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 17:02
US Treasury sanctions Gaza-based crypto operator allegedly tied to Hamas Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 16:35
How high can Bitcoin price go by 2024? Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 14:36
Ethereum restaking: Blockchain innovation or dangerous house of cards? Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 13:32
Central banks want to look under crypto’s hood — Is this a positive sign? Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 13:04
UK tops crypto activity in Central, Northern and Western Europe: Chainalysis Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 13:02
Keep it simple: Cryptonauts shares tips on growing a crypto YouTube channel Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 12:22
Bitcoin metrics ‘improve bullish odds’ as BTC price holds 200-week trendline Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 12:10
Middle East regulatory clarity drives crypto industry growth — Binance FZE head Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 09:47
IMF director urges ‘financial inclusion’ via digitalization Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 09:40
Council of Europe adopts DAC8 crypto tax reporting rule Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 08:52
UK to target potential AI threats at planned November summit Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 08:47
Future of DAOs limited by lack of regulatory framework: ECB Occasional Paper Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 08:37
BAYC creator Yuga Labs completes restructuring to focus on metaverse Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 08:14
Ethereum LSDFi sector grew nearly 60x since January in post-Shapella surge: CoinGecko Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 04:57
Hong Kong’s attitude toward crypto sours after JPEX saga: Survey Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 04:27
Coinbase lobbying efforts face setback from Hamas’ crypto use: Berenberg analysts Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 03:47
Reddit to wind down blockchain-based rewards service ‘Community Points’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-18 01:37
Ethereum layer 2 zkEVM ‘Scroll’ confirms mainnet launch Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 23:55
Google requests dismissal of AI data scraping class-action suit Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 22:39
Pro-crypto lawmaker stays interim US House Speaker as frontrunner loses first round of voting Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 21:30
South Korean regulator outlines steps to enhance digital asset legislation Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 20:32
US expands export controls for AI semiconductor chips to China Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 20:13
Europe's AML regulations come at a high cost — for your privacy and otherwise Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 20:07
Fed governor Bowman doubles down on CBDC skepticism, likes stablecoin no better Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 18:26
Baidu unveils Ernie 4.0 AI system, says overall performance ‘on par with ChatGPT’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 18:02
Nishad Singh says there was 'a lot' he didn't remember about FTX in 2022 — SBF trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 17:06
Platypus Finance recovers 90% of assets lost in exploit Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 16:32
7 crypto leaders share tips to help Web3 companies prep for tax season Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 16:02
Immutable delays $67M token vesting by another year Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 15:56
Fantom Foundation hacked for an estimated $6.7M: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 15:38
BTC price models hint at $130K target after 2024 Bitcoin halving Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 15:22
Binance US asks users to convert USD into stablecoins for withdrawals Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 14:10
Russian telecoms giant MTS announces ads service targeting Telegram users Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 14:03
Crypto investor protections in EU won’t take effect until late 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 13:17
Banks’ crypto exposure must be disclosed — BIS’ Basel Committee Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 13:10
Why brand consistency matters and how Web3 companies are failing to deliver Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 13:02
BTC price holds 6% gains as Bitcoin battles for 'crucial' $28K support Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 11:43
Ripple job posting hints at possible IPO, XRP community says Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 11:28
Bitcoin Amsterdam: BTC shines in depths of crypto bear market Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 11:04
DeSci-focused DAO community funds cancer research Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 10:55
Coinbase suspends 80 non-USD trading pairs to improve liquidity Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 10:08
UK’s ‘Help with Fees’ scheme won’t define crypto as disposable income Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 09:52
Canada central bank assesses innovations and challenges of DeFi Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 09:51
Roblox integrates XRP as payment method Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 07:52
Pension funds could use AI to cut costs, increase returns, says report Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 07:39
TrueCoin’s third-party vendor breach potentially leaks TUSD user data Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 07:08
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sends $15M of USDC to Gemini Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 05:55
‘I’m still not seeing it’ — Judges skeptical of Ryder Ripps’ BAYC appeal Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 05:12
Dev platform Stack Overflow axes 28% of staff as AI competition grows Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 04:35
FTX customers could get $9B shortfall claim payout by mid-2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 04:27
Pennsylvania crypto mining permit halt cut from bill after union pressure Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 03:38
Solana wind down ‘deemed a necessity’ after low fees, says Lido Finance Cointelegraph
2023-10-17 00:11
NYC mayor releases plans for responsible AI usage in local government Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 21:47
Clarification on sharing false spot Bitcoin ETF news Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 21:35
Former FTX engineering director faces up to 75 years in prison following guilty plea Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 21:21
Uniswap to charge 0.15% swap fees beginning Oct. 17 Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 21:12
SBF and Caroline Ellison conspired to keep Bitcoin under $20K, but did it work? Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 21:09
The explosive revelations of Caroline Ellison: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 20:32
Federal judge gives Genesis 5 days to comply with Terraform Labs subpoena Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 20:01
Price analysis 10/16: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 19:04
SEC chair Gary Gensler warns impending AI-wrought financial crisis ‘nearly unavoidable’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 19:02
ZK-focused Manta Pacific opts out of OP Stack for Polygon CDK Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 18:32
SEC plans scrutiny of crypto dealer-brokers, transfer agents, per 2024 exam guide Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 17:59
Binance halts onboarding of new UK users Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 16:59
Nishad Singh testifies on Sam Bankman-Fried's 'excessive' investments through Alameda Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 15:51
What is Reed’s law, and why does it matter in the crypto space? Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 15:17
Tether freezes $873,000 USDT linked to terrorist activity in Ukraine, Israel Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 13:07
Token adoption grows as real-world assets move on-chain Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 13:03
Focus on BTC fundamentals, says Edward Snowden - Bitcoin Amsterdam Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 12:37
Crypto yield platform Haru Invest to suspend server Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 11:54
Australia open to idea of CBDC as future of money — RBA Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 10:38
Scammers prefer banking customers over crypto investors in Ireland: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 10:11
Crypto payment option for Honda cars only works via third-party platform Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 09:48
Mining BTC is harder than ever — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 08:37
Solana becomes ecosystem partner of Dubai free zone Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 08:31
US government among largest Bitcoin hodlers with over $5B in BTC: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 08:21
How to build a DApp on Ethereum Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 06:27
EtherHiding: Hackers create novel way to hide malicious code in blockchains Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 05:11
Australian crypto exchanges look to new licensing regime with cautious optimism Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 04:45
Grayscale GBTC discount falls to 16% as markets bet on Bitcoin ETF approval Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 03:19
Sam Bankman-Fried requests long-acting Adderall to focus during trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 01:38
South Korean exchange Upbit gets initial license nod from Singapore Cointelegraph
2023-10-16 00:48
NFT market slump shows it’s maturing toward ‘genuine utility,’ execs argue Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 23:07
Australian Treasury proposes to regulate crypto exchanges, not tokens Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 22:33
Bitcoin signals potential range expansion— Will SOL, LDO, ICP and VET follow? Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 18:32
KYC hook for Uniswap v4 stirs community controversy Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 17:11
Bitcoin traders eye weekly close volatility with $27K BTC price on radar Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 15:00
Canon's new technology competes with ASML in chip manufacturing Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 13:15
Nigerian gov supports AI initiatives with $289,980 in grants Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 06:57
Latin America takes global lead in preference for centralized exchanges: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 05:04
California Gov. Newsom greenlights crypto regulation bill for 2025 Cointelegraph
2023-10-15 00:52
Caroline Ellison speaks on FTX-Binance war, SEC won’t appeal Grayscale BTC ETF: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 8-14 Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 21:10
FTX estate stakes 5.5M Solana coins Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 19:32
Apple briefly pulls MetaMask from App Store Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 17:17
Ethereum losing streak vs. Bitcoin hits 15 months — Can ETH price reverse course? Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 14:57
Ferrari to accept crypto payments in the US Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 10:21
ProShares prepares to launch unique Short Ether Strategy ETF Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 07:22
Coinbase continues push to compel SEC to act on crypto rulemaking petition Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 05:39
SEC reportedly wont appeal court decision on Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Cointelegraph
2023-10-14 00:12
Caroline Ellison desired to step down but feared a bank run on FTX Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 21:47
US authorities monitor China-linked Bitcoin miners amid national security concerns: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 21:35
Microsoft's Activision buy may see more metaverse in the office and crypto in gaming Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 19:51
Price analysis 10/13: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, DOT, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 19:32
European regulators assess DeFi risks, Uniswap launches Android wallet: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 19:27
Ethereum price drops to a 7-month low as data points to more downside Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 18:09
Sam Bankman-Fried's legal team moves to pursue theory on FTX terms of service Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 17:27
What is blockchain network congestion? Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 14:12
SBF’s alleged Chinese bribe, Binance clarifies account freeze: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 14:07
Madeira announces creation of Bitcoin business hub for innovation Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 14:02
THORswap back online 6 days after halt over detecting FTX funds Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 14:01
Stock markets across Asia and Europe bleed red as interest rate woes return Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 13:46
Blockchain gaming sees $2.3B in investments year-to-date: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 13:35
Tether stablecoin firm appoints CTO Paolo Ardoino as CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 12:02
Caroline Ellison: Secret recording offers trove of explosive revelations Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 11:13
Bitcoin price gets new $25K target as SEC decision day boosts GBTC Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 10:53
How CBDCs and stablecoins can coexist: FIS panel discussion Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 10:34
Ripple CTO slams Charles Hoskinson over SEC's ETH ‘favoritism’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 10:23
China sets stricter rules for training generative AI models Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 10:14
Biden considers tightening AI chip controls to China via third parties Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 09:41
G20 adopts IMF-FSB Synthesis paper on crypto regulation Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 08:53
French regulator sees DeFi as ‘disintermediated,’ not ‘decentralized’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 07:58
Google to protect users in AI copyright accusations Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 07:30
What happens if SEC doesn’t appeal Grayscale spot Bitcoin ETF ruling? Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 06:20
Secret Alameda recording reveals exact moment staff learned about FTX deposits Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 06:02
Voyager Digital was ‘no better than a house of cards’ — CFTC commissioner Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 05:21
Terraform Labs contends Citadel Securities had a hand in its stablecoin collapse Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 04:59
US Space Force pauses use of ChatGPT-like tools due to security fears: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 02:31
US senators draft NO FAKES bill to ban unauthorized AI copycats Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 01:22
DOJ charges exec over ‘cherry picking’ scheme involving crypto futures Cointelegraph
2023-10-13 01:02
NFTs aren’t dead — they’re just resting Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 22:59
BitVM’s goal is to scale Bitcoin, not be a pseudo-Ethereum, says dev Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 22:56
House committee chairman threatens SEC chair with subpoena, but not over crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 21:52
Stocks fall, yields rise as inflation data comes in hotter than expected Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 21:42
Trader Joe’s grocery store files trademark lawsuit against Trader Joe DEX Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 21:32
Changpeng Zhao's tweet 'contributed' to collapse of FTX, claims Caroline Ellison Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 21:02
Uniswap launches Android wallet beta for Google Play Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 20:32
Stars Arena recovers 90% of exploited funds after onchain negotiations Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 20:02
Uptober might be over: Bitcoin price data shows investor sentiment at 3-month low Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 19:18
China opens industrial park for digital yuan CBDC development in Shenzhen Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 19:14
CFTC announces lawsuit against Voyager Digital and former CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 17:18
Trader swaps 131k stablecoins for $0 during USDR depeg Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 16:02
Did SBF really use FTX traders' Bitcoin to keep BTC price under $20K? Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 15:19
Mastercard announces successful wrapped CBDC trial results Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 15:02
FTX hacker moves $120M amid Sam Bankman-Fried trial: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 14:33
Stocks across Asia and Europe rise on Economic growth indicators Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 14:13
Elon Musk streams, Amazon partners with Immutable, MetalCore preview: Web3 Gamer Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 14:03
Sam Bankman-Fried blamed Binance for balance sheet leak to media: court evidence Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 13:59
Indonesia to conduct blockchain trials for public services Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 13:42
Eleanor Terrett on impersonators and a better crypto industry: Hall of Flame Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 13:32
Bitcoin faces elevated CPI with BTC price tackling $26.8K focal point Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 13:04
Circle admitted by judge as amicus curiae in SEC vs Binance lawsuit: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 11:55
Crypto lending invalidated by Chinese court in second landmark ruling Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 11:34
Court approves Genesis settlement of $175M to FTX, expunges billions in claims Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 11:02
Platypus DeFi loses $2.2M in another flash loan exploit Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 10:49
Caroline Ellison testimony: SBF bribed Chinese officials for $150M to unfreeze funds Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 09:29
Japanese yen-backed digital currency, DCJPY, to go live in July 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 08:39
Coinbase spot trading volume falls by 52% compared to 2022: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 08:32
BarnBridge DAO votes to comply with SEC order Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 07:45
Trezor releases new hardware wallet and metal private key backup Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 07:02
BlackRock seeks court crackdown on 44 copycat sites, some crypto adjacent Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 06:17
ARK's amended spot Bitcoin ETF filing is a ‘good sign’ of future approval Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 06:01
Alameda Research lost $190M to scams and ‘questionable’ blockchains: Whistleblower Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 05:35
Decentralized finance yet to pose ‘meaningful risk’ to stability — EU regulator Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 04:13
WOO Network to sever ties with Three Arrows Capital after share buyback Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 01:15
Stars Arena recovers 90% of stolen funds after offering $257K bounty Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 01:06
Lido Finance discloses 20 slashing events due to validator config issues Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 00:38
Binance, Snapchat and capital among things SBF was 'freaking out about' Cointelegraph
2023-10-12 00:19
USDR stablecoin depegs to $0.53, but team vows to provide solutions Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 23:46
US stocks rise as traders wait for inflation data Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 22:32
US lawmakers urge IRS to implement crypto tax reporting requirements before 2026 Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 21:47
First Abu Dhabi Bank completes cross-border payments testing on JPMorgan Onyx Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 21:23
Inflation and war impact markets, but Paul Tudor Jones says, ‘I love Bitcoin and gold’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 20:32
Hata receives in-principle approval to be fifth Malaysian digital exchange Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 19:32
Was Chainlink’s (LINK) 35% rally just a buy rumor, sell the news event? Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 19:32
Nothing to see here: OpenSea denies exec involved in $60M rug pull: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 19:02
Price analysis 10/11: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, DOT, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 17:42
CoinMarketCap launches ChatGPT plugin Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 17:32
Sam Bankman-Fried considered selling FTX equity to Saudi crown prince, says Caroline Ellison Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 16:49
Less than 50% of Hong Kong retail crypto investors aware of relevant regulations: Survey Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 16:32
Bitcoin hits 2-week low on US inflation data — When will BTC price bounce? Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 16:30
Mark to market accounting meets crypto: New FASB changes Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 16:02
Caroline Ellison provided 7 ‘alternative’ balance sheets hiding Alameda’s exposure to FTX Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 15:45
Asian markets surge as European stocks show mixed performance Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 14:29
Beyond crypto: Zero-knowledge proofs show potential from voting to finance Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 13:32
Startup demos upcoming decentralized GPU infrastructure network to OpenAI, Uber Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 13:02
Navigating decentralized governance in Web3: Balance of transparency and control Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 13:02
USDC issuer partners with Philippines exchange to promote stablecoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 12:40
iFinex proposes $150M share buyback from Bitfinex hack affected users: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 12:29
JPMorgan debuts tokenization platform TCN with BlackRock among key clients: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 10:50
European regulator: DeFi comes with significant risks as well as benefits Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 10:14
Bitstamp’s departure from Canada is ‘timing issue,’ says CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 09:51
SBF’s lawyers ask court to allow introduction of Anthropic evidence Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 09:34
Binance rolls out self-trade prevention for spot and margin trading Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 08:56
Bitcoin 'death cross' sees BTC price dip $1K erasing Uptober gains Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 08:19
Central Bank of Nigeria: eNaira no threat to financial stability Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 08:13
Securities regulators oppose special treatment of crypto in Coinbase case Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 06:10
Immutable links with AWS in latest Web3 gaming push Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 04:46
British MPs urge action on NFT copyright infringement, crypto fan tokens Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 04:24
Brazilian Congress puts Binance CEO CZ in crosshairs for indictment Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 01:37
Bitcoin Lightning Network growth jumps 1,200% in 2 years Cointelegraph
2023-10-11 00:34
Bitcoin needs Ethereum VM to reach its full potential — Web3 exec Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 23:15
The economy is surging — which means it might be time to start buying Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 22:47
US Stocks rise for third straight day as bond yields fall Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 22:10
Galxe replacing 110% of funds users lost in recent front-end hack, over $400K Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 21:02
Crypto advocates weigh on race for next US House Speaker Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 20:42
Bitcoin price could hit $750K to $1M by 2026 — Arthur Hayes Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 20:20
FTX co-founder Wang discusses plea deal, knowledge of financial concepts at SBF trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 19:32
Sam Bankman-Fried aspired to become US President, says Caroline Ellison Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 18:37
Polygon (MATIC) rally comes to an end as competitors devour market share Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 18:08
Caroline Ellison blames Sam Bankman-Fried for misuse of FTX user funds at trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 16:56
9 factors to consider when choosing a blockchain consensus mechanism Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 16:02
UK financial watchdog restricts Binance partner from issuing crypto ads Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 15:32
Asian and European stocks rally amid a wave of risk appetite Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 15:20
Binance freezes Hamas-linked accounts after Israeli request Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 15:10
The new Cointelegraph Research Terminal: Home to critical crypto data reports Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 14:46
Meet the guerilla artist who staged a crypto ‘rug pull’ in front of the SEC Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 14:10
Sam Bankman-Fried trial: former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison to testify Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 14:05
Circle rolls out native USDC tokens on Polygon Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 14:03
BTC price rally in doubt? Bitcoin young supply echoes 2022 bear market Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 14:03
OK Group sunsets ‘Okcoin’ for a global transition to ‘OKX’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 13:53
Hut 8 boosts self-mined Bitcoin reserves to 9.4K amid USBTC merger Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 12:57
SBF seeks to probe FTX lawyers’ roles in $200M Alameda loans Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 11:14
Cyprus to tighten crypto regulations in accordance with FATF Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 10:54
Saudi Arabia and China collaborate on Arabic-based AI system Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 09:59
Binance tight-lipped on projects funded by $1B crypto recovery fund Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 09:57
SBF’s Alameda minted $38B USDT to profit off arbitrage trading: Coinbase director Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 09:42
Zimbabwe turns gold-backed digital token into payment method Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 09:32
Bitcoin dominance hits 3-month high as 'hammered' altcoins risk dive Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 09:06
Sam Bankman-Fried just like Bernie Madoff, Cardano founder says Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 08:43
Mistake or money laundering? User pays $1.6 million for CrypToadz NFT Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 08:16
Binance users in Hong Kong lose $450K in wave of fraud texts: HK police Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 06:05
Bitcoin analysts look to November as price action looks to mirror past cycles Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 05:53
Ordswap urges users to recover keys after losing control of website Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 05:41 adds new security upgrade in wake of SIM-swap attacks Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 04:25
FTX hacker could be using SBF trial as a smokescreen: CertiK Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 02:35
3Commas on ‘heightened alert’ after several user accounts hacked Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 01:08
Bitcoiner drops BitVM paper — bringing Ethereum-like contracts to Bitcoin Cointelegraph
2023-10-10 00:35
US Stocks Overcome Early Decline Amid Israeli-Gaza Tensions to Close Higher Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 22:02
Pro-crypto RFK Jr. leaves Democrats to campaign for U.S. president as independent Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 21:32
Brazilian securities regulator plans sandbox for tokenization in 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 21:18
Judge sides with Ripple again, denies SEC appeal: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 20:32
Michael Lewis' new book puts a positive spin on Sam Bankman-Fried Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 20:02
Ripple's chief financial officer steps down amid SEC lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 19:32
Chinese government-owned newspaper to launch NFT platform Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 19:02
Astrology NFT project ‘Lucky Star Currency’ rugged for over $1m - Certik Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 18:32
What is going on with Sam Bankman-Fried’s defense? Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 18:02
Local Web3 community launches ‘Crypto Aid Israel’ to help displaced citizens Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 17:32
Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer Bitmain pauses employee salary payments: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 16:30
Sam Bankman-Fried FTX fraud trial continues: What to expect in the second week Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 13:52
Crypto investment products see largest inflows since July: CoinShares Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 11:47
EU mulls more restrictive regulations for large AI models: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 10:36
Ukraine rolls out AI regulation roadmap Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 09:43
Binance, OKX to comply with new financial promotions rules in UK Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 08:40
War, CPI and $28K BTC price — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 08:18
Huobi, KuCoin, over 140 crypto exchanges ‘non-authorized’ — UK regulator Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 08:03
Sam Bankman-Fried $500M Anthropic stake irrelevant to case, prosecutors say Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 07:40
OpenSea ‘unaware’ of any involvement of former exec in $60M rug pull Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 05:56
Crypto exchange Upbit was targeted by hackers 159K times in H1: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 04:54
Gitcoin screws up transfer, sends $460K to unrecoverable address Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 04:04
US consumer watchdog mulls applying e-banking laws to crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 03:35
FTX used Python code to fake its insurance fund figure: Gary Wang Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 02:51
Bitcoin is a ‘super logical’ step on the tech tree: OpenAI CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-09 02:20
Ripple CTO seeks community consensus for XRPL AMM feature adoption Cointelegraph
2023-10-08 10:41
Bitcoin bulls encircle $28K as trader says 'big' buyer must step in Cointelegraph
2023-10-08 09:26
Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton slams Sam Bankman-Fried sympathizers Cointelegraph
2023-10-08 07:35
HTX claws back $8M in stolen funds, issues 250 ETH bounty to hacker Cointelegraph
2023-10-08 05:28
Stars Arena secures funds to plug $3M exploit, set to reopen after security audit Cointelegraph
2023-10-08 01:40
SBF trial underway, Mashinsky trial set, Binance’s market share shrinks: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 1-7 Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 21:45
What is finality in blockchain, and why does it matter? Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 16:07
3 reasons why Ethereum price can't break $2K Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 15:12
House Republicans urge tighter export controls on advanced chips Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 09:33
Elon Musk’s X platform faces backlash over XRP account suspension Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 07:20
X's 'everything app' push continues as Elon Musk tests video game streaming Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 05:26
Nifty News: Yuga cuts staff, NFT trading volume on Mythos Chain surges and more... Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 03:04
Sam Bankman-Fried goes on trial: A week in review Cointelegraph
2023-10-07 00:10
September sets 2023 exploit record, and DAOs can democratize science: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 19:02
3 reasons why Solana (SOL) price is up this week Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 17:56
Galxe protocol experiences DNS attack, losses top $150,000 so far and still growing Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 17:35
Sam Bankman-Fried ordered 'special privileges' for Alameda account on FTX — Gary Wang Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 17:11
Latest from Web3 gaming: Gaming Demo Day with Cointelegraph Accelerator, Animoca Brands, BGA, Metaera, Cipholio and Sandbox Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 16:02
CFTC weighs enforcement action against former Voyager Digital CEO: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 15:52
Bitcoin price dives 2% on US jobs data as Fed rate hike bets heat up Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 15:16
Basel Committee to consider disclosure requirements for banks’ crypto assets Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 14:43
Taiwan aims for crypto law by November: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 14:04
CoinShares’ crypto venture Komainu wins crypto registration in UK Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 13:42
3AC fugitives in disarray as OPNX faces new peril: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 13:32
Snapchat warned by UK data watchdog over AI chatbot risks Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 13:31
Rise of Ethereum staking came at cost of higher centralization: JPMorgan Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 13:28
ConsenSys exec on MetaMask Snaps security: ‘Consent is king’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 12:59
First Look: Art gallery in Dubai to educate artists on NFTs, Web3 Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 11:31
Binance spot market share drops for 7th consecutive month: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 11:29
Bitcoin bulls keep pressure on $28K while calls for BTC price dip grow Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 10:58
UNESCO and Netherlands design AI supervision project for the EU Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 10:29
Retail stablecoin trading in Hong Kong not allowed yet, official says Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 10:14
OKX exec says KYC will ‘raise the bar,’ bring real capital into crypto: Blockchain Economy Dubai 2023 Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 10:02
UK must loosen KYC demands for crypto to outpace US in Web3 — Think tank Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 09:46
European regulator publishes second consultation on MiCA Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 08:57
THORSwap goes into 'maintenance mode' to counter illicit funds movement Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 08:41
Canadian regulatory body clarifies stablecoin rules for exchanges and issuers Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 06:23
SocialFi app Stars Arena dispels ‘coordinated FUD’ after patching ‘noob’ vulnerability Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 05:46
EMAX investors given third and final chance at celeb promo suit Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 04:37
OpenAI looking at producing AI chips in-house: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 04:06
SBF was ‘very resistant’ to investors on FTX board: Paradigm co-founder Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 01:49
Elon Musk hits at SEC, DOJ amid suit to force testimony in Twitter probe Cointelegraph
2023-10-06 00:23
FTX deposits went to account controlled by Alameda for months, Yedidia testifies Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 21:35
How will CBDCs be used for political oppression in your country? Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 20:50
'We allowed Alameda to withdraw unlimited funds' — Gary Wang at SBF trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 20:41
Ledger lays off 12% of staff, citing 'macroeconomic headwinds' Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 19:08
3 reasons why Bitcoin struggles to rally above $28.5K Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 18:10 copycat StarsArena patches exploit after some funds were drained Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 17:52
Nearly half of crypto users invest to boost living standards: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 17:02
Bitcoin due new local low? Watch these BTC price levels as $28K rejects Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 16:16
Macro factors to spark next crypto bull market in Q2 2024, Real Vision's Raoul Pal says Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 16:02
College roommate talked to Sam Bankman-Fried about FTX's $8B hole on a paddle tennis court: Trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 15:59
Crypto VC funding falls to 3-year lows as market rout continues Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 15:38 offers login removal solutions after SIM-swap reports Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 14:04
CoinDCX exchange expands self-custody wallet to support 155 countries Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 13:32
Pioneering generative artist propelled by personal tragedy — Matt Kane, NFT Creator  Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 13:32
Kraken set to acquire Dutch exchange BCM, eyes European expansion Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 13:31
Wirex taps ZK-proofs for noncustodial crypto debit card issuance Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 12:19
Bitcoin still beating US dollar versus 'eggflation' — Fed data Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 12:10
Sam Bankman-Fried’s jets are subject to forfeiture, says prosecution Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 11:47
Sam Bankman-Fried inner circle to testify today Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 11:45
Blockchain key to verifying authenticity of real-world media - Nodle Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 10:33
FTX exploiter moves $36.8M in Ether as Sam Bankman-Fried trial starts Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 09:37
CBDC will improve tax collection — Argentine central bank director Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 09:05
Crypto cards facilitated $3B payment volume since 2021 exchange deals — Visa exec Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 08:44
Hong Kong crypto VC opens $100M fund for Asian blockchain startups Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 08:15
Wrapped Crypto Tokens, Explained Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 07:57
JPEX crypto exchange launches asset-lock-up plan, as some users cry foul Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 05:53
12 people will decide the fate of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 05:37 SIM-swap scourge continues as scammer nets $385K in Ether Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 05:10 clone Stars Arena drives surge of activity on Avalanche Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 04:48
Time to ‘pull the brakes’ on Ethereum and rotate back to Bitcoin: K33 report Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 02:05
Hong Kong police, regulator form crypto task force as JPEX saga unfolds Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 01:39
Bitcoin miners Marathon, Riot, CleanSpark increase BTC output in September Cointelegraph
2023-10-05 01:03
Stellar, PwC publish ‘framework’ to judge emerging market blockchain projects Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 21:19
Central banks will face unfamiliar challenges to achieve CBDC inclusivity, study says Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 21:11
Cocoa broker testifies to Bitcoin holdings on FTX in Sam Bankman-Fried trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 20:01
Google Assistant will soon incorporate Bard AI chat service Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 19:15
PayPal applies for NFT marketplace patent, Meta’s avatars impress: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 19:02
Hong Kong Stock Exchange launches settlement platform powered by smart contracts Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 18:47
Su Zhu's $36M mansion transformed into eco-farm post-3AC collapse: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 18:32
Price analysis 10/4: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON, DOT, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 17:45
Opening arguments begin in Sam Bankman-Fried trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 17:44
DAOs can help scientists find funding and community, says Nature science journal Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 17:27
Polygon co-founder steps down, will contribute ‘from the sidelines’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 16:43
Bitcoin traders hope $27K holds as BTC price ignores volatile US dollar Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 14:05
Alameda sent $4.1B of FTT tokens to FTX before crash: Nansen report Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:59
TON raises 8-figure sum from MEXC to make Telegram a Web3 super-app Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:52
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn releases AI-powered assistant for job recruiters Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:33
The Truth Behind Cuba’s Bitcoin Revolution: An on-the-ground report Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:32
Crypto VC: Token investing and the next bull run with Digital Wave Finance Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:28
Bitcoin mining restricted to legal entities in Uzbekistan: Official Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:17
Yield Protocol to permanently ‘wind down’ operations by December 2023 Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:12
El Salvador launches first Bitcoin mining pool as Volcano Energy partners with Luxor Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 13:02
Binance CEO CZ rejected SBF's request for $40M for futures exchange: Going Infinite Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 12:58
The Agenda podcast predicts the future of crypto and talks adoption Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 12:22
EU to assess export controls on AI tech and semiconductor chips Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 11:21
BIS, EU central banks building data platform to track crypto, DeFi flows Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 10:55
Bank of Korea to start CBDC infrastructure pilot Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 09:50
FTX-SBF charges valid despite lack of US crypto laws, DOJ says Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 09:46
Bitcoin bull market awaits as US faces 'bear steepener' — Arthur Hayes Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 09:24
CBDC lays foundation for new global monetary system: French central bank Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 09:02
Blockchain finance to grow into $79.3B market by 2032 Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 08:59
Crypto Ponzi scheme AirBit: All but one exec now sentenced Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 08:38
What is the CryptoNight mining algorithm, and how does it work? Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 08:19
UK to launch Digital Securities Sandbox in Q1 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 07:58 users blame SIM swaps after more than 100 ETH drained in a week Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 06:33
Lawyers debate over Ripple case after rejection of SEC’s motion for appeal Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 06:02
5 highlights of Sam Bankman-Fried’s first day of trial Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 05:36
Crypto-friendly Patrick McHenry takes interim House Speaker position Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 03:27
Ripple gets formal approval for Singapore payments license Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 02:45
SEC asks judge to reject Coinbase’s motion to dismiss lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-10-04 01:40
Argentinian presidential candidate wants CBDCs to 'solve' hyperinflation Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 23:45
Judge rejects SEC’s motion to file an appeal against Ripple ruling Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 23:30
US Treasury sanctions crypto wallets as authorities crack down on fentanyl Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 21:59
Latest update — Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried trial [Day 1] Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 21:53
Cardano stablecoin project gambled away investors’ money before rug: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 21:01
FTX execs who pleaded guilty among names of potential witnesses in Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal case Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 20:52
Bitcoin price drops its early week gains — Here is why Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 19:42
Crypto suffered 153% YoY increase in hacks and scams in Q3: Immunefi Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 19:02
Here’s how Bitcoin investors can trade the tension surrounding a U.S. government shutdown Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 18:47
Sam Bankman-Fried sues insurance company for defense costs as trial opens Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 18:17
Bitcoin drives digital asset inflows for the first time in 6 weeks: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 18:02
Alex Mashinsky's jury trial scheduled for September 2024 Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 17:31
Ecosystem developers bring Bitcoin to Cosmos network Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 17:20
What has Sam Bankman-Fried been up to in jail? Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 16:57
As trial begins, Sam Bankman-Fried's lawyers push to exclude testimony from FTX users Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 16:17
Optimism network launches testnet fault-proof system in pursuit of decentralization Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 16:02
12 crypto experts’ tips for companies working with tokenized assets Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 16:02
Binance to shut down BUSD lending by October 25 Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 15:47
Elon Musk told to dump Satoshi ‘X’ account: crypto community Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 14:35
Bitcoin analysts still predict a BTC price crash to $20K Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 14:32
How the actor model could enable better blockchain gaming apps Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 14:03
Singer Vérité’s fan-first approach to Web3, music NFTs and community building Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 13:32
Binance collaborates with Royal Thai Police to seize $277M from scammers Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 13:14
ETF filings changed the Bitcoin narrative overnight — Ledger CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 13:03
Dirham stablecoin DRAM hits Uniswap, developed by relaunched Distributed Technologies Research Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 12:52
Samsung to develop AI chips with Canadian startup Tenstorrent Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 12:00
Exclusive: Hackers selling discounted tokens linked to CoinEx, Stake hacks Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 11:49
Brazil BTG Pactual bank buys Bitcoin-friendly brokerage Orama for $99M Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 11:42
Kazakh crypto miners plead with president to cut energy prices Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 09:42
Neal Stephenson’s blockchain project holds discovery month as metaverse hype wanes Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 09:35
Tom Hanks, MrBeast and other celebrities warn over AI deep fake scams Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 09:25
Future of payments: Visa to invest $100M in generative AI Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 08:59
Head of Portugal Central Bank deems crypto unsustainable, calls for global regulation Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 08:55
Bitcoin traders demand ‘slow grind’ up after BTC price drops over 4% Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 08:06
Singapore awards major payment institution license to Sygnum Bank subsidiary Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 07:38
Fed inspector blames crypto focus, nepotism for Silvergate Bank collapse Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 05:43
Celsius seeks court approval to start repaying customers by year-end Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 05:16
Hong Kong could be a ‘tailwind’ for lagging crypto activity in Asia: Chainalysis Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 04:57
Chainalysis axes another 15% of staff citing difficult market conditions Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 03:29
Ethereum futures ETFs garner lukewarm reception on first day of trading Cointelegraph
2023-10-03 00:57
AI can be used in 'every single process' of JPMorgan’s operations, says CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 23:41
6 Questions for JW Verret — an attorney who’s tracking the money, but advocating for crypto Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 22:59
Class-action suit filed against Binance for alleged harm to FTX before its collapse Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 21:57
Investors drop class-action lawsuit against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 21:27
Volatility Shares cancels ETH-ETF futures launch, ‘didn’t see the opportunity at this point in time’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 21:03
One-third of all CFTC crypto enforcement actions took place this year: Chair Behnam Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 19:36
Book describes Sam Bankman-Fried with little attention span or respect for appointments Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 19:21
SEC continues to delay decisions on crypto ETFs: Law Decoded Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 19:02
Crypto liquidity provider GSR receives regulatory approval in Singapore Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 18:18
Price analysis 10/2: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, TON Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 18:07
Researchers find LLMs like ChatGPT output sensitive data even after it’s been ‘deleted’ Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 17:32
Parliamentary committee calls for shutdown of Worldcoin in Kenya Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 15:57
Bankrupt CeFi firm Haru Invest hints at asset recovery Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 15:09
Tether Treasury receives two $50M USDT lump sums from Bitfinex Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 14:05
BTC price knocks on $28.5K as trader says Bitcoin 'reeks of disbelief' Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 14:02
VanEck Ethereum Strategy ETF set for CBOE listing Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 14:01
Bitfarms increases mining pace, generates 411 BTC in September Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 13:04
AI a powerful tool for devs to change gaming, says former Google gaming head Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 13:03
Swiss bank UBS launches tokenized money market fund on Ethereum Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 12:57
Grayscale submits SEC filing to convert Ethereum Trust to spot ETF Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 12:56
Hashing It Out: What happens when cloud meets Web3? Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 12:22
IMF working paper proposes country-level assessment matrix for crypto risks Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 11:32
Sam Bankman-Fried FTX trial — five things you need to know Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 11:15
Silk Road founder marks 10 years into his double life sentence in prison Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 10:46 revenue surges over 10,000 ETH, TVL tops 30,000 ETH Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 09:06
Q3 2023 crowned most ‘damaging’ quarter for crypto amid $700M losses: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 09:03
BTC price hits ‘Uptober’ up 5% — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 08:15
Coinbase crypto exchange obtains payment license in Singapore Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 07:40
September becomes the biggest month for crypto exploits in 2023: CertiK Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 06:17
FTX founder mulled giving Trump $5B not to run for president, says author Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 05:42
Effective altruism fueled SBF’s ‘ridiculous’ actions at FTX: Ex-Alameda engineer Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 05:16
Crypto firms beware: Lazarus’ new malware can now bypass detection Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 03:06
Is Uptober here? Bitcoin, Ethereum suddenly pumps, wiping $70M in shorts Cointelegraph
2023-10-02 00:31
VC Roundup: Investors eyes blockchain analytics, gaming and crypto privacy Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 22:00
Tokenization is “securitization done on steroids" — Franklin Templeton CEO Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 19:42
Will Bitcoin ‘Uptober’ bring gains for MKR, AAVE, RUNE and INJ? Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 18:05
Microsoft to form nuclear power team to support AI: Report Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 16:34
FTX exploiter moved more than $17.1M in ETH within the last 24 hours Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 09:16
DOJ readies witnesses in Bankman-Fried trial, spotlight on FTX assets Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 06:49
Vitalik Buterin voices concerns over DAOs approving stake pool operators Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 06:13
SEC initiates legal action against FTX's auditor Cointelegraph
2023-10-01 01:55
Ether futures ETFs launching, SBF trial to begin and 3AC’s Su Zhu arrested: Hodler’s Digest, Sept. 24-30 Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 21:07
Brazil rolls out blockchain-based digital ID Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 20:13
Expect new crypto regulations to follow Bitcoin ETFs Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 17:32
VanEck to donate 10% profits from Ether ETF to core developers Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 16:32
AI tech boom: Is the artificial intelligence market already saturated? Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 13:03
Bitcoin price posting best September since 2016 as BTC sellers eye $27.5K Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 11:47
Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS), explained Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 11:12
FTX hacker’s wallet stirs as Ethereum ETFs prepare for US debut Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 10:40
Bitwise announces Ethereum ETF’s launch on October 2 Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 10:39
Paradigm accuses SEC of bypassing rules in Binance lawsuit Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 06:43
Sam Bankman-Fried’s lawyer challenges US gov’t proposed jury questions Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 05:53
Do Kwon dismisses Slack chat records as irrelevant evidence Cointelegraph
2023-09-30 02:25
Crypto Biz: Kraken offers stock trading as exchanges adapt to changing regulations Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 21:02
Industry leaders and policymakers weigh in on a potential US gov't shutdown Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 20:32
Bitcoin’s inflation-hedge theory tested as rising interest rates bring turbulence to markets Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 20:13
Pond0x DEX claims $100M in trading volume as critics allege it’s a scam Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 19:59
Chainlink quietly changes multisig rules, Mixin offers $20M bounty: Finance Redefined Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 19:02
Georgia preparing limited live CBDC pilot, considering Ripple among tech providers Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 18:52
Invesco Galaxy applies for Ether spot ETF Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 18:00
Costo sells out of gold bars, but is it a better investment than Bitcoin? Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 17:47
Bitcoin ETFs: A $600 billion tipping point for crypto Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 17:42
Google Cloud is now a validator on the Polygon network Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 17:29
Price analysis 9/29: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, SOL, TON, DOT, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 16:40
Valkyrie backtracks on Ether futures contract purchases until ETF launch Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 16:35
3AC’s Su Zhu arrested in Singapore Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 14:41
CoinShares says US not lagging in crypto adoption and regulation Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 13:15
SBI works with UAE’s TradeFinex to set up joint crypto venture in Japan Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 13:08
FTX’s $3.4B crypto liquidation: What it means for crypto markets Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 13:05
Binance Russia buyer tightlipped on owners but denies CZ involvement Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 12:15
Hong Kong and Macau police seize over $2.8M related to JPEX fraud case Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 11:58
Bitcoin shorts keep burning as BTC price seeks to hold $27K Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 11:36
Circle weighs in on SEC vs. Binance case, argues stablecoins are not securities Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 09:54
Gemini to halt operations in the Netherlands by mid-November Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 09:37
New US bill to require firms to report off-chain transactions to CFTC Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 09:23
NFT artist raises $140K for cancer support charity Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 09:05
French police raid Nvidia offices amid antitrust investigation: Report Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 08:29
Epic Games lays off 830 staff, citing ‘unrealistic’ metaverse ambitions Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 06:18
How long could Sam Bankman-Fried go to jail for? Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 05:36
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried criminal trial schedule revealed Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 03:55
Ether the Ether: VanEck releases two ETF ads ahead of possible Monday launch Cointelegraph
2023-09-29 02:49
The metaverse is real: Zuck's 'incredible' photorealistic tech wows crypto twitter Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 23:44
China dev fined 3 yr’s salary for VPN use, 10M e-CNY airdrop: Asia Express Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 23:07
SEC delays spot Bitcoin ETF decision for BlackRock, Invesco and Bitwise Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 22:27
Exchanges federation touts crypto trading regulation, integration with TradFi Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 21:41
3 reasons why Bitcoin miners are selling BTC — and why it’s not capitulation Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 21:38
Valkyrie will offer exposure to Ether futures as SEC delays spot Bitcoin ETF Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 20:45
DAOs need to learn from Burning Man for mainstream adoption Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 19:31
Ripple pulls back from Fortress acquisition 20 days after announcement Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 19:18
PayPal applies for NFT marketplace patent for on- or off-chain asset trading Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 18:59
Google and Microsoft-backed AI firm AlphaSense raises $150M at $2.5B valuation Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 18:32
Buenos Aires to issue blockchain-based digital ID Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 18:09
Median Web3 developer salary stands at $128K in 2023 Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 16:09
TradFi: 11 things to do when considering adding digital assets Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 16:02
Bitcoin to $27K next? One-week BTC price highs precede Fed's Powell Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 15:29
Judge denies final pre-trial request from Sam Bankman-Fried for temporary release Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 15:07
Bitcoin lender Ledn to roll out ETH, USDT interest accounts Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 13:58
Coinbase campaign for sensible crypto policies hits coffee cans to ‘wake up’ regulators Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 13:37
Tottenham Hotspur taps Chilliz blockchain for Web3 fan token Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 13:13
Coinbase International launches perpetual futures trading for retail customers Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 13:00
FTX founder’s plea for temporary release should be denied, prosecution says Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 12:31
Bitcoin halving to raise ‘efficient’ BTC mining costs to $30K Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 10:27
Europe drives institutional crypto adoption: Blockchain Expo Amsterdam Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 10:15 to become preferred exchange for PayPal USD Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 09:27
France, Singapore and Switzerland test cross-border CBDCs Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 09:10
Celsius valuation advisor approves value of debtors’ assets and liabilities Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 09:03
Brazil’s crypto surge prompts central bank to tighten regulation Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 08:27
Is Bitcoin price going to crash again? Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 08:14
Binance urges users to convert euros to USDT after Paysafe debank Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 05:38
5 lowlights of Gary Gensler's evasive testimony before Congress Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 05:28
Mark Zuckerberg reveals Meta AI chatbot, his answer to ChatGPT Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 04:22
Ethereum futures ETFs could start trading next week — Bloomberg analyst Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 02:29
Do Kwon says SEC's extradition request is impossible Cointelegraph
2023-09-28 00:56
Bitcoin miner Marathon mines invalid block in failed ‘experiment’ Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 23:54
Minecraft bans Bitcoin P2E, iPhone 15 & crypto gaming, Formula E: Web3 Gamer Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 22:48
SEC pushes deadlines for ARK 21Shares, VanEck spot Ether ETF applications Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 21:47
Former CEO of sham crypto miner IcomTech pleads guilty of wire fraud for Ponzi scheme Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 21:42
ChatGPT can now browse the internet, no longer limited to info from 2021 Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 21:32
SEC's Gensler taken to task over crypto custody guidance again in House hearing Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 20:33
Crypto exchange Kraken plans move into US stock trading: Report Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 20:14
Bitcoin price holds steady as S&P 500 plunges to 110-day low Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 19:53
SEC's Gensler is loyal to banks, not an impartial regulator — Rep. Tom Emmer Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 19:17
UK politicians enter the metaverse, mainstream media says NFTs are worthless: Nifty Newsletter Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 19:02
Uniswap Foundation targets $62M in additional funding Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 18:42
IBM, Microsoft, others form post-quantum cryptography coalition Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 18:32
Texas is home to nearly 30% of all Bitcoin hash rate — Foundry Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 18:02
Price analysis 9/27: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, SOL, TON, DOT, MATIC Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 17:33
Sam Bankman-Fried will likely appear in a suit and tie at trial Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 17:32
Hashkey HK opens AVAX trading with $1M portfolio requirement Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 16:52
How AI is changing crypto: Hype vs. reality Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 16:02
US House committee leadership threatens to subpoena SEC over FTX docs Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 15:58
Binance successor in Russia: Everything you need to know about CommEx, so far Cointelegraph
2023-09-27 14:24
CBDC frameworks must guard user privacy, monetary freedom of choice - BIS chi